Traditional Archery Shooting Tip  |  Experiment with the Bow Hand Grip
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Experiment with the Bow Hand Grip

August 13, 2019

Joe McClane here from with
another Traditional Recurve Archery Tip, the grip. I’m shooting about 50 yards today. It’s been
a while, a couple of weeks, since I’ve shot at any good distance so I’m kicking off the
dust and trying to get some good shot groups down there. But, this brings up a good point,
the bow hand grip can really make success or failure in your shot groups, consistency
in archery. So this is something I’ve learned from Jimmy Blackmon another incredible internet
archer. I link to his channel below and i highly encourage you to check him out if you
haven’t done do already. I like to keep a very open grip on my bow
when I’m shooting. I keep my hand spread wide open. I find that when I grip I pull my bow
away and I will throw my shots off. But when I leave my hand open I just have that positive,
backwards, and along this very straight plane… along your string plane… back to the back
along with a clean release straight back, then I have a lot more accuracy. And, I’m
not throwing my shots nearly as bad right and left. So, even at fifty yards we can get some incredible
shot groups, a lot of accuracy and consistency but, we have to be very consistent in the
shot cycle and that bow hand grip … it plays a really critical component to that. So, you know, In a hunting situation, which
is really what I care about most, these are pretty good shots. They are all generally
in the kill zone. I’m shooting a very specific little target down there and it’s not too
bad at fifty yards. So try that, try, if you haven’t don so already,
open your hand when you shoot and just keep that positive force backwards with your string
leaving your bow hand open and see if that doesn’t help improve your shots and consistency
and accuracy. What works for you? I’d like to learn something
here so if you do something different please leave a comment below and tell me what works
for you, what doesn’t work. If you know of an internet archer that you really love and
respect who has really helped you out, maybe you’re one. Can you leave a comment below
and share your Youtube channel, or their Youtube channel? Because I am always looking for great
instruction, other internet archers so I can improve my skills as a traditional archer. Please do me a favor, subscribe to the channel
and like and share. Help me by helping the community of traditional archery. Praise God
and Amen… I pray that you shoot straight and I hope that you will pray that I shoot
straight. Until next time may God richly bless you!

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  1. Personally, I think this kind of grip is very bad for accuracy. When you release the arrow you will instinctively grab the bow handle to avoid dropping it, this torques the bow and really puts off the shot. Clearly it works for you so there's nothing wrong with it, but I certainly wouldn't teach a beginner like this. Good video though Joe god bless. 

  2. I like your videos you are very informative. Kavanugh and Blackmon are awesome YouTube archers and I had learned a lot from them as well. The only thing that concerns me with your grip is that when you actually do have some broad heads on, you're training your fingers to be very close to the blades. Way too close for me to be comfortable. The camera angle may be deceiving though. I see now that your drawing up past the target and coming down to your aiming point, when did you switch? Are you pulling a heavy draw weight?

  3. couldn't tell what type of glove you are using, but if its leather fingers I can not suggest a better release method than bear hair fingered gloves.
    I tried leather gloves, tabs, bear hair tabs etc, but the smoothest cleanest release I have ever achieved is with a bear hair fingered glove.
    a link to an image below.

    it was only $15 at my local hunting supply shop and my accuracy and consistency skyrocketed due no longer talking/twisting the string or friction on release.
    just wanted to share a tip that has really improved my shots.

    God bless and take care Joe

  4. Hey Joe awesome videos very informative. I have a couple questions (1) what poundage are you shooting at your draw? (2) how heavy are your arrows you use for hunting? Thank you
    New to traditional archery!

  5. Hey Joe awesome videos very informative. I have a couple questions (1) what poundage are you shooting at your draw? (2) how heavy are your arrows you use for hunting? Thank you
    New to traditional archery!

  6. Kia Ora from New Zealand, Joe. I'm brand new to traditional/field archery, just ten days into shooting my Samick SHT at 40#. Watched this video and went outside to try the technique. Within 5 minutes, I put 5 arrows within a dinner plate area. Admittedly this was only at 15 metres but someone else advised me to start and get tight groups at a shorter distance and gradually lengthen it while trying for the same grouping. Will definitely be working through your other stuff for tips that work for me.

  7. Only thing i see wrong with that grip is that you might catch your finger with a broad head. I started shooting like that and I learned by hitting my finger with a vane luckily rather than a blade. The easiest adjustment i know of is just to hold your hand the same way but make a ring with your index finger and thumb without touching the front of the bow. Relaxing your other fingers to lose some of the tension in your hand might also improve consistency.

  8. Was at a competition last week. I started by gripping the bow and I missed my target each time. My coach told me to try it the same way you showed and I made it to first place within a few shooting rounds. This works really well.

  9. Are you shooting instinctively or gap shooting? Are those yardage marks on the riser of your bow? I'm trying to figure out how to shoot at longer distances and still shoot instinctively.

  10. Joe, can you someday make a basics video about proper grip/arm positioning? I have begun shooting recently (by myself, as there is no club or anything around) and was getting a lot of stringslap – wristslap, actually. I had to go through a lot of videos before I found out that it was due to my not gripping the bow properly. And although this is probably very basic, I saw a lot of people around the web complaining from the very same thing, so it would probably make for a popular and much helpful video!
    By the way, I am an absolute an of your videos. Keep them up, by all means!

  11. I never thought you could do open-hand grip without a string. I'll have to try that out next time. I also practice instinctive archery and I'm Roman Catholic. Love your channel.

  12. Hello Joe, you mention Jimmy Blackmon and Jeff Kavanagh quite a bit regarding their archery skills and I fully agree with you, they are internet legends in ability and character but you also do some great videos and come across as a gentleman.  Regarding holding the bow I've tried every possible conceivabe hold and this one you show gives me by far the best accuracy and feels natural too.  Well done and thanks for sharing.

  13. I don't shoot with a full open hand grip but I do have a looser grip shooting my super mag 48. Also it depends on the grip shape and style of the bow. You would definitely want a fuller grip on most longbow grips and primitive bows in general

  14. Hey, I tried this and it helps massively. the only problem I feel so worried about the bow jumping out of my hand it distracts me from focusing on the target, would a wrist sling be a good solution?

  15. I hold the bow with an out word curve with my hand my finger are just touching the bow and my index a thumb are the only ones gripping

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