“Transformers” | New 3rd  Person Shooter Game | Netflix Series 2020 Announcement
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“Transformers” | New 3rd Person Shooter Game | Netflix Series 2020 Announcement

September 5, 2019

What’s up guys? RBG here hitting you up with some news pertaining to Transformers. And this is some major news because it pertains to two big topics. 1 being the newly announced Netflix Transformers series that’s set to air next year. And the other being a brand new game that’s currently in development. Before we get into the the gist of these topics I wanna do something nice. Because I haven’t been giving you guys any Transformers content as of late I wanna do a giveaway for the Bumblebee DVD & bluray that’ll be out in April. There’s also the digital copy that will be out in March. All you gotta do is leave a comment and be a subscriber to the channel. By the middle of March I’ll announce the winner and you’ll receive a $50 amazon gift card to either get the movie early via digital download or wait till the actual bluray comes out. But getting back to the matters at hand it’s been a good year for the Transformers brand. So far Bumblebee has not only been confirmed for a sequel but it’s also been announced by Hasbro to be the start of a new rebooted ‘Transformers’ universe. Which is awesome news because the brand has been hurting for a while with all the bad Bay films. And with the recent relinquishing of the video game I.P. by Activision we haven’t really gotten any TF games that have replicated the success of the Cybertron games. Transformers kind of became lost in the shuffle so to speak and sorta needed this birth by fire. Thankfully the new Bumblebee film seems to be getting the brand on the right track and has become a personal love letter to die hard fans who’ve been with the franchise from the beginning. Like we’ve been seeing a lot people pay close attention to the Generation 1 incarnation. And even the movie tie-in comics that were pretty much shelved because Michael Bay didn’t want his movies being spoiled are now back. And man those things don’t get enough credit for actually sowing narrative threads and fixing characters that he screwed up. I don’t mean to gush over the tie-in comics but if you haven’t by any chance read them I highly recommend you do or check out my movie origin videos during your free time. But getting back on track the first of the two topics I wanna talk about is the new 3rd person shooter video game. Because like I’ve said it’s been a while since we’ve had anything on the same scale of the War for Cybertron games or succeeded them. Like the Transformers for the most part have been at the mercy of mobile games and that franchise should be on a larger platform than that. It’s like once Hasbro started dishing out the license to other developers they stopped caring about the brand’s integrity. Like we gotta be honest when a brand like Transformers gets put on mobile android & iOS games you know it’s gonna be half assed and content is gonna get locked behind a paywall. Now this new game entitled Transformers Online seems to be taking us back to the days of the Transformers Armada game we had on the PS2 & Fall of Cybertron where you can actually see the robots in action. As opposed to the 1st person view from another TF game which I’m pretty sure a lot of fans are getting confused with this new game because they share similar names. The previous Transformers Online game has been out for a little over 2 years and is exclusive to the region of China. And we gotta just call a spade a spade and say that particular game was nothing more than an Overwatch knockoff. Which is the lowest of the low and an insult to Transformers. I’m still puzzled to why Hasbro would even allow a company to do that to their property but hey it’s China and when it comes to knockoffs they have a completely different legal system from the West. But anyways the developers working on this new TF Online is called Certain Affinity and they’ve supposedly been working with Hasbro since 2017. They’re mostly known for their contributions towards the multiplayer aspects of the Call Of Duty and Halo franchises. And I’m not gonna lie this does have me a little concerned because Certain Affinity doesn’t really have a strong catalog of their own in house I.P.’s. They basically just collaborate with big name publishers to work on DLC map packs for first person shooters. I don’t know how much is gonna go into this project. Like it could essentially be a very bare bones game that only consist of things like online lobbies with battle royales. That’s something that become so common when it comes to shooters and considering the fact that this company has had their feet in the shooting game market I wouldn’t be surprised. And also considering it’s a 3rd person shooter I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re trying to aim for an audience that enjoys games like Fortnite or pubg. I’m hoping that’s not the case because the Transformers should get a full fledged game that covers the mythos of each character. It would be so cool to get a retelling of how the Cybertron war started. Like going back to very beginning of Megatron’s origin as a gladiator and his rise to prominence as the Decepticon leader. Things like that can add a lot of substance and replayability to the story. Because there’s a ton of comic