Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Tighter Groups with String Walking!
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Tighter Groups with String Walking!

August 12, 2019

Hi Joe McClane here with another traditional
recurve archery tip, the string walking method. You know, in the last video we talked about
the gap method where we were charting our gaps based on the distance we were to target.
So, at say, 15 yards we were aiming somewhere down here and then when we released the arrow
it lands at the desired impact point. Well I like the gap method, I shoot it a variation
of the gap method, it’s a quasi instinctive, quasi gap method. I talked about that in the
last video. You can link to it by clicking on the this link over here. But, I want to
talk about the string walking method. I used to shoot the string walking method
a lot more, and it’s easy with the string walking method to get nice tight groups. So
if that’s something you like you may want to consider trying the string walking method.
You never know, you may like it, you may hate it, who knows but, at least it’s worth a try. Now, in the string walking method what we
are essentially doing is taking our gaps and transferring from the target… so instead
of aiming in the dirt at 15 yards in order to get our arrow to go to the center of our
target… instead what we are doing is transferring our gaps to our string. So at 15 yards I am going to place my fingers
down, very close to the bottom of the serving on my bow string. This is the serving on my
bow string, I’m going to grip my string down towards the bottom of that. Now, in instinctive shooting, or even on the
gap method, the majority of cases you are going to shoot split finger, one up, two below.
There is a lot of guys who will go three below, and that’s awesome, you can do whatever is
right for you, no problems there. But, just to show you, this is how string
walking method works. Every time you aim, you have a desired impact point, let’s say
it’s the center of your target, you going to place the tip of your arrow on the desired
impact point. Ok? So you going to take aim at that center then your going to place your
fingers at the point on your bow string that corresponds to the gap. Ok, so, at 15 yards or closer my fingers are
going to be really close to the bottom of my serving, right there. Then as I get further
from my target my fingers are going to walk up the string. So, at this right here I maybe
at say 35 to 40 yards or something like that. Where as here I may be at 25 yards and so
forth and so on. You’re still going to chart your gaps but
you’re going to chart them on your bow string and not on your target. And again, every time
you take aim you’re putting the tip of your arrow on the desired impact point. So, in this method, just like in the gap method
you still need to know how far you are from your target. You still have to be very good
at judging distances in order to know where on the string you place your fingers. I like
it because it becomes very easy to get a good alignment, a good sight picture, and to get
very tight and narrow gaps. So, all of it is contingent upon, as I always
say, you have heard me say this before, all of it is contingent upon a clear, repeatable
shot cycle. Without that you have got nothing, WIthout that you shooting in the dark. Without
that your going to be more frustrated than you are going to be happy with your archery
development. My recommendation is try the string walking
method but, remember you need a clear, consistent, repeatable, shot cycle if your going to get
the most out of any shooting technique. That part is the most important. Try it, you know?
Try the string walking method. Typically, when I used to shoot string walking method
I would use one eye only, I would use my right eye. Lately, I’ve been shooting the string
walking, just to kind of re live the old days, but, I’ve been trying to do it with both eyes
open. I always train to hunt, and in a hunting situation
I kind of want both eyes open. I have got to have a fuller field of view to know what’s
going on, so I’ve been training myself to leave both eyes open. I’ve been shooting that
way for well over a year now. This way I can see out of my peripheral vision and still
yet focus on a single point. That’s why I like that quasi gap, quasi instinctive method
that I traditionally shoot, that I typically shoot rather. In string walking, it’s fun, every once in
a while to go out there and get those nice beautiful tight groups. Any way, try that,
see if that works. If you have shot string walking method and you’ve got some tips on
how to maximize it and how to do it better; can you leave those comments below? If you
have never shot the string walking method and you give it a try, do you mind leaving
your comments below? Tell me, you know, how did it work for you? Did you like it? Did
you not like it? Why? What worked, what didn’t work? It’s important for us to share our knowledge
with each other so that we can all learn and grow and develop as archers. Anyway, I appreciate
if you the opportunity if you could subscribe to the channel, like, comment, share. I pray for you, that you shoot straight, and
I hope that you pray for me that I shoot straight… hey… it is Holy Week, I am going to pray
for you specifically this week. It’s our Lord’s passion, death, and praise God, His resurrection
too. I’ll see you next time, God Bless You!

