Treasure Hunt – Chhota Bheem in English
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Treasure Hunt – Chhota Bheem in English

January 14, 2020

I am getting so bored! There is nothing to be done…nothing is happening in Dholakpur! Oh so boring Yes! It is very unfortunate, Dholakpur either has sudden, big, and exciting problems or nothing at all… My friends since all of us are getting so very bored, I think this is the right time to have our long planned picnic I think we should all go trekking tomorrow to the Blue Hills. I have heard it’s a very beautiful place and full of tasty fruits Do you know our river actually starts from a cave in the Blue Hills? The hills are blue in color??? Actually, in the morning when the Hills are fully covered by the clouds, they do look blue! Great so let us all meet here, at dawn tomorrow! Chutki, don’t forget to bring laddoos with you, get as many as you can… Yes, Bheem. I think it would be better if we all walk in a single file. There could be lots of wild animals…you never know anything can happen…does everyone has a stick? Yes! I don’t think i need a stick…I can beat wild animals with my bare hands… Yes, how brave!!! But, you know Raju you will need a stick to help you to climb up the Hills… Come Lets move…. I think we should stop here and take some rest. Chutki??? you know this stream comes out from a cave in the Blue Hills and it is said that there are hundred…. some one is in deep pain! We should help him whoever he might be The sound seems to be coming from that direction… Wha-a-t??? Why did you stop? Bheem!!! You??? What are you doing here??? Get out of here, right now! When useless people like you cause harm to such an innocent and helpless old man like him, how can I be far away? Leave him Kaalia…U better untie the old man and say that you are sorry for your bad behavior and then I will spare you! Just because you have defeated me a few times does not mean that you will always win! You were always a stupid fellow, Bheem. You have a monkey for a friend and friends who are all monkeys… ho ho ho ha ha ha Okay! Fight me then if you have the guts Help Help me, you two. What do you think you are doing, just standing there you stupid idiots? Ah these are so, tasty! I will never forgive you both, for this!! Hey Dholu, Bholu, Why was Kaalia beating this weak old man? Kaalia was searching for some hidden treasure he heard of. He thinks the old man knows exactly where the treasure is buried but is not willing to tell him! Treasure??? Yes! treasure My name is Bheem, and these are my friends Chutki, Jaggu and Raju… you are so brave and kind who are you? I am the caretaker of this forest I have been appointed by the king of Dholakpur. Also, my job is to seek and collect the treasure… Treasure??? Let me tell you a small story. Long, long ago, there was a King by the name Raja Bhoj who ruled a kingdom not very far away from here.. One fine day, without any warning, Raja Bhoj’s kingdom was attacked by an enemy king. Unfortunately Raja Bhoj was defeated and he was forced to run away to the Blue Hills with most of his treasure and, my children, it is here he lived, in that hut which you see over there. It is this treasure that Kaalia is very desparately seeking!!! Do you know where the treasure is? No. Unfortunately all I know is this story that I heard from my father, who had heard it from his father but in the hut, there is a clue. Come I will show it to you… Read what’s written on the wall!! “The Treasure That You Seek, Righteously Belongs To The People Of The Blue Hills. It Is Hidden In A Cave Where A Man Thirsty For Wealth Will Never Look…” People of Blue Hills?? If I am not mistaken that was the old name of Dholakpur!! Yes, Bheem. The treasure does actually belong to the people of Dholakpur. Come join us! We will find the treasure…it must be in those caves I have been looking for it all my life…If you somehow don’t find the treasure, If you somehow don’t find the treasure, I would suggest you enjoy your picnic near the cave through which the river comes out!! I think the old man is right!! After all finding the treasure is not so easy!!! There are hundreds of caves here!! There is no treasure here. There is no treasure here. There is no treasure here. There is no treasure here. There is no treasure here. There is no treasure here. wonder where could it be? What could the clue mean? Oh ah ha…. I am sooo thirsty. It’s so hot inside the cave!! Yes That’s it!! Thirsty!! that’s the clue we needed!!! Don’t you see? A thirsty man will always look into the cave through which the river comes out, but a greedy man will never even look there! I think Bheem is right! Lets go and look in the river-cave! River-cave, is it? Huh? Now, you will stay there… forever!! What shall we do with the treasure now? we will carry it outside and share it among ourselves! That’s what we should do! But I think we must give a share to the old man… And what about us? Oh no! How wrong you all are! No my friends, this treasure rightfully belongs to the people of Dholakpur…we must take it to the king… Bheem is right and the treasure will be used to feed and shelter the poor people… Yes yes the Treasure belongs to the people of Dholukpur Yes Bheem is right! The treasure belongs to the people of Dholakpur!! How true buried treasure and buried donkeys should stay together!!! That’s Kaalia’s voice! He has blocked the cave mouth! The stone can be moved only from the other side… What shall we do??? Come out my children!! You are free. Congratulations for finding the treasure!!! I knew the wicked Kaalia would follow you and do some mischief. So, just as he followed you, I followed him…ha ha aha aha …

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