TradTech Archery: Up close and personal
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TradTech Archery: Up close and personal

August 10, 2019

Primarily I use the TradTech equipment
for hunting and I come to these shoots. I dabble in a little bit of 3D. I would
like to get into the barebow side. It is very humbling but I love that up
close and personal feel. Eastern. Traditional. Rendezvous. Started
coming here three years ago and fell in love with it. I mean cuz the place is huge. The
number of vendors and the people. And I’ll probably never miss it as long as I’m walking the earth now. The thing about ILS system is the ease of the adjustability. The amount of limbs
whether it’s TradTech, you know other makers and all that – recurve and longbow. I mean it’s pretty much endless. TradTech is to me… it’s a great group of guys you
know. You end up talking about things that are going on in people’s lives. You
learn new things about them or even if it’s people that you don’t know. You meet
new people and those are people that the next time you see them or if you see
them on a online forum you’re gonna stay in contact with others. That’s one thing
about this is you may see them here. You may see them in Baltimore. You may see
them at a Whittingham shoot in Jersey and “hey, make sure we shoot together” this
you know this four days or whatever. That’s the great thing about traditional
archery is that everybody is super friendly. All the friendships I made. I mean yeah
getting to know all the people at these shoots. And just because people coming up
to me and asking me about my Lobo or something like that as you do you spend
a lot of time talking people. So it’s… it’s made quite a good quite, a good
bunch of friendships

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  1. That about sums it up Christian. It's more about the people than the archery. (though the archery is phenominal!)

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