book material to work with. This is why the Cybertron games are highly praised because the developers at High Moon really dug deep in the mythos. Researching the original show and using the IDW G1 comics that recently ended it’s run last year. This is something that I’m hoping the people at Certain Affinity takes into account. Just gives us a game that isn’t half assed and riddled with micro transactions. Word around the campfire is that a company has invested 10 million dollars into the development. Not sure how much of this true but if it is it’ll go to good use. Hopefully now that Hasbro is allowing the property to be worked on by developers who make games for consoles we’ll see them lend it out to other big name devs who’ll do it justice. I’d absolutely love to get a sequel to Transformers Devastation or Fall of Cybertron. This time a company like Platinum Games can work on a TF project without having Activision over their shoulders. But moving on let’s talk about the new series. This bit of news I’m a little indifferent about because it’s being produced by Rooster Teeth the team behind the popular RWBY and Red vs Blue series. And it’s being animated by Polygon Pictures which is the same team that worked on Transformers Prime. And it’s being written by the same people who wrote for Transformers: Prime, Transformers: Cyberverse and Machinima’s Power Of The Primes. Now on the bright side I’m stoked that we’re getting a Netflix series because this means that the production team is gonna recoup all the money they put into making the series. And I love that they’re getting the writers that worked on Transformers Prime. But I’m a little disappointed that we’re getting yet another series that’s produced by Polygon Pictures. For those who don’t know Polygon is a studio who specializes in CG animation. I don’t know about you guys but I am so burnt out on CG animated Transformers show. Like they can be really good but sometimes they can feel lifeless and stiff. We’ve gotten Transformers Prime, TF Robots in Disguise, and the Prime Wars Trilogy which have all been CG animated. There’s even the new Cyberverse series which is the first series in a while not to be in the aligned continuity but it still shares that CG animated aesthetic. When you have series coming to NETFLIX you wanna make a great impression. And I think they should’ve gone with another style of animation like maybe hiring Japanese animation. Now that Netflix is delving more into that market and working with big anime studios. That’s what Transformers need to get back to. But I will say is that I don’t wanna cast judgement on the new show just yet because we still don’t know what the designs look like. I’m assuming that if this project is gonna get more money put into the production then it’ll motivate Polygon to go above and beyond their usual works. And I don’t want you guys thinking I’m insulting Polygon Pictures’ work because they’ve done some amazing work. Especially with video game cut scene intros. They’ve shown that they’re animations can mimic the movements of anime and sometimes be more fluid in their execution. Just looking at some of these intros from Street Fighter 4 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 shows that they can go balls out sakuga style cg animation if they wanted to. Granted those were all 3 to 2 minute long intros I think given the time and budget we could get something on that scale. Like these are the same guys who helped work on the 3D CG elements in Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence which still holds up to this day. But anyways I’m just hoping we get something that’s above the level of quality we’ve gotten in other Polygon projects and TF shows in general. I’m just tired of seeing stiff animations with my favorite Transformers. I’m a guy that would love to see some fluid Japanese animation and epic battles between the Autobots and Decepticons. This could really look cool for characters like Blurr who’s got some great stories in the IDW comics. And there’s other Autobots like Drift who could show how bad ass he is with some sick animations. Man I can go on and on. Nonetheless I’m just very excited about this news. Transformers is coming back strong with a vengeance. Hasbro really seems like they have a grasp on where they wanna take franchise going forward. Seeing that we have had a game and a show coming in the same year. Reminds me of how War for Cybertron and TF Prime came out for the Aligned Continuity. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if they’re using this new game and show to kickstart a new continuity going forward. I mean we already have the newly rebooted cinematic universe starting off with Bumblebee so I think there’s a strong possibly that this may be the case of the Netflix series. But anyways I think I’ve rambled on enough. I wanna know what your thoughts are bout this news. Do you think the new game will be more ambitious than games like Fall of Cybertron? Or will it be a game that panders to a mainstream audience. And do you like the fact that we’re getting another CG animated Transformers show? Lemme know down in the comments section below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up. It can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my channel. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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