Treasure Hunt! Sneak Attack Squad VS. Payback Time! Part One
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Treasure Hunt! Sneak Attack Squad VS. Payback Time! Part One

December 15, 2019

>>Oh, hey Cole!
What you doing?>>Just watching ‘Twin Toys’.>>’Twin Toys’, huh?>>Hehe! Look at these guys!
They have no idea what they’re doing!>>Yeah, for real we’re much faster
than these guys!>>Hehe! They’re so bad–! They have such bad aim!>>I know! They can’t even hit anything!>>I feel so bad if they have battle us.>>I know, lucky we’re not there now!>>I’ve seen enough, come on!
>>Yeah.>>Hmm… I’ve got an idea.>>Are you ready?
>>Yep!>>3, 2, 1, Go!>>Got all of them!
Whoa! I can’t believe I won! Big shock!>>Whatever, my side’s broken.>>No it’s not, it’s just fine!>>Whatever I’m bored!>>Me too, there’s nothing to do!>>Hey boys! Boys! There’s a plant
I need planted out back. I’m gonna need you guys
to go outside and dig a hole for it.>>Oh man, it’s hot outside!>>Yeah, dad!
What do you expect us to do?>>I expect you dig a hole! Let’s get a move on.>>Okay, Dad! We’re coming.>>Alright boys,
here’s what I need the hole dug. So get digging. Here you go boys. I’ll check back later.>>Great! Now we’re to do
harder work all because of you.>>Because of me? Cause you said you were bored!>>Yeah?
Well you agreed with me.>>Oh, It’s so hot out here!>>This is gonna take so long! How do you want this hole to be? What was that?>>There’s something under there!>>Let’s dig it up!>>Look!>>Whoa, it’s like a buried treasure!>>What’s in it?
>>I don’t know.>>Hurry up, open it!>>What is this? “I’m a friend to parents
who like things neat.” “I really like it when you wipe your feet.”>>Wipe your feet– what?>>I don’t know,
I think we found a treasure map!>>A clue, huh? “Wipe your feet:”,
“parents like it neat”?>>Sounds like a doormat to me.>>Yeah, let’s go check it!>>Look another clue!>>Let me see that! “Use me to give a thirsty plant a drink, or use me to clean your car!
Fast as a wink.” Hmm, fast as a wink?>>The hose!
>>The hose!>>There!>>”If you were able, you would add a ‘T'”.>>Hmm, if I was able?>>If you were able add a ‘T’. Hmmm…
Table, bagel, wiggle.>>Really? Table!>>Oh yeah, table! Let’s go check the table!>>I don’t see anything on the table.>>Maybe it’s under the table? Nothing over here.>>I don’t see anything under here,
either.>>Look, look!
>>A-ha! Last clue to the treasure! “I grow shorter as I grow older”?>>Hmm.>>I can’t think of anything for this!>>But we have to look for the treasure!>>I grow shorter as I grow older? I’ve got nothing!>>Hmm, let’s take a break
and think about it.>>Good idea. You know, I wanna play Xbox
while I think about this.>>Yeah, I’m gonna go play my tablet. Hmm, what gets shorter
when it gets older?>>This is the hard one! Wait, it’s a candle! Ethan it’s candle! Ethan! Ethan! The answer is the candle! Ethan, I know the answer! Where are you? Where’d he go? Ethan! Ethan, are you up here? Are you up here? Ethan? Ethan, where’d you go?>>Oh!>>What are you doing?>>Claiming my treasure,
now get away! Aaaargh!>>No, that’s again my treasure! Let me in!>>Back off!
It’s my treasure!>>That’s it!>>Cole? You there? Cole?>>Aha! [Shrieks]
[Gunshots]>>Open the door,
and give me the treasure!>>He’s not getting his hands
on my treasure!>>Aha!
>>Whoa!>>I’m out of ammo!>>A-ha!>>Ugh! Empty!>>Hey Cole! Had enough yet!>>Give me the treasure!>>You mean this treasure!?>>That’s the one!>>Hey! No! Ugh! Come back here!>>Stop! Stop!>>I’m gonna turn it on!
>>Don’t do it!>>I’m gonna do it, back up!>>I don’t want any trouble, just chill out!>>That’s right!
You don’t want trouble?!>>Take it easy. Take it easy, take it easy! A-ha!>>Uh-oh!
>>Aaarghh! He-he! Back to its rightful owner.>>Bye, Ethan! That’s what you get!>>Ugh!>>What’s all the noise in here, boys? Is this what you guys are fighting over?>>Dad, Dad! Give me that!
It’s my treasure!>>No, that’s mine! Give it to me!>>Treasure, huh? It’s just an address.>>An address?! I thought this was gonna be treasure!>>What if the address is the treasure?>>Hey Dad!>>Yeah?>>Can you take us to California?>>California, huh? Yeah, let’s go! Come on!>>I can’t believe he said ‘yes’! California’s really long way.>>Yeah, that’s weird.>>Boys, we’re here!>>We’re here! Come on! Wait, what’s this? “Come and claim your treasure
but beware and come armed for good measure.”>>Beware?>>Yeah that’s weird, huh?
“Come armed”? Wait, right there! Is it kinda weird
that these were just right there?>>Yeah, that’s a little bit weird. All right, let’s go see what’s in here. What’s going on?>>Wait, look!>>There is treasure! I guess, let’s go get it!>>There is treasure!>>What do you think you’re doing here?>>Looking for
my treasure.>>Oh, it’s okay mistakes happen. I think you mean ‘our’ treasure.>>I don’t think so, pal.>>Hey guys! It was awesome filming with ‘Twin Toys’! And if you want to see part 2
on their channel, click somewhere over here. And like and subscribe
and see you all next time. Bye!

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