Trudeau says ‘there are discussions going on’ about Sussexes’ security
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Trudeau says ‘there are discussions going on’ about Sussexes’ security

January 19, 2020

So because they are royals,
your government would play some role, right, in them coming,
if they come here. Indeed, indeed. But there’s there’s still a lot of decisions
to be taken by the royal family, by the Sussexes themselves as to what
level of engagement they choose to have. And these are things that we are obviously
supportive of their reflections, but have responsibilities in that as well. Are we going to pay the security cost
for them if they come here? That is part of the reflection that needs
to be needs to be had and there are discussions going on.

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  1. He and Meghan would be perfect working at Disney with her as the princess and him as the harry beast in beauty and the beast

  2. I have always thought that the bigger Commonwealth realms should have a resident member of the Royal Family present to undertake duties in the country. Rather than being ruled from a distance in London. It makes the Royal Family appear more local and involved, they could really make this work for everyone and really redefine the role of the Monarchy in the Commonwealth Realms.

  3. They've only moved to Canada because US immigration law doesn't allow any special privileges for a prince, so he can only get a visa and ultimately a Green Card as Meghan's spouse (meaning he can't work).
    At least in Canada, Harry is still the grandson of the Head of State…

  4. Here the trouble is coming in Canada from Harry and Meghan! Trudeau instead of helping the poor Canadians he will support and help the rich ones, Harry and Meghan snubbed, spoiled, sickening.

  5. What security costs? If Meghan and Harry want to live life as "commoners" then they live like everyone else….and that means without added security. PERIOD!

  6. NO Canadian taxpayers money for security costs involved for Harry and his family while they are in Canada. I am no royal basher but Trudeau is way out of line on this. There will be likely be a huge backlash from even the most ardent royal supporters across Canada. Harry should pay every cent of what it costs to protect his family if he visits or stays in Canada.

  7. Harry and Meghan: Queen gives reluctant blessing to couple's plans

  8. I read an article that Iran is harassing the plane crash victims families. What are you going to do about that Justin? Maybe you NEED trump

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