Traditional Archery Tip – The Stance For Big Guys
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Traditional Archery Tip – The Stance For Big Guys

August 15, 2019

Hey Joe McClane here from
with another Traditional recurve archery tip, this one is for the big guys just like me.
Today we are talking the stance. So over the past few years I’ve had to tweak
my shot cycle, tweak the techniques that I use to shoot whether it’s instinctive, gap
or string walking or whatever. You know, as a big guy, they don’t work 100% the way it
would for other people, right? So what I do is I tweak that set up to fit me and to fit
my awesome girth. Hey, no need to comment on that below by the way! Right? So here’s what I do when I’m getting
ready to shoot. The first thing is I take my left shoulder, because I’m a right handed
shooter and I point it towards the target. Now I prefer an open stance, I like to, it’s
kind of like a fighting stance, I’m on the balls of my feet a little bit, and I’m bouncing
just ever so slightly. And I love to lean in on to my my target. For me, especially
when shooting instinctive, it’s a way to sort of connect with that point, that impact point.
You know, I’m leaning towards it just ever so slightly, right? It’s kind of getting aggressive,
like I’m going to shoot that point, right? So that’s the first thing I do. The next thing
is, I take my right foot, because I’m a right handed shooter, so if you’re a left handed
shooter it’s opposite but, I take my right foot and I move it back. So that my right
foot toes are aligned with my left heel. Now what this does for me is it allows me to take
my chest and angle it back and away from my target. So that my left shoulder is further
in but, this creates clearance for my string, so that my chest is out of the way. So I am
leaning over so slightly and Im leaning in ever so slightly but, because my right shoulder
is angled back, my chest is out of the way and my string doesn’t clip my chest on it’s
return path to home and rest and it doesn’t hurt. So that’s the big key right there. Because, let me tell you, in the early days,
I was hurting myself quite a bit. So this technique has worked wonders for me and I’ve
been able to get a lot accomplished with a lot less pain. So, are you a big guy? I would
love to know what do you do to tweak your set up in order to make room for your awesome
girth like mine. Comment below. What is your stance? Which do you prefer? Are you a more
olympic style shooter, you know that open stance fighting style for traditional archers,
instinctive shooters? What is your preferred method? How do you make room and tweak and
set up for your style and your body type? Leave that comment below. Hey if you like this video, give it a thumbs
up, that helps me to reach more people and share our love for traditional archery. It’s
a community, so we help each other out by sharing what works and what doesn’t work.
Now, I’m a Catholic evangelist full time so my channel has a lot of different videos of
different kinds but, I love traditional archery so I have been making a lot of videos on traditional
archery. And if you want to see more traditional archery videos like this one, do me a favor
and subscribe to the channel. That way you will be notified the first time the next one
comes out. Hey, I’m praying for you that you shoot straight
and I pray that you’ll pray for me so that I will shoot straight. And until the next
video, may God Richly Bless You!

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  1. God is good!!!! Thank you for all the great archery videos it has helped me tremendously in my growth in the sport. I recently had knee surgery and archery has helped me keep moving my stiff knee. Since I'm also a bigger guy I now use the same shooting stance. After hitting my chest once or twice I adapted quickly. I could have used this video two months ago lol. I just want you to know that when I was stuck on the couch for 4 months God gave me strength, my wife gave me love and encouragement and your Christian centered archery videos gave me motivation to go to the range and practice. I have been blessed because now I'm back to work and pushing my self to be a better archer. Congratulations on your upcoming new addition to your family. You and your family are in my prayers and thank you

  2. Always have shot like that. With hunting, you can pivot at the hips to follow your target.

    So what about that glove conversion?

  3. Just found your channel and I love Traditional Archery and Traditional Catholicism.  I used to shoot target style with a high grip but since I got a long bow (Bear Montana) I switched to low grip and I find it works better.  I also changed my stance to much like how you stand which shortened my draw length a bit.  Keep up the good videos.

  4. I don't have a stance anymore. I just stand naturally. Sounds simplistic I know, But I stand however I need to in order to make the shot.

  5. i stand like you do but i am not a big stance feels more natural to me. i have recently got the hunting urge and will be deer and turkey hunting from a ground blind here in kentucky this October so i have been mostly practicing while sitting in a chair. i feel i am ready as i have been shooting a lot more consistenly at ranges up to 30 yards. 50lb kodiak hunter, zwickey 2 blade broadheads, old shooting glove and thunderhorn quiver my buddy gave me is my tackle

  6. Great videos! Have you ever gotten friction from neighbors or law enforcement for shooting arrows in the back yard? I ask because I live in a subdivision with fenced back yards all around, and city ordinance says no shooting of guns, bows, or even pellet guns within city limits (other than an accredited range). I'd love to be able to practice archery without always driving to the range, but I don't want the police called. Thoughts?

  7. Hey Joe! I'm a BIG fan, but I'm not a big guy. Interestingly enough, though, you've validated my stance with this video. I was out with my dad and uncle for a little Father's Day shoot here in Ohio and I was confronted on my right foot sitting farther back than my right. I replied by stating that this stance was an experiment about 6 months ago that improved my consistency dramatically. Tonight, I came across your video and strangely enough, you're the only person I've ever seen doing what I do. Thank you for sharing!

    To speak to the reason this stance improved my consistency is something I'm unable to do. After a little thought, though, I can speculate this:

    1: My bow arm can be lazy. I feel that this stance make me more aware of my bow arm, since the nature of this stance does create a situation where your bow arm is more likely to get slapped if it's not straight and twisted correctly. Though I keep an arm guard in my quiver, I don't usually wear it because I want to know for sure when I get slapped. If I'm having a bad day, I'll put it on.

    2: If I have a square body AND a square stance to the target, I tend to "sway in the wind." This is bad for obvious reason. Moving the right foot one way or the other was a no-brainer.

    3: I feel like moving the right foot back about half a foot length is enough to help you activate your back tension when anchored.

    Anyway, thanks once again for sharing this. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, even if it's not for the same reasons. 🙂

    God Bless,


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