TRADITIONAL KARATE SEMINAR | Fun & Creative Karate Exercises — Jesse Enkamp
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TRADITIONAL KARATE SEMINAR | Fun & Creative Karate Exercises — Jesse Enkamp

November 16, 2019

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  1. my favorite part is always your mindset about bringing all the karate people together and your passion for the art awesome video by the way ?

  2. Another very fun and interesting video. The jump is amazing – I believe it is the Chatanyara Kushanku jump Sensei Jesse? Also, the comment about training with different styles is excellent. No need to hold back anybody, we should be learning and growing together.

  3. On Tuesday I will go to my very first "real" Karate Class (After practicing Jiu Jiutsu for a year) so excited 🙂

  4. Another excellent little video and insight into your Karate journey Sensei Jesse. Keep them coming, love to watch these. 🙂 I guess the brownie cakes had no carrot in them this time ?

  5. really enjoy this channel. i don't actually practise karate but japanese jujitsu. but am now actually thinking of joining the local wado ryu club because of your clips! great work as always

  6. Don't eat the brownies Jesse!! I have a feeling it will hinder your super awesome energy!!! Maybe before bed?? Haha

  7. Great break down on the interview. I also liked what you said about allowing your students to go to other seminars and learn from other instructors.

  8. your awesome sensei , even my style is different (kyokushin) but since I started watching you I brought a makiwara and start to train with it please post for me a karateka daily training routine☺

  9. awesome….its a joy ride to see your Vlogs….I Am from india and I have completed my post graduation now….. I am so excited to learn karate now, just going concentrate on Katas……i think the true essence lies there. your videos give me boost…OSS!!

  10. Very nice video. I appreciate as you were talking about the chance to grow together with your students. The same for me. I always felt and feel, that without my students, I never could go and grow like I did. Thanks, Jesse!

  11. oh man… i love to see that seminars… sooo let me ask u one little thing. im not a karate student… okay 20yrs ago i studied shotokan 6 years. but now im full into traditional taekwondo… i know… rly guys i know its basicly a korean version of karate. but whenever i watch your seminar videos… man i just want be there. so now rly my question. if u give a seminar in germany. is there a chance to can come as a taekwondo-ka? if not i can fully understand. but… if i ask u this i can win a no, if not, i still have the no! best regards from germany

  12. Hey Jesse Sensei
    Your videos are very nice and made with hard work. I practice traditional Karate in Switzerland but also the sport Karate. For me it's nice to hear what you say (also in other videos like the K1 in Dubai) about the two of them, but also about the different styles of Karate.
    In this video I saw many things that we're also practicing in my Dojo and it's nice to see someone other who's used to both, sport and traditional Karate.

    Keep up the great work ??
    Greetings from Nico

  13. Whole video is super, but the parts from dojo are the best!
    I hope so, see you in Poland next year..maybe in "international summer karate stage" in Sopot (north of Poland, next to Gdańsk) 🙂

  14. Hello Jesse Sensei, do you have any tips for Kekayeshi kicks, like "Sokuto Kebanashi Kekayeshi Sokuto Kekomi"? I usually do it as Mae Ido. Love your videos!

  15. Excellent video jesse-san, I'm always listening to your videos … thanks for everything you do for karate .. greetings from chile … ossu !!

  16. i think that your way of thinking about karate it's fantastic! i practiced with a lot of sensei, i practice modern karate for compete and i've never seen these kind of freedom in a seminar and in a lesson.
    as you said in the seminar, it's important to share each other our knowledge, not only in karate! i like your innovative way of teaching karate; it's thousand years forward than others.
    good job jesse!

  17. Good work Sensei, keep making the videos and thank you for sharing…more power to Karate in general…!!!

  18. My 5 year old daughter and I are in a local black belt shorin ryu acedemy together.

    I am relying on your videos to guide me through this challenge as a late starter.

    Thank you!

  19. I can't believe I missed this! Hope to catch you next time you visit the Netherlands. Not to worry, it doesn't smell like weed everywhere. We are crazy about our bikes, though. That one is country-wide. 😛

  20. The most interesting part was, when the host asked you why you chose Karate. I guess, some important things in our lives we don't have to choose. They are just there. Maybe being the Judo nerd or being the boxing nerd would not be that much different from being the Karate nerd. 😉

  21. That is interesting about the bikes. There are bikes alover Seattle. You have to watch out every time you go there. That's really neet you got to be on the radio. You have a point there about learning from other teachers. It is good that you make videos to learn from. It helps when other teachers have videos to. So you can understand things from a different perspective. You may learn different from someone else.

  22. fantastic video, very interesting fun exercises, everything is oarte del aprendizaje, ¿the best ?, the subtitles in Spanish, hehe

  23. 8:11 I know The feeling my dad was a 6. dan Shorin Ryu karate instructor – All I learned is that there is a fine line between making some one stronger and just being sadistic. also I made a best friend and later found out that hes last name was sakugawa and is part of that family – maybe a coincidence but still trippy 😀  yea sometimes karate choose you..

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