Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Do you cant the bow or not?
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Do you cant the bow or not?

August 13, 2019

Hi, Joe McClane here from
with another Traditional Recurve Archery Tip. To cant… or not to cant… that’s the question! Recently, I saw on The Traditional Archer
Facebook group a discussion on canting and its effects and why to do it and not to do
it. There was quite a few comments, likes and shares and I thought what a great topic
to produce a little video on. If you have watched any of my videos you know
that I tend to shoot not canted, straight up and down. I have shot many of the styles.
I shoot instinctive, I’ve shot gap, I’ve shot string walking method. I’ve canted, not canted,
and I prefer to shoot straight up and down. And the reason why is because I have found
for me, that I will achieve far more consistency in my shot groups, shooting no cant, than
I have canted. Now, I know a lot of guys will say that they
like to cant their bow because it opens up the shot window and you can see your target
better, and, especially if your shooting with both eyes open, which most instinctive shooters
do, they can then hyper focus on that point that’s down range. And, you sort of, ignore
everything else in the universe, just that one point and you. So they can send their
arrow right at that point, and they find that canting their bow makes that easier to achieve.
And uh, hey I believe em! My personal style, if you have seen some of
my other videos, as you know, is a kind of a combination of several things. I lean heavy
towards the gap shooting. I used to shoot string walking method, which meant I would
move my fingers down the string and depending on the distance to target. But, I have sort
if adapted to this new composite style where I use this little piece of tape on the belly
of my bow that has these little elevation markers. What I do is, I like to hyper focus
on a point at that target and then use this little elevation chart in the peripheral vision.
I don’t focus on it, I don’t really see it all that well, I’m focused on a single point,
just like in instinctive shooting. Then I shoot no cant. But, I can also shoot pure instinctive shooting
where your not focused on anything but that single point. And when I do that, I cant.
Now I also will ah, I will change my shot cycle up, I kind of stand in more of a fighting
stance and then I bring up the tip of my arrow first and then I come to anchor. So it’s slightly
different than the style I shoot when I am not canted. So, you know, at the end of the day heres
what I have to say on wether to cant or not cant…. what works for you. You know, our
body types are different, the way we anchor can be different in many ways. And, ultimately
I think it matters when you find that style of shooting and you’ve developed a very consistent
shot cycle. That’s going to bring you the results that you are after. When you can repeat
that process over, and over, and over again. Your going to find the success that you’re
looking for in archery. So I want to encourage you to ah, you know
to try the various styles. If you shoot canted, shoot not canted… see what it’s like. You
know, maybe your a hunter and your in a ground blind, well your going to cant more just because
of the height issue. Or from a tree stand, your going to cant more because your trying
to overcome some of those elevation issues. But, if your shooting at targets, try them
all. Try canting and not canting. Try instinctive, try the gap method, try finger walking, try
all of it and see what works and what doesn’t work. Find that style and then repeat it over
and over again. So I want to hear from you, do you shoot canted
or not canted? And Why? What’s the benefit? What works for you? I would love to know.
I love it when we have these discussions on these videos because I learn a lot. I have
already got some incredible advice from several viewers on things that I am going to be incorporating
into my own archery, to improve my skills and to achieve what I hope, and the goals
I have set for myself. So I would love to hear from you, if you could subscribe to the
channel, comment like and share below that would be incredible. Do me a favor, pray for me that I shoot straight
because I am praying for you that you shoot straight. Until next time, may God Richly
Bless You!

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  1. Hey joe, I am a traditional shooter with a 45 lb draw weight and a 27 draw length. I use a bear grizzly too. I just want to ask you what type of arrows you would recommend for this bow. I would also like to know what you think of shooting in a backyard. Thanks

  2. Awesome video! I personally cant when shooting a shoot-around handle bow. I prefer to not cant when using a bow that is cut to or past center.

    I really like the tape idea, that's pretty cool!

  3. I don't cant, even when I'm in basement I sit down to hold my bow straight. I always need a method, something to rely on and straight bow gives me the vertical line I need and it's very repeatable. I also get a better alignment that way and better follow trough. So when I miss, I miss with style:-) Personal preference I think.

  4. javier alatorre – I shoot Carbon EXPress Heritage 250's. I would highly recommend that you call 3 Rivers Archery at 866-732-8783… they will tell you exactly what arrows would work best for your particular bow.  As far shooting in the backyard goes… I do it a lot.. this video is an example.  I will say this though. I have placed large pieced of wood and material into a corner, behind my target bag, in order to prevent any arrows from passing out of my yard and endangering anyone else.  It was been working well.  

  5. I have a long bow recurve and im very new to archery, ive never even shot the bow. Are long bows more difficult to use and is there a certain way that makes it easier to shoot?

