Trump Calls the Impeachment Inquiry a Witch Hunt Hoax
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Trump Calls the Impeachment Inquiry a Witch Hunt Hoax

November 17, 2019

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump this morning attacked the impeachment
inquiry, tweeting, “This Impeachment nonsense is just a continuation
of the Witch Hunt Hoax.” Okay, this is beside the point, but “witch hunt” and “hoax”
mean the same thing. [ Laughter ]
Calling the impeachment a witch hunt hoax
is like calling you dumb Donald Trump. [ Laughter and applause ] You don’t
[ Cheering and applause ] need both. According to a new poll,
50% of Americans say they are ready to elect
an openly gay president, if for no other reason,
just to have a president whose suit fits. [ Laughter and applause ] What are ya doin’, man?
I mean, you look like a kid playin’
a grown-up in a school play. [ Laughter ] President Trump today tweeted
an edited image that depicts him presenting the dog
that participated in the raid
on the leader of ISIS with a medal, with the caption
“American hero!” Sure, you say that now,
but wait ’til you find out that dog is testifying
in the impeachment inquiry. [ Laughter and applause ]
Also, it’s a good thing they put “American hero!”
in there, [laughing]
otherwise, it just looks like Trump’s about to strangle a dog. [ Laughter, clapping ]
[as Trump] Game’s up, dog. [ Fresh laughter ] Follow– [laughing] Follow– [as Trump]
Just put some kibble down, then I’ll sneak up behind him. [ Laughter ] Following the news that
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hosted an anniversary party
at Camp David over the weekend, the White House issued
a statement stressing that the event was not paid for
with taxpayer money because the Trump family does! not! pay taxes! [ Laughter and applause ] Beginning next year — Beginning next year,
China will ban people from lying down in the subway,
while, in New York, if someone’s lying down
on the subway, they dead. [ Laughter ] Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
announced the launch of his new brand
of tequila today. Even crazier,
so did Dame Judi Dench! [ Laughter ] [ Fresh laughter ] A man in Nebraska recently
attempted to open a bank account with a fake
[laughing] $1 million bill. [ Laughter ]
Said the man, “Well, at least I got that Get out of Jail
Free card.” [ Laughter ]
And, finally, a woman in California
was rescued this week after she got lost
at a national park and used rocks
to spell out SOS. But only because she didn’t
have enough it rocks to write “Camping sucks.”
[ Laughter ]

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  1. Hey SETH. You are the Biggest Assclown Dumbass!!! " Witch Hunt " & " Hoax " Don't Mean the Same Thing!!!! Look it up in the Dictionary you Asshole!!! You Call Trump' Stupid But You're the Stupid One!!! & so are your Stupid I hate America Jokes!!! Your rat are Down but will really Drop when Trump Wins in the Biggest Landslide Ever!!!! Keep up the Lying about our President

  2. You really think that impeaching trump has anything to do with what these politicians are actually achieving, both republicans and democrats ,

  3. Strangle an Army Combat Dog? Not with THOSE tiny hands…
    I DO wish he would try (while the cameras were rolling…)

  4. Trump's thoughts: I hope the damn flee bag doesn't bite or sling spit over me.

    Me: Can someone remove Trump and put the dog in the office because he's the real hero?

  5. Two Words: " Witch-hunt " & " Hoax ". They have TWO Separate Definitions!!! Their iS Two Words with ONE Definition :. " Dumbass SETH "

  6. There is an evil undercurrent in your country* that is encouraging the impeachment of your sitting President.** It is funded and encouraged by outside forces – the same ones who fund the demonstrations outside of his rallies. Many times, politicians are just politicians for themselves, and their actions are not a reflection of the will of the people. Such is the case in this movement prepared to upset the positive – Christ-centered path – your nation has set upon. Your President has never been given the respect that his office demands by this negative influence of an ambitious few."

    "I cannot be silent. I must uncover the motives of this ambition which are not towards democracy and the welfare of the people, but race towards the One World Order. Continue to support the Truth and not hidden agendas. Continue to support independence from foreign outside influences employed to undo the strides taken towards converting the heart of your nation in support of the Truth. Do not be fooled by political rhetoric designed to confuse you."
    "This is not a political issue. It is a battle between good and evil."
    "I tell you, solemnly, what looks like politics in this country* is really a battle between good and evil." Holy ?

  7. Traitor Trump has heard that dogs are good for image building. Meanwhile Bagdaddy seems to be an Isreali agent called Simon Elliott and he's probably back home in Tel Aviv. Saw a dog, did not see any body. Also, since when do presidential offspring make use of Camp David? Trump has plenty of hotels. Were they hosting an AIPAC Chabad fund raiser?

  8. Poor doggy ?? he's a hero, not just because of the ISIS raid but because he had to see pumpkin head live … I hope its filthy hands didn't touch him ?? … Brave Doggy ❤?

  9. Stupid Seth Meyers is the same.
    They don’t mean the same thing.
    Witch hunt a campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society.
    Hoax a humorous or malicious deception.

