Trudeau: Canada ‘didn’t get a heads-up’ from US on Suleimani killing
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Trudeau: Canada ‘didn’t get a heads-up’ from US on Suleimani killing

January 19, 2020

I think if there were no tensions,
if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would
be right now home with their families. This is something that happens when
you have conflict and war. Innocents bear the brunt of it
and it is a reminder why all of us need to work so hard on de-escalation,
on moving forward to reduce tensions and find a pathway that doesn’t involve
further conflict and killing. Did the US warn Canada that it was
going to target and kill General Suleimani and potentially put Canadian troops
in danger through that act? No, we didn’t get a heads up. Does that annoy you?
Is that the wrong thing to do? The US makes its determinations. We attempt to work as an international
community on big issues, but sometimes countries take actions
without informing their allies. Would you have preferred to have a warning? Obviously.

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  1. The scumbag who thought it was funny to dress in black face at least 3 times wants to blame us for Iran shooting down the plane. The Iranian leadership lied and said they didn't shoot it down when they knew that they did. The Iranian people are demanding the Iranian leadership step down because Iranian leadership didn't shut down air traffic that evening yet scumbag still wants to blame us. F U BLACK FACE!

  2. Not even Trump's administration got a "HEADS UP". He is MORE DANGEROUS and unpredictable than Iran with 500 NUCLEAR WARHEADS.

  3. Did Iran give Trudeau the 'heads up' that it was going to start lobbing missiles everywhere?
    Had they done so then Canada may have been able to warn its citizens to avoid air travel…

  4. Look at the chain of events and escalations leading up to plane incident. USA must take the blame as well. They ignited the tension creating climate conducive to that unfortunate incident……

  5. Trudeau is 100% right about this.
    If Trump hadn't escalated the whole thing the plane crash wouldn't have happened.
    As usual the US government reckless actions result in casualties that could have easily been avoided.
    Sulemani's death is justified let me clear that up. But this one is entirely on Trump taking the into account the events that happened since the assassination .

  6. he was on vacation for three weeks, there were many incidents when he was not very favorable to America or the president of the united states, so he is still prime minister of Canada and represents Canada on world stage, this is part of being prime minister of country too

  7. "I hurt like all Canadians"
    Nah Im doing okay.
    He should do more to help the Canadians who've been here for generations
    Instead of giving money to every new entry and paying off terrorists

  8. Treadeau told his people TO LEAVE NOW,HAD HE NOT DONE THAT THEY MAY NOT HAVE BEEN ON THAT PLANE. Where was Treadeau to address Canadians about the Plane Crash that Night? Will he blame Trump for that as well? Taking Care of Harry & Megan living in Billionaires Home in Canada might have been more important. ROYAL DECEPTION/DISTRACTION. BILLIONARE IN URANIUM BUSINESS,BILL CLINTON AND HE FLEW TOGETHER IN 2005. ASK TREADEAU ABOUT HARRY!!

  9. He wasn’t told, because he’s not trusted. Besides the Iranian’s shot their citizens down days after. Why didn’t he protect his countrymen. Always blaming others.

  10. Trump, in his failed effort to detract from impeachment proceedings, created an "imminent threat" that did not exist, nor has it been verified. One can easily say that his strike was illegal and that he is responsible for the crash and the lives lost.

  11. This guy is unbelievable. Do you think Trump was going to call Trudeau before strike so Trudeau can warn his Iranian agents in the House of Commons. What a disgusting POS

  12. 🖕Trudeau 🖕

    Thank you Trump for killing this terrorist general that attacked our Embassy. 🇺🇸💪President Trump💪🇺🇸 it's great being in a country not afraid to kill terrorist👍

  13. My plan was to start a war with Iran before the election, but now it's kind of awkward since they shot down their own plane… If only it had been Americans! Then I'd have my war!

  14. What is this lady talking about? Why should the United States inform her about it? She needs to deescalate her estrogen.

    Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself.

  15. Comment related to current live stream of effing Trump rally during Dem debates. Guardian: Are you effing serious- A trump rally during the live window for the last Dem debate, after this past week? Fuck's sake.

  16. No Canadian or American troops were killed or injured.
    Fried Salami killed an American contractor and attempted to breach the embassy, then he was fried. The Iranians then shot down a civilian plane, continue to lie and won’t give the black box.
    False reporting from the Guardian once again, it is not stupidity it’s 100% deliberate.

  17. Justin Trudeau: US escalation partly to blame for Iran plane deaths ►

  18. If you spend time warning people you might lose your chance to act. Plus, since when does the USA have to warn Canada about upcoming attacks on high-level enemy targets?

  19. I know one thing, if that "squirrel" looking little creep gets any more Military supplies from the US, I'm going to be raising hell over it, believe it.

  20. umm uhh yeah….ummm….can i have some money Mr. Trump? i umm i….uhhh, need to pay more money to terrorists who killed American soldiers and can i have some uhh money too?

  21. The United States and iran have had tensions ever since the Americans and British Petroleum overthrew an elected government and installed the shah back in 1941. If justine trudeau wants to establish commerce with iran then he should re-open the Canadian embassy there, but of course he can't do that because he spent all of our money.

  22. This man is an absolute baby! I feel sorry for Canadians. He isn’t going to do anything for you! Blame America… How sad. Your folks are gone and that’s that because your president can’t handle it.

  23. Trudeau is a stone cold loser. Why would the U.S. pay him any heed? And why did The Guardian disable the comments on President Trump's rally in Milwaukee on Tuesday?

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