Trailer for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games

November 16, 2019

My mother, after I broke my back, she told
me, you know you need to remember that it happened to you for a reason. The doctors say, no now the wheelchair is your life. In my mind I was put on this
earth to play hockey it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I came out of the
womb. I think the most thing I love about the sport is getting to be the best version
of myself. If you’re fearless you will crash anyway. Without sport in my life, I do not know where I am. You know, every day, every day bad things happen to
everybody on this earth today it’s how you it’s how you take these negatives
and move on and I don’t think there’s a better example than the Paralympics. This is the best life I can have I think. I want to be the best in the world but I
also want to do that for others. I want to show what people with disabilities
are capable of. No disability or impairment should stop you doing what you want. We are disabled athletes but we can do
the same thing as the able athlete. I’ve met the best people in my life
through Paralympic sport.

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