  10. No one of you opened his filthy mouth to point out how hypocrite, pretentious and despicable Obam is. You would throw up ? when you see his phony smile.

  11. Trump is afraid of the impeachment trial, because he know he is guilty. If he does not have the guilt he could use the impeachment trial to clear his name of any wrong doing. He had said a lot of things to discredit the process because he knows that there is so much evidence that makes his crime indefensible.


  13. Seth, IDK what you did to piss off who ever chose the screen grab for this clip but you might want to apologize. ?

  14. Are people really this ignorant to believe these one sided narratives? Wow Hitler used this same type of propaganda to kill millions. You would think people would learn from History. Although they have condition them from early education to believe listing to both sides is the way to be decieved.

  15. Trump, keep on mentally unravelling, keep on brain farting and lying, it means that how you will go down in history gets worse by the day. I love it.

  16. Medal of Honor? For a Dog? Days after the mission? Human Heroes from WW II and up are still getting that reward once in a while… that the only thing Trump does fast?

  17. Lol what… in two years of living there, literally seeing 10,000s of people on the Beijing subway… I never saw anyone lie down… I’m pretty sure if u even tried to take two seats ur asking to get yelled at, haha.

  18. Actually if you put the word hoax after witch hunt without a comma then he is saying the the witch hunt is a hoax. So he is basically saying that everything he is saying is a hoax. He is saying that he is lieing.

  19. ok so here it is.. Seth Meyers is partially responsible for this mess, and he's admitted it. Jokes aside look at how mad Trump is while everyone around him laughs at his expense.

    Here's how Seth can settle up… President Meyers.

  20. Whatever, you Goddamn Fucking Degenerate and Deranged Blabbermouth…Media Prostitutes Kiss Much Ass, Foreign and Domestic!

  21. Please stop reporting anything the Liar in Chief has to say.
    Trump is a con man.
    With a Bully pulpit.
    Its called "A grain of salt".
    Actually it should be; take everything Trump says, with aggraget assault.

  22. Have had a burn the witch sticker on my car since Trump was elected. Today I crossed out burn and wrote in impeach.


  24. So the liar in chief admits he's a witch. Oh and a criminal, bigot, racist,, misogamist and traitor. So impeachment is the least of his worries there are at least 17 indictments waiting for him when he leaves office. Good time to fly to moscow donny on and take moscow mitch with you.

  25. He's actually saying that the hoax is a hoax, meaning that the original hoax was not a hoax after all, cancelling out the other hoax of it being a hoax. Got it?

  26. A witch hunt and a hoax are not the same. A witch hunt may be a type of hoax, but there are other hoaxes. Sorry Seth mate, similar but not the same.

  27. Hello, I was watching this Oct. 30th program on CNBC in Taiwan. I found it confused that this map is completely incorrect, and I feel so disappointed that your professional team staffs didn't do the research well (consciously or inconsciously?)
    It’s completely insane that your show agree that Taiwan ?? is part of PRC ??. And if you insist that and are afraid of Chinese cyber bullying, you should bow and kowtow to President Xi.
    YouTube here?

  28. What kind of a person thinks that trump putting a medal on the neck of a German Shepherd is news? Bet it's a Republican that staged this.

  29. Con Boy in chief just can't stop lying…..It's not in his DNA..Let the jerk keep talking, he seems to find a way to put another shovel of dirt on his own grave..Hopefully he sniffs too much sudafeds …….Can't even buy the brand he sniffs in this Country..Why do the base believe him? Is it being racist? If so tthat is a sad thing. Almost half..

  30. China is worse than any slum in the USA. I've seen countless videos of people dying on the public streets and everyone goes on about their days. Including Russia and India.

  31. Drumpf is a witch hunt hoax! How did he ever live to this age? Oh, right. He was born with a spoon in his mouth!

  32. Nothing is funnier than that picture of Trump standing next to the Queen of England in that tuxedo 3 times too small for him.

  33. You can tell seth has a really visual mind and when it creates a funny image it's hard for him to not laugh for a couple seconds longer than he wanted ???

  34. We have the transcript, we KNOW what was said. Maybe if someone were to interpret "big words" with sock puppets would make it easier for democrats to understand.

  35. See, aside from Trump being a dog hater, if they had tried to actually stage a photo with the actual dog and Trump, we would have a repeat of Trump vs. Bald Eagle…sadly the dog wouldn't get off so lightly.

  36. Labling Presidential candidates is like #WindowShopping instead of voting! So the Transgender is out, and Openly Gay is in? How about getting a qualified leader? One who would also pass and FBI background check! WTF

  37. 0:44–1:10
    Pet Store Cashier: "Hello there, sir. What would you like to purchase?

    John Wick: "…kibbles… lots of kibbles…"

    Cashier: "do you have small or large dogs?"

    John Wick: "…Yes…"

    Coming Soon… John Wick: Chapter K-9

  38. You haven’t notice HE OFTEN TALKS IN “Double Negatives”????……IN PLAIN SIGHT, TRANSPARENT AND EVERYTHING!!!
    (And what’s this “RUSSER THING”?????)

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