  6. I like the reference marks on the tape on the bow.  BTW, really not trying to be one of those people that watches a video and criticizes but, what your doing with your index finger on your bow hand (relative to the arrow tip) makes me very nervous.  I would not have my index finger extended past the arrow tip. Lots of bad things can happen.

  7. Glad I found this video. I've been making PVC bows lately and have tried a number of styles and been playing around a lot with can't vs no cant. If the bow is more of a long bow I won't cant, if it is more along a horse bow I do cant. Not sure why it works for me, but it's good to hear someone saying it's personal preference over an absolute archery truth!

  8. im so undecided on the matter. i have gone to shooting a longbow with a very shallow shelf. i was canting and then i wasnt canting and now im back to canting. i was finding great accuracy with no cant but lately i find im shooting about a foot left if i dont cant. even when i go back to my recurve i found i was shooting way left although consistantly left.

  9. Hello. I shoot in the UK with the NFAS. I shoot what we class as a primitive bow and I shoot instinctively. I also shoot an American flatbow (longbow in the USA). I shoot both vertically. I have found that it depends on the fetching arrangement on your arrows. I shoot "cock up" and it works better without a cant. If I shoot recurve with "cock out" I find that canting is better.I don't gap shoot at all, just instinctive so the shooting window doesn't matter to me.Great video. God bless and I pray that your arrows and your life in general goes pointy end first!

  10. Dude you're shooting with an open hand like olympic recurve, then catch the bow afterwards. Just info. No, really, wtf? Sorry,. Was im Gottes Himmel?

  11. Isnt canting to offset the arrow not being in the middle of the bow though? Doesnt really make sense on a bow with a centre shelf

  12. God Bless and thank you for the tip on canting or not canting. I see the video is a year old and haven't seen any new ones. But, I'll give my question a try. I'm just starting out in archery. lots to learn. We did this in school when I was in high school and believe me it's been many years ago. I thought it would be a fun sport. Good way to be in the outdoors. My questions are: where to buy, what pound and length, I'm only 5'4" not tall at all and not of slender nature and how much should I spend? I've seen bows from $100 on up. I prefer the good mother earth models not any of the weird crazy contraptions they have out there. So I guess with that I wouldn't have to be putting out a lot of money. It's only for leisure, but if I find I want to join a club and have some fun maybe a little bit better bow.

  13. Good video. I've had a shoulder surgery and the canting method allows my pulling shoulder to get into a position that doesn't cause pain. I agree that different methods will work better for different people depending on body type, injuries, etc. I shoot pretty good with the canting method ( hit paper plates consistently up to 30 yards).

  14. Hi Joe, I started archery with a recurve close to a year ago. And I started with the cant I was having very bad groups. . Getting very frustrating so I seen a few videos of the stait up and down way of shooting . And I could not believe how much closer my groups got. So god bless you and all fellow people who enjoy archery. Really enjoy your videos.

  15. believe it or not it's kinda funny you asked that I cant when I'm down on one knee and shooting and I don't cant when I'm standing up so both work for me

  16. I like to cant when shooting long distance . I sight with the arrow only when canting my bow. I line the arrow up with the target and I don't use any references on the bow , I concentrate on an imaginary vertical line threw the target and move the arrow tip up and down the vertical line for distance and elevation . Lining my arm up with good form to my torso is important ,because if not I will get nice groups ,but not in the bulls eye but in the upper right to the bulls eye .

  17. Hi, At 2:10 in your video (Which is great by the way) I noticed the arrow rug on your bow. Just wondering what kind it is? it look like it would hold the arrow in the gap really well without affecting arrow paradox on release.

  18. paradox is a real factor. to remove it with a no shelf bow cant the bow until the arrow aligns. 45 degrees is ideal. for a bow with a shelf there is no paradox or very little depending on the cut. so best hold a recurve vertical and shot gun it. some recurves will shoot so right that a reverse cant will correct the shooting right problem, so will stiffer arrows or building the shelf out.
    it's not that i won't it's just that i can't. if god won't help ya i will. pray for me. have fun and take care gare

  19. First of all, I really appreciate you takin' the time to record, edit, process, & upload your video series. There's a good bit of work that goes into making these videos, & your time & work is appreciated!!
    I've noticed that since I began canting my recurve, my release has gotten really "sketchy". I have a broken right wrist from my old motocross racing days. I figured since I was tilting the bow, I need to twist ny wrist to try to keep my fingers in the same plane as the bowstring. With a somewhat "less than flexible wrist", it means that I need to twist my entire forearm, and makes keeping my elbow in a straight line position really tough. I feel like my anchor point is inconsistent, and the follow through/second anchor point is also.
    I have more "good days" & "bad days" with my release & shot groups when canting. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this????

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