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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Silence – for Traditional Archery Hunting

August 12, 2019

Joe McClane here from with
another Traditional Recurve Archery Tip; silence! You know, I picked up this bow this past July, of 2014.
It was a birthday present from my wife and my family. Prior to that I was shooting a
Sage Samick 55# recurve. Good bow for the price, you really can’t beat the Sage Samick
at that price point. It shoots really good. It’s a bit heavy, and it’s certainly taller
but, I enjoyed shooting it quit a bit. I passed that bow down to my oldest son, Steven who
know shoots it. I love my 55# Bear Grizzly, it’s a 1967. It
soots phenomenally well for a bow this old. You know, I just love it, it shoots great,
it’s light, it’s shorter than the Sage Samick, it’s still 55# at 28″, and I just love it. Now, one of the things that I haven’t done,
up until just this past week, was to try and quite the bow down. I’ve had these beaver
fur silencers on the string since day one. I took those off of my Sage Samick, and I
love them but, it’s still kind of noisy in my opinion. So I did two things to quite the
bow down this week that I thought I would share with you. Number one, I added these little velcro pads
to the tips on the belly of the bow. That really helps to quite the string down as it
comes back to rest. And then, this pad, this guard here, I had to replace that. The original
was on there and it was really worn out. In fact, the top layer had already peeled off
and there was just that back, almost like the glue mat there, and it was really loud. Let me tell you, when you are in the woods
and you are trying to hunt, every noise seems to echo through the forrest. Every time I
draw my bow back you could really hear that…. (noise), almost… listen. It would sound
like only it would be louder. So, I’ve made these two adjustments, and um… I have some
footage from last week when I was shooting and I am going to compare it to me shooting
right now just to see if you can hear the difference. But, I think, from my perspective,
that this bow is now quieter, especially on drawback, that’s a significant improvement
in my opinion from a hunting perspective. I also think that the release of the arrow
is also quieter now that these velcro pads are on as well. So, have a listen and tell me what you think. I think it sounds great. Well, anyway… how
do you quite your bow down? What kind of silencers do you use? Do you put these pads on there?
I mean, what are you thoughts? I would love to hear more about what your doing for your
archery, and your set up on your bow. What kind of bow do you shoot? And what equipment
are you running? It always helps me… I love to listen to
other archers, I love to read and watch their videos and see what their doing, what their
not doing. In fact, that reminds me, one of the videos that I put out last time, on breathing,
has got a pretty interesting conversation going about that video on Facebook. I’m going
to link to that Facebook group below and you can see it for yourself, and maybe contribute
as well. Any way, I hope you will subscribe to the
channel, I hope you will like, comment, and share these videos, and share with me what
works for you, what doesn’t work for you, any feedback you have, and any questions you
have, I’d love to hear those too. Well, I’m praying for you that you shoot straight
and I hope that you will pray for me that I shoot straight. And, by the way, it’s still
Christmas time, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Bless You, we’ll see you next

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  1. Joe I don't have any videos out but I silence my bows, with proper brace height, brush buttons, and wooly whisper string silencers. I shoot Bob Lee Recurves, Black Widow, and Bear Bows. I started with a 1960 / 61 bear Grizzly 60" 50 lbs and I took deer and all kinds of small game with that bow. My son now has that bow which I just refinished. Recently. I got the bow when I was 15 years of age, I'm now 62. But Papa Bear knew how to make them bows because it still shoots today as well as she did back then. I grew up in Michigan and hunting for me was a way of life. It took me Three years of trial and error before I was to down my first button buck. Then at 17 I got a 7 point 210 lb beautiful whitetail buck for a ground blind at a water hole on a dry November 14 th 1970, at 1745 just at dusk. Made a beautiful 30 yard shot rt/side behind last rib into the liver the rest was history. I have always used Traditional Archery. Never could get use to the compound Bow and all the bells and whistles. I shoot almost everyday in my back yard. At 3-D's I have set out from turkey to Deer. I always loved the recurve my favorite is a Bob Lee Green Envy 56" 60 lbs @ 28" smooth fast and just a beautiful bow to shoot. I like your ve dips as well as Jeff's the Canadian from Ontario Area, well happy hunting and I'll pray for you, GOD BLESS, STAY IN TOUCH.
    Bob CaSteel, US Army, 1SG, Ret.,

  2. It is a beautiful now. I'm just getting into archery and hope to have something like that one day once I feel like I can do it justice. This isn't a criticism or anything but isn't that arrow coming back a little far? It almost looks like the tip was on the rest as opposed to overhanging by an inch like I see on most bows.

