TREASURE HUNT Challenge… | #LockStars #Unboxing #FreeProduct #MyMissAnand
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TREASURE HUNT Challenge… | #LockStars #Unboxing #FreeProduct #MyMissAnand

December 7, 2019

Di lets play another game so what we will play lets play Charlie Charlie who are You? I am Charlie & I’ve brought for you a game “Treasure Hunt” which type of game?? You will get a surprise if you win but if you lost the game then I’ll take all of you with me and take these keys something is written here what it is ?? I think its mixer so lets move to the kitchen its too round and round but it doesn’t buzz ok lets find another clue Anantya its Washing machine here I found a chit have you noticed these underlined words lets scramble it and find out the clue so we found the clue and if you don’t want that charlie take us with him and if you want to wish Best of Luck to us so hit LIKE & get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES now lets go to scramble those words Anantya collect all the clues might we need them anywhere this word doesn’t make any sense its Stairs look around yourself you will definitely get the clue I found a box here but these don’t make any sense what kind of Clues Charlie has given something is written behind it we eat ice creams in summers but how it makes us burn!! but we can’t go there on the sun pool so lets go there to that fountain and pool I don’t think we find any clue here lets find out in the pool but its locked might that first clue keys make it unlock yeah I think it will work Wow Rama these are Lock Stars lets open it I got this unicorn with a secret lock in it it get open from here here’s some keys might it get open with these now lets open this one we can collect all these lock stars

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