Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | The BEST “Trick” to Improve Your Consistency!
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | The BEST “Trick” to Improve Your Consistency!

August 13, 2019

Joe McClane here from with
another traditional recurve archery tip. And this one is the best, the very best tip that
has improved my accuracy, the shot cycle. The shot cycle is really pretty important.
A lot like playing golf, you know, the accuracy of the shot begins well before you ever draw
back the club. The same is true in archery. If you have a clear, repeatable process, that
you can build into muscle memory your going to find a lot more accuracy, a lot more consistency
in your shot groups. I mean, I’m a long way from where I need to be but, this one step,
this one technique, this one tip was probably the most, had the most dramatic impact on
both accuracy, and consistency of shot. You know, and I usually start with gripping my
bow with the left hand in the same way every time. I also grip my string, and then I set
my, I set my lower limb on the inside of my thigh. And I’m looking with both eyes open
at my target and I’ve got a ah, ah nerf ball down there about 27 yards. And I’ve got both
eyes open and Im starring at a point, Im focusing on a point, a hyper focus, aim small, miss
small. And I want to hit that point but, while both eyes are open what I can see in my peripheral
near vision is my string, and I’ve aligned my string on that point. So Im lining up that
string in my peripheral vision, and then when I’m ready to shoot I raise my bow hand up
but, I’m bringing up, I can still that string in my peripheral vision. It’s an alignment.
Then I can align my arrow, and my string in my peripheral vision while Im still focused
on that spot. And then I tend to come up above, and then I lower down as I draw back to my
anchor in my cheek bone. So, I got my hat on it’s kind of throwing things off a bit.
But, I anchor in my cheek bone. I try to fly my left elbow as high as I can, and then I
release. And that release is also very critical and I’ll do another video on release. Release,
is another one of those most critical steps of accuracy and consistency . So this cycle,
this shot cycle from beginning to end… another thing you will notice too, is when I’m done
with my shot I try to hang in the air. Just like on golf when you follow through with
your club that can have as much dramatic impact on your shot accuracy, ah, as the swing before
it. The back swing, the down. You know, archery is the same way. You want the follow through,
so you want to hang right there for a few moments after your shot because if you, if
your the kind of guy, or gal, who drops your bow, well your brains going to start that
process before you actually release and its going to effect your accuracy. The same thing
on your release. You really need a more, a very consistent, very deliberate, very repeatable
release so I always go straight back and I touch the back of my head. And, I find that
when I, general speaking, even when I mess that up it’s usually pretty good. A clear,
repetitive, shot cycle is the very best thing that has improved my accuracy. I generally
get my arrows within a very tight space, what I consider tight anyway. I, from a hunting
perspective love these shots. The trick is to start a cycle that can be repeated every
time. What its given me, is much tighter groups, a lot more accuracy, much more consistency.
So, try that. Find ah, shot cycle that works for you. That’s repeatable and practice it,
practice it, and practice it until it becomes muscle memory. Alright? A… I hope your shooting
straight and ah, pray for me so that I can shoot straight. I’m still pursuing my goal
of becoming a traditional recurve hunter. Ah, I’ve been out several times, I haven’t
closed that deal. So, it’s still on my wish list, my bucket list so, but, I’m working
on accuracy and consistency so that when that shot opportunity comes I can make a clean,
ethical kill shot so that animal doesn’t suffer. And I can feed my family. So God is very Good!
We’ll see you next time. God Bless You!

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  1. I, as a 40 plus years traditional archer, would suggest holding the bow with your index and your middle fingers throughout your shot instead of grabbing as you release. This will eliminate the possibility of twisting the bow of target. And the "aim small, miss small" is dead right, from the hunting side of things especially.

  2. Hahahaj! Anyone else noticed something else on 00:40?? Some creature comes out from beyond this guy's right cheek & goes uphill till it vanishes.. it looks like a mink or something 🙂

  3. start your learning process correctly. Eliminate the marks on your bow that you use for sighting/yardage marks. In traditional competition, marks are not allowed.

  4. Its good to learn a process, but when you speak of "Traditional Archery", then your video plays, you are not using a "Traditional" bow hold.  You are holding the bow like an Olympic archer would.  Traditional, from most all that i have seen, back to Howard Hill and beyond, and even Byron Ferguson currently, all lean the bow at an angle.  Also, the longer you hold, the less smooth your release will be as the string digs into your glove.  Also, using your back muscles, by squeezing your shoulder blades together before and during your release, will automatically make your release hand fall back.  No need to force your hand back.  Let it all be a natural motion. 

  5. Keep that elbow down on the draw arm!. Your elbow should move parallel to the ground. A high elbow puts uneven pressure on your fingers holding the string. and other bad things I cant think of right now

  6. I know what your saying. The bad habits are those that we start with but when we pick up our bows for the first time. The discipline is to stop those bad habits and take your time.

    This is what I am able to do thus far.

    Granted, you were 27 yards out, almost on 25 metres hitting a bigger target, I was approximately 14 meters +/- hitting a smaller target of 3" radius and I still have more work to do.

    I was gap shooting before this video but got frustrated with it as the grouping weren't as tight. Once I master the groupings more from longer ranges using the atom sight, I will eventually remove that sight.

  7. I have been shooting recurve about 30 years I just went to compound but your form is terrible stop slouching and put your shoulders and chin up elbow up and inline with your let off shoulder! Told that my whole life but many prayers my friend and may your arrow fly straight and true!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for all the uploads. I just got my first bow (samick sage takedown recurve). But I found your videos to be very helpful in my buying process and form and overall knowledge

  9. Joe, I really enjoy your videos and your Godly attitude. As a protestant pastor I am always lifted up to see good men who are faithful to our Father in everything. God bless you brother.

  10. Good video, good values, thanks, a refreshing change anymore. In watching your video the one thing that struck me is how you grab the handle as you shoot. I shot videos of myself doing the same thing. A friend suggested I lightly hold the bow with thumb, middle and forefinger and tuck in the remaining. It took a few rounds to get used to it (and break the grabby-habit) My accuracy and consistency improved almost right away. Go traditional! Keep up the good work.

  11. You close your hand at release therefore making a variable in your shot. Hold the bow loosely in your hand but you must already know that.

  12. put a sight on it if you want to be accurate. trying to put all these factors in. its supposed to be a feel. if you dont speed up your shooting cycle, you wont get a sleeping deer. not trying to be mean just a tip

  13. Thank you for this video!!! I'm nervous aproaching deer season, my shots need to be more consistent and i need tighter groups to go hunting

  14. good tips, well delivered! I'm all about traditional. No sights or anything, especially for hunting. Have to keep the hunt fair. Compound with all the gear these days is like spearfishing on SCUBA. Takes the "hunt" out of the hunt.

  15. So… how do you make sure your string isn't in the way of your vision? This seems to be a chronic problem for me since I wear glasses. Holding the bow vertical either winds up clipping my nose(painfully), or blocking my vision and I break arrows/panic about the shot, but canting my bow causes my finger to pinch on the nock(excruciatingly) and makes me afraid to release. 3-under isn't an option for me either because I pinch a nerve in one of my fingers. It's honestly very disheartening.

  16. maybe God is the blame for your bad grouping. what happened to thou shall not kill. at least the nerf ball is safe.

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