  3. What I like to do for my set up is to put two small puff balls on each end so four all together in between I put a extremely dense down feather in between the puff balls it creates the best silencer that have found

  4. I've got a pair of "beaver Balls" or "beaver Tails" as they're called, but mine are made from snowshoe hair fur. I also use the soft side of the velcro on both the limbs and on the draw pad. I've done an actual comparison with a decimeter, and the difference is about 12-18db's less with the upgrades on average.

  5. Hi Joe, you have done a pretty good job reducing noise so far. I like yarn puff silencers placed at 1/3 intervals on the string. I could tell you how to make them.

  6. You could also try giving your bow string a few twists to make it smaller, it will lessen the area that the string contacts the limbs and quiet it down a bit when your bow fires and the string slaps.

  7. I haven't added any silencing things on my bows so far. not a fan of the furry/puffy string silencers tbh. And my only usable bow atm is a barrnet phoenix (not to be confused with their "lil phoenix" bow. The normal phoenix is no longer available seemingly but is essentially a recolored sportflight which is pretty much the same bow otherwise) which is a flatbow shape so felt pads would be useless there. And fatbows/longbows are already quieter than recurves anyway.

    I also have an old solid fiberglass recurve youth bow, it's damaged atm but It might be fixable. And it was very minimally recurved so felt pads would be useless in that case too

    And I will be getting a custom made three piece pvc takedown recurve bow of around 45 ponds at 28 inch draw, with a wood/pvc composite riser with cut to center arrow shelf, in which case I may end up getting felt pads. 

    I think it'll be a lil quieter than most recurve bows right off the bat because the recurve tips on it are a bit less severe than a normal recurve bow (It's in between my old fiberglass recurve and most recurves normally, string still touches the belly of the bow so the felt pads would still help)

  8. Also you could increase your brace height to the max recommendation (which for most recurves is up to 8 inches or 8 1/2 inches). That will definitely quiet it a little. That's the only other thing I would do personally

  9. You have a great start. I shoot a longbow but same methods apply. I shoot velcro on shelf and sight window. This will require some bare shaft tuning for your arrows however as this will make them fly a little stiffer. Also, please stop pointing your fingers while drawing. If you use a broad head you may accidently cut your self or worse shoot the arrow through it. I have seen this happen.

    If I may make a suggestion. Watch instinctive archery by G. Fred Asbell. He makes a lot of sense.

    Good shooting. God bless!

  10. I made my string silencers out of yarn for my bow and they work very very well. There is a video on youtube that tells you how to make them.

  11. I use beaver balls on my string and I put soft rubber limb savers halfway down each limb. Beautiful bow by the way!

  12. Brush buttons on string so that those touches the limbs good..and on the arrowrest velcro under and furniture filt on window,a big piece that it is over whole window..

  13. never saw them Velcro pads before.  Tuning the brace height within the recommendations made by the manufacturer is another way.  Thanks for the video

  14. could not hear difference in draw but fire huge difference… great thought on Velcro.. your a visionary my friend.. great video

  15. Nice work so far. Most of the vibrations can be taken out via brace height adjustments, those beaver fur silencers work well. You might tighten the top one up and move them closer to the center. you lose fps the farther toward your arrow knock you move them so play with it to find the balance. You have definitely made her more silent, but I think you can get it more quiet still!! I like to split the difference between where the limbs contact the sting and where I put my fingers (three under) It seems to make it pretty quiet, I shoot a 74 K-mag. 2012 grizz, 2010 Montana and a 1964 bear cub. I shoot heavy arrows too, all are 500+ grains, which helps with noise and penetration too. I have applied this theory to all of them it works well for me. Great videos!! Keep it up and thanks for posting.

