TRAPPED GAME MASTER at TOP SECRET ABANDONED LOCATION!! (exploring for mystery clues and riddles)
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TRAPPED GAME MASTER at TOP SECRET ABANDONED LOCATION!! (exploring for mystery clues and riddles)

August 24, 2019

you think we’re there that might be it you think that’s it looks like the gamemaster yeah like small such big though I don’t know Steve kind of Seban did do you think that’s the right address I’m not sure we just gotta look for it numbers so shares check this out we just got this mystery note from the game master and we’re looking for an address three to five there’s like no address I don’t see any either oh wait wait are those numbers up there shut the windows like bard – do you see anything you can kind of see something though look you can kind of see a window on this side I think I’d be a light on you do know that’s that’s the different sunlight coming from that side look there’s like some stuff in there I don’t think this is it there’s like nothing inside graceful atrani channel Oh what why are you scared oh that’s a game master yeah what are you doing wait he’s swinging on a swing thank you that’s definitely the game s wait that’s why she wants to come over wait where’s he going where’s he cut what why is he getting up hello mr. Game Master hello like that why if you wait where is he going what is it Oh what is that pain grace what that huge they cage do we go in there no it looks like he’s calling us sure is the game masters are actually calling us okay we’re coming stay there stay there presenting whatever he’s eating to us he’s eating something sure is he’s snacking crazy well we knew he was a stacker because remember those clues that we found there’s wrappers in that cave back candy wrapper so he’s definitely a snacker ho and we’re getting close okay we’re about to go say hi to the gate master what kind of cage is that that’s huge it’s you why does he have a cage that doesn’t make any sense okay game master here we go oh hi mr. game master hi okay what do you want you you want you unhand us that box okay okay um the door is open do we go in okay I’m just gonna reach my arm out I’m gonna grab that box see what he wants Gracie says doll show the face oh okay okay that’s fine we won’t put the camera over to you who’s gonna reach in and grab the box ready grace yeah just the box mr. game master here we go get the box it’s a box of honey nut cheerios what do we do with that Oh what do you suppose do this hey yeah we got a box I hate trees what oh wait what a buttface well buzz want to let you know that this video is sponsored by honey nut cheerios what that’s right shares now is your time to do good but Steven if you notice your buzz coin is missing on the back of your box I have spread top secret hidden clues around this property you must piece each piece together to find your official buzz coin you must also collect clues to find rich celebrity team you’re on but hurry time is short be a good sport tick tock good long wait the game master has to help us some charities that’s really cool grace maybe the game S is actually good I had the interview with the game master he told me so many secrets and answers I know he’s a good guy okay sweet we got our honey nut cheerios box down the gamemaster spread out these top-secret clues all over this property grace I think he’s testing us to get us prepared for the next mission yeah let’s go do this let’s find everything okay mr. gay messy tons of chicken let’s go let’s go let’s go oh this could be our first clue check it out we got a little back here and a house here with security cameras look security cameras just give you a clue this is like a like I don’t know what this is it’s got a lock on it though Christian Oh combo lock whoa and if we could break the code for 5:05 I bet ready yeah what no that’s not it what’s a four-digit number that we’ve seen lately mmm think back to one of those vlogs hmm what could be what could it be [Music] yeah let’s see look high and look low look at this there’s like steps and everything I don’t even know what we’re looking for like what type of clue well on the back of the box grace it’s missing something yeah um it kind of looks like some sort of shape look ahead look what is that well sure we might have found something no what is this place chairs check this out whoa what is this place abandoned like water park or a pool or something I think it’s like a water park look at this you can see the swim bladder right yeah look at that I’ll run it out whoa what if this could be work great yeah and look there’s like a little island out there grace this could be a clue it shares a game master loves games he loves water he loves water parks he loves food we’ve got fun our way into this where’s the entrance yet where is entrance Oh leave the lock code on it we need some numbers when numbers are already 7 0 7 were the close better words no it didn’t work three seven zero zero maybe ah come on none of these I’m trying to think back here’s what clues have we talked four numbers he could be testing us right now ah think think think think shoe are we gonna get wait what wait wait wait wait we’ve seen those before triangles and Chad wild clay she got that triangle remembering what – that Phoenicians building the pyramid oh yeah wait wait these could be a clue let’s pick them up maybe did I tell a number or something [Music] hang on wait there’s a there’s a letter this is this goes to the Cheerios bar look o v all look at this year’s a PCS together whoa whoa perfect wait that’s fun look Gracie’s official bus point