Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Finding YOUR shooting style!
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Finding YOUR shooting style!

August 15, 2019

Hi Joe McClane here from
with a tip on traditional recurve archery. You know I picked up the archery bug a couple
of years ago. I was giving a talk at a mens retreat at the Allegany State Park in Buffalo,
New York for The King’s Men. A great retreat, I highly recommend it.
I link to it below, you should check it out. But archery was a part of the retreat experience.
And that was it, I had to do it from that point on. So I started making PVC bows and
just flinging arrows back here. And you know I was just so, you know, I was
so eager to learn how to become an archer and learn how to shoot the bow that I would
do anything. I made my own board bow, Ive done that. That was hard, I only got one to
work so far. I’ll show that to you some other time. But, you know then I really felt motivated
to try to go hunting and develop my skills as a hunter. Which Ive done now but, not successfully.
You know, just last week my son and I were out hunting for four days. And, it’s very
hard, you know traditional archery, and this is a 67′ Bear Recurve Grizzly 55#’s at 28″…
and ah… it’s really hard to develop the skills necessary to hunt. I hunt from the
ground not even from a stand. To hunt from the ground. We did get close, really close
to a buck and a doe but, ah, Im not successful yet. But we are working on it.
And I love the chase, I love the processes. Im a long way from where I need to be as an
archer but, ah, again I just love archery. And I’ve developed some skills and a new shooting
style that ah… you know, well…. other people are probably doing it to but, ah, you
know this is whats worked for me. And this is the tip I want to share with you
in this video, this first video in the series. I want you to find your technique. Theres
an instinctive style, which I will do a video on that. Theres a gap method. Theres a string
walking. I do a combination. You see, on the back of my bow here Ive got a piece of tape,
and Ive got these little hash marks. They represent yardage so they help me with elevation.
And I combine that technique with instinctive shooting where I pick a point on my target
where I want my arrow to impact. Then I hyper focus on that point and i just
sort of block everything else out and I focus on that point. And then in my peripheral vision
I can see those hash tags. Those little hashes, hash marks, hash tags. I can so those hash
marks. I can only see them in the peripheral vision
though. And so when you combine that with the technique of a good shot cycle, where
you begin, anchor, and release all the same way, your going to find your going to be a
lot more consistent in your shooting. And, ah, you know, not perfect… not even
close to perfect. I’m a long way from where I need to be but, I think Ive found some consistency
that I can be happy with. My goal to develop as a hunter, is to have
my bad shots be decent shots. That’s my goal. Im not a target shooter I want to be a hunter.
So my bad shots are not bad. There fairly good! I’ll take those bad shots every day
of the week. And so ah… this is a pretty close yardage
here but, I like to shoot, you know, as much as sixty yards. Ive got a place I go to to
shoot out sixty yards. So that’s the tip for this first video in
the traditional recurve archery video series that Im producing. All for the Glory of God
because, you know, as a faithful Catholic who loves Jesus and loves His Church I try
to share Jesus with as many people as possible as often as possible. In fact I work full
time in Catholic ministry. But, you know, living life… living life to the full…
living life with zeal is apart of the Catholic faith. And ah… I find I can do that in archery.
So Im happy to share this with you. If you’ve got some techniques that will help me improve,
I would love to hear those. Can you share those below in the comments? That would be
really awesome, I appreciate it. Because Im always watching youtube videos on recurve
traditional shooting to figure out how do I improve my skills? How do I get better?
Anyway, in this series I hope to show you some things that are working for me, and to
share with you some things that aren’t working for me. And maybe you can help with that.
Alright? Until next time, May God Richly Bless you!

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  1. One of my favorite exercises with field blanks. Get an empty milk gallon jug put it 10 paces from your backstop and walk it away from you to the backstop one arrow at a time. Sometimes all your shots go through some times you end up with a rolling pin cushion of arrows.

  2. Thanks Joe 🙂 Really good stuff here. I've only been shooting for a week now but love the trad principles of instinctive shooting. God bless!

  3. Love you faith and your video!  hunting from a blind gives me a definite edge. It can be as simple as camo cloth between trees or a bought one – just place it comfortable shooting distance downwind from a trail.  I sometimes have whitetails just yds from the blind.  Bless you,    rob

  4. Your've more of a gap shooter than you realize. I hunted compound for quite a few years before i moved over to shooting recurve around the same time you did, 2012. Just from how you described you shooting, it sounds like you're basically shooting with sights. Your windage is focused by where you see your arrow possibly and you line up your windage with your marks. With sights, you just juggle where your shot is and where the pin is.
    I was always inspired by Fred Bear so I learned to shoot instinctively. I'd claim it to be 20% gap shooting because I focus on the arrow on the draw just a little so my arrow isn't going off the wayside. Whatever works for you, that's what I say.