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  1. How in the world does this work? How do the limbs work when getting pulled so enevenly? I mean you pay a bowyer big bucks for tillering and say you use 3 under vrs split finger and he tillers the bow differently. Do sting walkers have good arrow flite and if they do how is that possible. I bare test my arrows and 1/8 inch will make and arrow nock high. So how can you pull a string 3-4 inches off and have good flight?

  2. @paul Mullins @joe McClane
    I've only been shooting a month now, and before I've been shooting instinctively and this is 4 days I've been shooting trying string walking and my groups are soooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh tighter than how they were before… I mean… I LOVE StringWalking… For the month I've never ever shot this consistent, guessing all the time. Shooting instinctively was really discouraging for me, but now I'm so encouraged! Shooting has become so much more fulfilling and fun knowing I can put the arrow where I want it, when I want to….

  3. Probably best to learn to stringwalk with a tab with stiching on it; not a glove. Each yardage should correspond to a stich on the tab so you are always aiming point "on" at the target.

  4. off tomorrow for a 3D target course shoot. will try it on the warm up range first. thanks for the great videos!!

  5. Hey thank you so much for the tip. I'm in my garage I started shooting arrows last week. And here I am, after I watched and tried this method im hitting the target where I want. I'm four yards, pretty close, but dead on the target witch is 2 inches wide. I'll keep practicing.

  6. Wouldn't shooting using the string walking method slow down your arrow speed and screw with arrow flight?

    Seems like the further you string walk down the string and draw the less energy you would be putting into the arrow since the top limb wouldn't be doing much work and the arrow flight might be thrown off as well.

  7. Switched from Gap to SW a two years ago (won Euro 3D champs and 3rd at world Indoors). You will get better results with a Tab over a glove as you can use the stitches on the Tab to get more accurate crawls( I use a Bateman Tab). Some Hunters just use a fixed 20y crawl marked on the string and gap at 15 and 25y which keeps their aim in the vitals for most commonly used shots.

    A modern ILF bow with a plunger and wire rest is better suited, those longer crawls can put a lot stress on a wooden riser/limbs. I like ILF because you have a lot more adjustment to get a good tune. 40# I run out of Crawls at 60y so in effect I'm point on right out to that distance and then Gap for longer shots. It's a nice way to shoot, on a good day I can give sighted Archers a run for their money, it becomes very addictive then.

  8. Hi Joe nice Vid ! one question , when u string walk–Do you have to bring the 'string blur' to one edge of the limb?
    if u do so how can u do that with both eyes open?

  9. I started using the string walking method because of this video. It's what I use all of the time now. I was hitting about 1/2 inch below at dandelion balls at 20yds, and I'm using an old fred bear golden fox 35# recurve that I found in the trash. Great videos. Keep them coming. God Bless

  10. I've been getting "trained" by guys in my work center on how to better shoot my recurve.  In a year I've gone from missing the target to hitting a trash can lid.  With String Walking, in a day, I'm hitting almost softball.  I hate the way it feels but IT WORKS; and in the end of the day, an ethical kill is better than comfort.

  11. I am a compound shooter but looking to pick up a recurvve. I was just at the shop and a guy there who was really knowledgeable gave me the 30 second how to on this just to give me an idea of how to aim. I was not perfect right off the bat (obviously) but I started to pick it up quickly. I was shooting good groups pretty quickly and I could see using it for hunting accurately. I use my 25 year old Darton compound with a pin site and for an old dog to pick up this new trick was pretty amazing. Just need some practice and anyone who can shoot a compound will show proficiency pretty quickly. God bless and good hunting.

