Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Breathing can it affect accuracy?
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | Breathing can it affect accuracy?

August 16, 2019

Joe McClane here from with
another Traditional Recurve Archery tip, the breathing technique. It’s been just about a week since I’ve slung
any arrows, so I’m really rusty and I thought on this beautiful day to come out here and
try to sling some arrows down range and kick off the dust; you know? Every once in a while you just have to do
that. I have been super busy and its just not worked for me. So I am going to throw
some arrows down at this nerf ball target down there it’s about 35 yards away. I thought
while I’m doing that, I’m going to share another technique that I use to help me improve my
skills in archery, and that is the breathing technique. I served in the US Marine Corps back in the
early nineties, and one of the techniques we learned on the rifle range was to exhale
prior to squeezing that trigger. I use that same technique in slinging arrows, and it
really works to help steady that final draw back to anchor and release on to target. I
thought I would share that with you. I would love to know, what do you do?How do
you incorporate into your shot cycles? Maybe you can comment below and share something
that your doing that works? So let’s sling some arrows and see how it goes. Really high… see I told ya… it’s not been
going well. That is a little better. It’s tough, you know when you don’t shoot for several
days, it can catch up to ya. But, I’ll take that one! Ah… I could feel that one going left before
it even left the bow. You ever do that? You ever feel the shots go bad before you even
release? Well that’s archery for you, right? Well I was trying to exaggerate my breathing
a little bit so it can be picked up on camera better but, generally I like to kind of release
when I’m at my anchor, and then breath when I get back to here. So try that, if that helps,
and see if that makes any difference in your steadiness in archery. I have to be honest,
that last shot was terrible. Well there you go, that’s what I get for not shooting for
several days. Again, what works for you? Share, like, comment
below… the techniques that you use to improve your archery skills. As traditional archers,
when we come together as a community, we can really help each other out. Praise God and Amen. Do me a favor comment,
like and share and subscribe to the channel, that really helps me personally. I’m praying
for you, I hope that you shoot straight. I hope that you pray for me, that I may shoot
straight. And if I don’t talk to you sooner, Merry Christmas to you, may God Richly Bless
You. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Hey Joe!
    thanks for another update video, always a joy to watch.

    by breathing cycle is

    draw – breath in through the nose
    anchor – begin very soft and slow steady exhale
    release – during mid exhale not after
                 (I feel more stable during the exhale than I do at end)

    it felt you let out too much air too fast during your exhale (for me at least)

    but hey, if you are hitting vitals consistently with what works for you, DON'T let anyone tell you different.
    I shoot instinctive howard hill/fred bear style mixed in with some personal tweaks.
    I dont have much time lately but I am planning on uploading videos after january.

    mainly sharing everything I do/know and personal progression vlog to share with other archers.

    would be nice to do a collaborative chalange once a month or every 2 weeks.
    any way hope you try out my breath cycle and see how it works out for you.

    thanks again and God bless.

  2. Hi Joe, I've watched a couple of your tips now and I'll be sure to watch the rest over the next couple of days. Thanks. I thought about breathing and the shot cycle after hearing some blokes talking about rifle shooting and exhaling before taking the shot. My thinking is that when excessing you tend to exhale on the power stroke. So I inhale as I size up the target, then exhale as I draw to my anchor, then hold my breath steady as I loose. When it comes together it feels right. I've gone through a patch where pinching the arrow has been a problem. Any tips on eliminated the frustrating pinch? Thanks again for your videos. Pax vobiscum, Paula.

  3. My arrow are on the right side it is more precise that how I hit the target that a hint for you guys you can increase fire rate and precise

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