well it’s oh my gosh bring those with us we need sure the gamemaster back let’s draw the gamemaster this is the clue I’m they’re worth I think we’re ahead of time I think was tough enough time left come on that’s right I’m not sure wait is he there I don’t see him where do you go grace is still here he’s behind that cage is the waiting for us let’s go throw or that’s good yeah gamemaster so we found all the triangles I made the honeycomb shape yes yes plot doesn’t boast paint that you need yeah we’ve gotta hurry she shares now that we got our boxes appending the tears all we have to do take out our phone let’s go to be good rewards calm okay now says it’s buzz time let’s play let’s click let’s play ok let’s sign up real quick looks like we can scan our bus coin on the back here wait a second before we can official scanner bus plan we have to know exactly which team were assigned it’s really gonna be looking for an apple a football or a paw print looking for some type of clue hmm ok let’s go this way I guess what maybe this way what wonder something what is this stage do you see anything oh no anything I mean last time the clue is very very small yeah to me it could be something small wait a second I see something what it’s another abandoned house that could be our next clue look at that something very it’s right behind this tree up here oh it blends in I can barely see it what is this thing made out of this is very very very interesting what oh wait I used to look like this yeah I used to have sunglasses just like this until they disappeared whoa wait see look at that oh that’s the door to the door critters missing he’s missing the door to a safe and look how exactly the same that door is that looks exactly like the drawer to Carter’s safe this is very interesting grace wow there’s so much stuff in here okay well this is probably definitely the gamemaster’s little shocked a Plex like abandoned evidence and puts it inside so we could actually go in I I guess so who is that noise there’s a dog look at the dog that’s so weird there was a dog dog was a dog the gamemaster maybe Chris let’s go in there’s probably more clues inside here oh look there’s a bunch of tools and Carter works with school oh yeah where’s always making tools Carter’s always missing screwdrivers – those are his screwdriver this could mean something like what other clues Arthur grace I mean why is there only clues about us what about does Rebecca have two cats no she has two dogs right dog only all these clues what do they mean I don’t know there’s like so much stuff in here wait that looks familiar what that yeah the rug whoa that’s the rug from Rebecca’s kitchen that went missing oh and a hand that’s the hand that was under the school bus when he was trapped in abandoned school bus a sports team could we be team Gronk I don’t know is that right football yes grace you’re right let’s go check that clue yeah you’re right okay let’s grab this let’s go that can be our next clue let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh yes grace she’s still there come on I got the box you got a football let’s see if this is a clue mr. gamemaster we’re back we’re back I think we got the clue I think we got the clue okay Oh mr. gamemaster okay I got the clue check this out does the football named team crook daddy’s plus the 30 that you own is please wrong oh yeah wait Grace’s also wait what’s awesome now the game has to give us all the clues we needed chairs you can join our team plain wrong how many points how many points how many points come on come on come on here we go here we go team drunk go go go oh yeah we unlocked a new reward we gotta fall football bad that’s awesome wow this is so fun wait so is that all wait great look look Steve that’s a pumpkin it’s not like pumpkin patch yeah this way come on who the big drop careful guys careful come on this way come on come on look look at this look look check this out up here look there’s clues a painted rock and a fresh pumpkin it’s almost like someone put this here just right now wait a fresh pumpkin it could be from pumpkin patch do you think pumpkin patch is here keep it up everything’s going to work out no where is he going I wish I have my binoculars no grace and how many spy gear the best we can do is just keep an eye out see pumpkin patch goes into that watchtower over there yeah I think he’s going into that watchtower Yeah right you’re snacking already keep it on look out we’re seeing eye patches going in there oh oh okay here we go scan again how many points you just wrong oh yeah oh we felt locked in the reward 500 bucks coin donated badge oh yeah okay let’s go let’s see we can get into that Tower you ready yeah let’s do it let’s go Steve hurry the doors the doors closing quick we got to get in go go go go go okay I’m coming home is it open he locked it that’s a fresh lock – there’s a passcode on this so many numbers that we don’t know wait great I think I know what’s going on here why sure it’s the reason why the game masters in that cage this isn’t the game masters complex it’s pumpkin patches we need to go to the game master that husband patches in here yeah let’s go quick game at your pumpkin patches here give grace the quicker we get back to the quicker we can tell the game message see what’s going on yeah are you snacking oh yeah game master pumpkin patch icky he’s over there wait whoa whoa wait wait wait really where you going mr. gay master where you going where you going what you running away he’s like leaving boy where you going where you going hello

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