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Trail Hunter – Japan

November 17, 2019

in Manami Prefecture. Manami is part of a UNESCO
World Heritage site, so it’s really protected
and you can see why. Big mountains and, like,
really cool forests. And it’s amazing to be out here
just riding trails and enjoying the place on your bike. STERLING LORENCE: They’re
so welcoming and so inviting to share
their place with us. And we had friends– instant
friends here in Japan. [MUSIC PLAYING] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [LAUGHING] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] SUBJECT 3: With your bike? SUBJECT 1: Yeah. Yeah. We’re arriving, like– SUBJECT 3: Snowboarding? SUBJECT 1: Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WHOOPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 1: Look out! [MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 1: What a trail. Beautiful. SUBJECT 2: Oh, my god. [INAUDIBLE] SUBJECT 3: Arigato, Japan. SUBJECT 1: Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] SUBJECT 2: World-class
bliss right there. SUBJECT 1: All time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. As soon I as I heard the music of Heartless Bastards I knew I was going to like this video.  I can't even imagine riding my hardtail down these trails.

  2. Exploring all the amazing things this world has to offer on a mt bike is in my opinion the ultimate dream! Gawd damn im so jelly!!

  3. That's an epic trail. What is the actual length of it. The people of japan are, so great, so polite, so welcoming, there is no words can describe this…

  4. Hey, @Specialized Bicycles, how can I find the last trail in this video? Might be heading to Japan soon.

  5. I wish I had the ability/finance's to be able to see the world and ride Bikes all of the Time, that would be the dream for me.. but at the Time I'm struggling just to make it by and trying to get/afford a New Bike is quite difficult at the Time. stay in school Kids…. lol idk.

  6. Where are these trails? Did you guys find a guide to help you get around? I'm here in Japan and Mt. Fuji is fun but those look sick!

  7. Rich, loamy soil. Tires at the perfect pressure, biting in and holding on like a Pit Bull. Trees like spectators holding out their arms, rooting for you (but nary a root in sight to upend you).  Ideal conditions, epic ride. Those memories, man.

  8. The guy setting up the soundtrack for this vid and the whole "Trail hunter" & "Destination Trail" series is spot on… what MTB is all about. Nothing worse than a good vid with an overly high paced soundtrack.

  9. Awesome video, although there is no prefecture called Minami. Since they're close to Mt. Fuji, I'm going to guess they are in the southern Alps, Minami Alps in Yamanashi prefecture.

  10. Thank you for sharing these wonderful people and trails! My family lived in Aomori Prefecture (Norhern Japan) for 4 years and I fell in love with both as I pedaled my then-new Rans V-Rex, my road bike and my Schwann S-15 Carbon dual-suspension machine around the roads and trails. I returned this Spring after 11 years away and the love is as strong as ever. Please keep these videos coming! – Tom in Alaska

  11. how could they shoot in the forest like that? do they filmed it also on a bike with glide cam? or camera sliders? im so curious

  12. I ended up here after looking into pump tracks for BMX. What a great video! I noticed a lot of people asking where this place is……I've found it for you but I can't put weblinks up, can I? So please search for "summer fujiten" (should be the top hit) then scroll down the screen and click the mountain bike hexagon pic. You'll see the English in one of the pics for "Matty's Loops". This place is in Yamanashi Prefecture, not too far east of Tokyo. edit: Sorry, WEST not east of Tokyo…. 🙂

  13. Man this is my type of trail no steep drop offs no loose rocks just pure speed and berms and dirt. Nice shred!

  14. so good to see mtb videos in normal, realtime speed, rather than 90% of it being slo-mo. really gives you a sense of how much of a badass jinya is on that hardtail.

  15. ich wünste ich hätte auch genug Geld oder würde gesponsert werden, dass ich auch mal so ein krasses Specialized Enduro- oder Downhillbike fahren könnte

  16. Can't stop watching this. Matt caused me to start riding..
    There is another hidden Alps in Jeju, Korea. Very similar in single trail to Japan, but more fun riding on trail with small, rolling basalt stones of an extinct volcano.

  17. Man…where do I begin?  To be accepted and respected by locals, immersed in nature and place where the culture remains virtually uncompromised sharing old friends, making new ones all bound by a passion mtb biking then coupled with the love for finding and shredding amazing trails.  What an experience (of a lifetime).  One would find it very difficult to top.  Great video!  Thank you for sharing.

  18. Honestly never thought Japan would be into this kind of thing , always thought they ride to the store for milk and fish with cats in baskets

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