  5. Nice bow & nice Shooting, good luck with that for the future. My confusion comes from the fact that you are a God fearing man who is looking forward to Killing Gods defenseless creatures. I live my life in a Buddhist manner which by the way is not a religion. Killing to survive, then yes, but you can go to the store and get what ever you need. Blood lust is bad for the soul.   

  6. If u hunt from the ground build or but a blind ….post up dont move watch for days and buy some calls get to know what they do. then u will have your shot

  7. I the past Mongolians archers(Mongolians developed recurve bow ) have used a other shooting technique. They used a thumb, to pull the string .That method is more accurate, and Traditional.  Have you try it ?
    this is an example

  8. Just wanted to share from my own experience 30 years worth I personally get better accuracy with a longer bow a good example would be 60 or 64in super Kodiak and the risers have a little bigger window but thats just my preference. If you can afford a black widow bow that's the why to go hands down.

  9. Joe, thank you for your videos I have enjoyed them a lot. I'm wondering if you can help me. I have been shooting instinctively for about a year as time permits. I love the sport and have always been an archer in some form or another. I am finding that my shots are impacting about 8" high consistently. I thought that with practice the impacts would move to my point of focus. I have to think about the sight window to bring my bow arm down enough for the shot to be close to my point of aim. I anchor with my pointer finger in the corner of my mouth and split fingers. I have considered changing anchor points or to 3 under but would prefer not to as I have shot years split fingers with a compound or recurve with sights and it is most natural to me. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Joe.

  10. Hi Joe , I love two things that you love , being catholic and traditional archery . I am just now getting back into shooting and i have always been an instinctive shooter and i am going to start back on my form and then try your method of shooting . PS great loving god and great videos , thank you , Jess Olivo

  11. That is one very nice Bear bow!

    Do you have a specific anchor point? I could not seem to spot it.. Shooting looks good though..

  12. Cheerio and Thanks from Hungary…
    I"ve just started…picked up my traditional hun recurve bow…..
    THX 4 the inspirations, Joe!

  13. May God Richly Bless You. Love your help. I just got my first Samick Sage 35#. It has, by recommendation a bear hair rest and feathered arrows (Carbon). The firs day I took my Block Classic Target out, to try my luck, about 10-15 yds. I missed the thing. I have no idea how to sight, aim, point the arrow at the target. I was watching you in this video but I couldn't see the riser enough to see your form with the draw stop and shoot. I saw clearly where your right hand was at the point of the shot but I couldn't see where the arrow ended up on the shelf. Could you make this a little clearer. By the way I bought my bow at your recommendation. And one other thing, please if you can, number your videos. I hope you don't think I am asking too much but I really like your teaching this being the first I have watched, other than the one on the Samick Sage. Merry Christmas to you and yours. David

  14. Have been shooting since i was about 7 and am 15 now, just broke my bow string on my recurve so as im waiting for my new one to ship im bored!! plan to kill a whitetail this fall with it, i am also a Catholic myself 🙂

  15. hey joe im new to the archery world and i was wondering what's the difference between a left handed bow and a right handed bow I'm left handed and wondering if it would really make a difference in which I choose

  16. I'm Canadian, and I find it interesting to see you shooting in your back yard. Here, most, if not all, municipalities have restrictions on any shooting within city limits. Do you have any concerns about safety? Have you ever had a rogue arrow leave your yard? My archery club is not far from my house, but still, it would be nice to be able to shoot in my back yard…

  17. Hi Joe.  I have a question, when I shoot the bow I am finding my string on the top limb is not in the groove.  Any ideas why this is happening?Enjoying all the videos keep up God's work.God Bless

  18. Hey Joe,I think if you tried 3fingers under will definitely improve your accuracy and consistency. If you want to hunt,try learning to use a fixed crawl.hope this helps and God bless.

  19. I just started archery myself, I bought a samick sage a week ago. I find that when I think about what I'm doing I miss the Target but if I keep my mind clear and just do what I feel is natural I'm hitting the mark. I'm still lost in the world of archery, there's so much to learn but it's cool and very rewarding. I like your videos, anyways keep them coming. I'm learning a lot!

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