Trick shooting with a $ 7 bow!
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Trick shooting with a $ 7 bow!

August 10, 2019

Lars Andersen will investigate whether the bow actually makes a big difference. Now, there are many types of bows But all bows do one basic thing: they launch an arrow forward Modern bows are very sophisticated and every year there are new technical improvements However Lars is testing the opposite He’s going to remove all technology and use the simplest and cheapest bow he can; just an ordinary stick and string This is certainly not a good bow It’s bad to hold, it vibrates, and it does not launch the arrow very well But within a few weeks of training even with this bad bow, difficult shots can be made The most difficult shot to do is hitting an incoming arrow This proves that it’s not the bow that actually makes the archer. Remember, technology is fun But it does not always make things better Now thanks for watching and please subscribe.

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  1. Video: Lists all of the things that actually make this bow worse.
    Also Video: Technology does not always make things better.

  2. Love how you say its not the bow, its the archer. Just like that saying "a shitty mechanic blames his tools". People without skill think better/more expensive equipment will make them better.

  3. Technology make things easier, better or cheaper. Thing is if you have a better toy, you are not better than before your toy is better than before.
    It just feels good to have a good toy. So it can actually make you better but not in the way you think of.

  4. He looks like a great teacher of archery.. I am becoming a fan of his videos as I watch more of them..
    I can do something like that with stethoscopes to know which one is good..
    Sahil G Cardio India

  5. I swear this shit ain't real my dude did a 360 with a bow and arrow I can't do even do that in csgo with a gun let alone a bow and arrow


  7. The comment section of these videos are just uninformed archery fans who think they know shit, dont come here for info

  8. During apocalypse, we want lars, Skallagrim, metatron And Joereg the engineer (slingshot channel)

  9. This kind of accuracy must require the exact placement of bow hand and the knock shot after shot. I can see how it would be trivial enough to relocate your hand on the bow, but what about the knock point of the arrows? Do you have an indicator on the bow string for that?

  10. What do you guys say about the bear grizzly bow?
    Havent tried many but this one is my favourite so far , small, strong and very precise.

  11. Plz shoot 2 arrows at same point the second srrow should cut the first one and take that postion please do it

  12. For lars it may be easy to get used to new bowes but for the average Person it is much more difficult to Deal with Bad conditions

  13. Imagine an medieval archer using his fired arrows to stop several arrows coming at him in quick succession! That would be awesome!

  14. The letter of W. Frankland, an eyewitness of flight shooting of Ottoman secretary of the Turkish Ambassador, Mahmut Effendi in London, in 1794;

    ‘Dear Brother,

    I have just been to see the secretary of the Turkish Ambassador shooting with Waring1 and other famous English bowmen. There was a great crowd, as you may suppose, to see them. The Turk, regardless of the many persons standing round him and to the amazement and terror of the Toxophilites, suddenly began firing his arrows up in all directions, but the astonishment of the company was increased by finding the arrows were not made to fly, but fell harmlessly within a few yards. These arrows the Turk called
    his " exercising arrows." This was an idea that was quite new to the bowmen present, and they began to have more respect for the Turk and his bow. The Turk's bow is made of antelopes' horns and is short, and purposely made short for the convenience of being used in all directions on horseback.

    The Toxophilites wished to see the powers of the Turkish bow, and the Turk was asked to shoot one of his flight arrows. He shot four or five, and the best flight was very carefully measured at the time. It was 482 yards(446 meters). The Toxophilites were astonished, I can tell you.
    Waring said the furthest distance attained with an English flight arrow, of which he had ever heard, was 335 yards(306 meters), and that Lord Aylesford had once shot one, with a slight wind in his favour, 330 yards(300 meters). Waring told me that he himself, in all his life, had never been able to send a flight arrow above 283 yards(258 meters).

    The Turk was not satisfied with his performance, but declared that he and his bow were stiff and out of condition, and that with some practice he could shoot much further than he had just done. He said, however, that he never was a first-class bowman even when in his best practice, but that the present Grand Seigneur (III. Selim) )was very fond of the exercise and a very strong man, there being only two men in the whole Turkish army who could shoot an arrow as far as he could.The Turk said he had seen the Grand Seigneur send a flight arrow 800 yards(730 meters).

    I asked Waring to what he attributed the Turk's great superiority over our English bowmen ; whether to his bow or not. Waring replied he did not consider it was so much the result of the Turk's bow, but rather of his strength and skill, combined with the short light arrows he used, and his method of shooting them along the grooved horn attached to his arm(siper). Neither Waring nor any of the Toxophilites present, (and many tried,) could bend the bow as the Turk did when he used it.

    So much for the triumph of the Infidels and the humiliation of Christendom.’

    'Yours aff,

    To Sir Thos. Frankland, Bt., M.P.Thirkleby Park.' 1795

  15. I wonder how many pound pull his bow is. I like my 55 pound hungarion long bow is what I normally use my buddies give me crap about it. But they can't shoot my bow worth a damn lol

  16. EVERYBODY to put all humor aside I have real questions. Something that simple surely would not be more than 15lbs draw. The way he shoots sounds like its putting out around 35 to 45 lbs draw minimum. Whatever you did to make a $7 bow that you used in this video shooting perfectly without it breaking… PLEASE SHARE! I am spending $650 for my new Hoyt and $100 for a plastic piece of crap starter for my kids that is only at 15 lbs and I cannot get the arrow to stick in a plastic box to save my life! WHAT IS YOUR DRAW WEIGHT SERIOUSLY?

  17. I've gone from recurve as a young boy, to compound with more and more technology, back to selfbows and oldschool with no technology at all. And I shoot better with a mongolian horsebow now, then I ever did with a compound. Its the amount of training, not the bow, who makes the difference

  18. Yo tengo un arco que hice con una rama de pino bastante torcida ,cuerda de cortesa y flechas de aromo con plumas de gallina y todo eso lo prepare con un cuchillo con poco filo ……practique mucho y llevo 541 tiros acertados seguidos aun falta mucho para llegar a su nivel

  19. I really hate his use of “technology” because he tries to say the bow goes away from that when a bow in of itself is technology.

  20. Used to make bows like this when I was younger. You get the right green wood and put a string on it, that bitch would shoot like a champ

  21. This whole video is a flex on people that struggle to even shoot straight with a high dollar compound bow😂

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