Traditional Longrifle Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting – 2017
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Traditional Longrifle Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting – 2017

November 16, 2019

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  1. Cool video! How are you able to get away with hunting without wearing blaze orange? Is it not required for flintlock season in Pennsylvania?

  2. I’m gonna get a flintlock. That looks like fun. Hunting jumpers with a high power rifle. No challenge Sometimes I use a compound bow. That’s a lot of fun gonna try black powder. Flintlock

  3. I love watching this video periodically. I really want a flintlock this year, and want to get everything I can up here with it. Bear, moose, wolf, sheep, bison, muskox, etc. One shot and make it count.

  4. The lack of screeching metal music and macho fist pumps makes this and all your other videos First Class. Way to go. Thank you.

  5. It's a little known fact that a lot of deer in Pennsylvania are dying now due to be scratched to death by thickets of multi flora rose. While it doesn't seem like much, it's like the old adage "death by 1,000 cuts." Believe me, if you get gouged by multi flora rose thorns about a million times you would die too!

  6. I made a liberal’s head explode today.
    Her: If you have to take your AR-15 hunting with you that means you’re just a lousy fucking shot
    Me: Oh good I’m glad you said that. I hunt with a Brown Bess
    Me: any thoughts?
    Her: have you killed anything?
    Me: if I haven’t I’d be hunting with my rifle. My accuracy in 1000 yards is the size of a quarter

  7. John brings it all to us and i mean every aspect of being out in the woods there's no one out there that makes videos this thorough and organic. Thank you John God Bless

  8. greetings ,love & respect from a Syrian hunter ..I think next time I go hunting I'll wear such a garment the way you did ..inspiring video ..charming nature sounds

  9. Sure is some beautiful country you have to hunt , kind of makes me almost jealous . All we hunt here is small wood lots between cornfields .

  10. fake as fuck. Look at the angle of the barrel when he shoots. that deer would have to be about 10 ft in front of him to have that sharp of an angle down wards. Plus he was "walking through the woods" with his powder pan exposed and the hammer back to the full cock position. No flintlock hunter would ever be doing that. Get outta her with this fake ass bullshit

  11. Alguem pode traduzir ele me lembrA Daniel boone e só colocar o chapéu de castor e taca a machsdinha e racha a árvore no meio ???????

  12. What kind of musket are you using? Is it a rifle or smoothbore? I am a reenactor as well as a shooter and hunter myself and currently I have two kinds of muskets that I use fro reenacting but I would love to get one for both reenacting and hunting. Could you please assist in pointing me in the right direction for a flintlock rifle musket? Particularly 18th /early 19th century. Thank you. BTW really enjoy your videos keep it up and I am a subscriber and supporter from way back.

    Greetings from New York


  13. Thought I was up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Soothing. Use a Thompson Center rocklock in 50 cal.

  14. Well it’s not a buck and one should hope you eat sold parts of the doe . And not just terrorizing the local wild life just because you wanted to see if a replica works or not

  15. Excellent video, excellent reenactment, this is the real deal, not like the phony new "muzzle loaders" out now. Good on you man.

  16. Your forests are so nice and open there. Where I live the forest is so dense that if you want to go off trail you need a machete.

  17. Easily this is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Except for the camera, everything is true to mid 18th century hunting. I’ve watched the video several times. Thanks.

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