  12. Hi Joe, i have watched this vid a few times, never really thinking that stringwalking works for me, well i revisited it again and tried it out. It definitely is easier for me to at least hit my target box at 20 m than any other method i tried.Thanks.

  13. I have used string walking for hitting target for long distance far beyond what can be reached with a level shot ,with a low poundage bow of 22LBS draw weight .Instead of holding the string below the knock ,I hold above the knock with the knock between my 3rd and pinky fingers or all fingers above the knock . I draw and hold the same form in all distances . I set distance by bending at the waist like a long bow shot . Their is no mark to aim at because the arrow tip is above the target in open sky . So the waist bend is instinctual or gut feeling . I can get tight groups doing this

  14. Today i shoot the first time 3 under and i must say its much better than the regular method. Now i will shoot always this way.
    Tighter groups and more accuracy at long ranges.

  15. I don't know if you are to bring the arrow to rest at the same point on your cheek and if so how does using a higher or lower grip on the string make a difference.

  16. Question? what about your anchor point at ful draw. Is it the same every time or do you adjust based on distance to target?

  17. Great video …a good instruction….before I experiment with this technique can do harm to my bow in any way ? I shoot a Samick Sage 30#…would LOVE a reply …Thanx

  18. does the string walk have to have the straight up and down bow?  I cant the bow.  Is my only option the fixed crawl?  thx.  Should I just stick to fixed crawl or can I use string walk while canting the bow? thx?

  19. Im new to archery but thinking about adding a color marking on the serving for the different distances. Any thoughts about that idea?

  20. Don't you have to calibrate how many threads for a particular arrow weight/Fletch/shaft material and for each particular distance to get the shot to shot accuracy that you may get with String Walking. And wouldn't it change with a completely different arrow. And you're just guesstimating from your calibration where to place your fingers. It looks like a Great way of aiming. But it looks like it would take some time to get everything calibrated.
    Great video as always. Thanks

  21. shot split finger and pointing on the ground for about 6 months, averaging about 230/300, but i like to idea of pointing to the yellow when shooting, switched to string-walk for about 3 weeks, when i got the right anchor point with the right draw and extension, the group of about 10 arrows are within the diameter of 7cm from 18m. I think i will stick to string walk for now.

  22. Wow man I really enjoyed your video a lot! I don't know if I enjoyed more learning the string walk or reading that bible verse or hearing you at the end . Really really nice

  23. thanks Joe, i was reading about the string walking method and couldn't really grasp what they meant because they didn't explain it clearly, this is so easy to understand and something i am trying now thanks to you, good job man 😀

  24. Hey i tried it a while ago and just completely missed. What can you say about the anker while string walking.

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  26. Great explanation Joe. I have not tried this yet, but my friend combines string walking with olympic style chin anchor for great results. Looking forward to trying this off season. Thanks & God bless!

  27. Thanks for a great explanation. I've only been shooting a month and tried this the other night but the results weren't great. 20lb bow @ 20 yards and walking about an inch down the string from the nock point caused the arrows to tumble in flight quite alarmingly, and my shots visibly lost power. Looking at the comments perhaps I should try this again at a shorter distance, or wait until I'm shooting a more powerful bow (which I feel ready for now but don't have any equipment of my own yet; might ask the club I'm shooting with to supply a 25-30lb bow for a few weeks)

  28. What are the physics that make it work? Are we launching an arrow starting at an angle? Why is the thing not porpoising like crazy?
    Why doesn’t it bang off the riser shelf?
    No one I have found explains the mechanics just how to do it.

  29. Joe, I have shot both string walking and gap. You’re right, groups are tighter with string walking. But one thing I am concerned about is the noise. The further down the string you go, the noisier. I even notice the arrows “wobble” more than with split finger or 3 under. Is there a way to even out the pressures on the limbs so they work together and cut down on noise as well as arrow movement? I shoot a one piece Ben Pearson 1961 Palomino so no way to tiller a limb, that I’m aware of.

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