  16. I do the same as you for silencing but I tie a small bunch of common elastic bands to my string, they are quite good

  17. I shoot a 50# Bear Super Grizzly. I have 4 otter fur string silencers (they're short, so I decided to go with 2 on each end), and a brace height of about 8 inches. Keeps her almost whisper quiet.

  18. I shoot a 1972 Bear Super Kodiak, 51# at 28#. Proper brace height is a huge influence on how loud your bow is! When you find the perfect brace height, within about 1/8" or less, it quiets down a lot! It also means thats the brace height your arrows will fly cleanest at.

  19. Yeah brace height, tuned arrows, then add stuff to your string. I wrap additions beaver balls on the string on the 3 inches exactly where the string slaps depending on the brace height. As you change the brace height you change the angle of the curve on your limbs, and this where the string makes contact with the belly. I prefer to add the fur to the string instead of adding padding to the limb. It might slow the limbs down if there is too much mass, and I know the beaver fur is light.

  20. Joe, I don't hunt. I have a recurve bow. Does the use of silencers do anything good for me as an archer who does not hunt? i take it, it just quiets things down but what purpose if I do not hunt at all? Thanks.

  21. Definitely quieter Im shooting a 50# pse wisdow take down seams like when i put a set of brush buttons on it made a difference .I have a 50# grizzly right hand switch to left hand compound about 10 yrs ago this year my brother bought me the pse l love it also shooting a 45# Mongolian horse bow having fun getting ready for turkey season God bless u to.

  22. Hey yea I use wool yarn silencers on my strings works well ….And I do run the velcro on the limbs as well . i have seen some guys run 4 string silencers on there string , 2 above – 2 below . …..thanks for all the videos ! > subbed

  23. From all the sound mods the velcro in the limps is the better… Takes all the noisy down… Thanks for all your nice videos kostas from Athens

  24. I have a Samick Sage and I quieted down drastically with –

    Truglo 4 Arrow Quiver (the small one) adding that weight probably dropped my sound down by half. (25 bucks at most bow shops or online)
    Tuned my brace height a little shorter than recommended specs, people say going farther is suppose to do the trick but I got bad string vibrations when I made it farther
    Velcro on the limb tips
    Upgrading to a Flemish Twist Fast Flight

    Its very quiet now. But I notice when I shoot my 540 grain total weight aluminums its still pretty loud to my Gold Tip Traditional Carbons. I am going to front load those carbons though because I got some 225 grain points coming so I should have a decent forward weight on them.

    But yeah, that quiver cut my sound down easily by half of what it is barebow.

  25. Anybody else get the fake "meat" ad before the video? Just because its not made of animal protein doesn't mean its not meat!

    Yes jackwagon…..yes it does…..

  26. Adjusting my brace height quieted my bow down.

  27. Yes, it does seem quieter over all. I can hear the arrow slide over the rest.

    Here is a tip for you…I coat all my arrows with regular ARMOR All. Yes, you heard me right and odor isn't an issue. I spray it on a rag and rub it in. I have no issues with pulling the shafts out of a target either.

    Give it a try. You WILL notice a difference!

    I enjoy your videos by the way!

  28. A 55# bow is most likely only going to be so quiet compared to a 25# or 30#er… But just quickly seeing how your bow string is laying, your brace height might be a bit low. Recurves have a furrow where the string rests against the limb and an old timer archer told me that if the string completely touches that full length of the furrow then the brace height is too low, there should be some of the furrow that the string doesn't touch. Of course with your Velcro in there you can't really judge that.

  29. Good video, I have a Bear Grizzly 45# which is awesome. I have gone to the bear weather rests on all my traditional bows. I have been playing with silencers on the string and limbs, but started using 300 grain broadheads it made a difference I could hear.

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