Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | A practice routine will significantly improve your consistency
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Traditional Archery Shooting Tip | A practice routine will significantly improve your consistency

August 9, 2019

Hey, Joe McClane here from
with another Traditional Recurve Archery Tip… practice. Hey, I just hit that ball at 55 yards away.
It’s pretty impressive, unfortunately I didn’t have a camera set up, so I’m going to show
you a picture of me hitting that ball right now. It’s been at least a month since I’ve
been out here, shooting at any distance. You know, I’m very fortunate I’ve got this big
retaining ditch that I have in my neighborhood, that when it’s dry I can actually shoot over
a hundred yards if I want to but, typically I shoot within 70 yards. There is a little berm down there and I’ve
got a NERF ball down there that I shoot at. I love shooting at distance. It build confidence,
and ah, when your trying to hunt at say 30 yards shooting at 50-60 yards plus really
builds that confidence, helps you to fine tune your shot cycle, pay better attention,
and lock it in. Like I said, it’s been over a month since
I’ve been out here so I get what I expected… not awesome groups but, I have hit that ball
several times. So I praise God for that. My tip is “practice” you know… what I mean
by that is, it’s my practice that I don’t finish my practice session until I’ve gotten
a decent group. Until I’ve achieved what I’ve been out here to achieve. If I don’t get that
I just keep plugging away. I mean, nine times out of ten I will stick to it until I’ve gotten
a decent group. Now at this distance, 55 yards, you know,
I’m not going to get a super tight group. What I’m going to get is something within
a “pie plate” that’s what I’m looking for. Something within a “pie plate” around that
NERF ball I would consider a very good group at that distance and I would be very pleased
with that. Now, I think I have achieved that for today, I’ve been shooting video and I’ll
show that to ya but, I want to send some more arrows down range for you while I’m talking. I wonder, is that your practice? When you
shoot, do you shoot until you get something good? You know, what ever you determine that
might be? How do you practice? What is your procedure if you will? I love hearing from
archers all over the world, because we all shoot very similar to one another but, all
have our different quarks. So I would love to know, if you could comment below, how do
you practice? What kind of standards do you set for yourself
when you go out to shoot? Like I said, I kind of picked this up and stole this from a guy
names Cameron Hanes, who is a compound archer. He’s got a very popular YouTube channel, you
have probably heard of him. I’ll link to him below but, he’s a hunter and an athlete really.
He’s always said, he doesn’t quit his practice until he ends on a high note. He’s got that
super tight group. Now in compound with sights it’s pretty easy to achieve when you really
set your mind to it. A lot harder in traditional archery with no sights but, it can be done. So, as I said, at 55 yards I’m not going to
hold my feet to a high standard, you know, I’m not going to hold myself to a high standard.
I’m going to give myself some wiggle room here. I’m just looking for something within
about that big. I’m not doing too bad, If I came out here more often I’d probably have
a much tighter group at this distance. But, I’m pretty impressed for my practice today. To me this is ending on a high note. Well,
if you don’t belong to an archery group online, I want to encourage you to join a group, there
are several on both Google+ as well as Facebook that are really engaged groups. You can learn
a lot and you can share a lot because, honestly, as a traditional archer… we’ve got a lot
to share with each other and we should be doing that. Yeah, I’m pretty happy with that group down
there… not awesome but, not bad either. So God is Good! Well, that’s my tip for you
today. When you practice end on a high note. If you do that, I’d love to hear from you,
if you don’t do that I’d love to hear from what you do do. Leave a comment below, like
the video, share the video, and if you haven’t already subscribe. We’ve gotten a lot of incredible subscribers
to the video in the last month and I’m really happy about that, so thank you very much.
As always, I pray for you, that you shoot straight and I hope you’ll pray for me that
I shoot straight. And until next time, may God Richly BLess You!

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  1. I got into Archery around one year ago. I shoot a beginners 64/68 20pound takedown-recurve bow.
    At the moment it is all about the attitude and mindset. I try to end with a certain confidence in shots.
    It mustn´t be a high note, but more a certain self-confidence.

  2. trying to hit a specific spot at the club at 18m. usually with 3 arrows untill im getting tired, then i try to finish with a good shot. at home i try to get 3 arrows in a 2inch ring at 5m, so far i manage 2 in and 1 just outside lol 

  3. Hi Joe!

    I practice archery to about a year, I have a 28 pound recurve and I'm brazilian 🙂

    First of all, your videos helped me a lot, correcting some things and learn new things about archery, thanks for that.

    To answer your question, I do that too, always end on a high score.

    I started to record and share some of my trainings, if you wanna look I have a few videos on my Youtube Channel/Profile.

  4. btw Joe, just noticed something on your vid.. looks like your arrows bend when you are at full draw. optical ilusion or finger tension? 

  5. I practice usually at 40 yards. I want my arrows to be grouping in a circle with a diameter of 6 inches, then bringing down the group to the reds and the golds, and do this for at least 10 times, that's the least.

  6. Honestly, I'm just learning. so if I can get all arrows on the target I'm happy.  I've been in an archery club since Jan and only have a 30lb Bear recurve youth bow.  I'm looking for a better one but wanted to be sure I like it before investing in a bow.  I'm leaning towards traditional archery and always happy to accept advice.

  7. Hi! Good archery channel. Interesting method and many interesting things. Thanks for your videos. I'm shooting about two years, very like longbow and traditional wood arrow. I always ending my training wen I tired and can't doing what I should. Hi from Ukraine 🙂

  8. Hey Joe, your video was great and I'd like to share my archery ritual when I practice. I work with 12 arrows and set my target a mere 20yards away. Once I take aim and shoot, if my arrow hits the target in a respectable area….I will leave that arrow in the target. If I shoot an arrow and it is off target, I will then run to retrieve the arrow and shoot it once again until I am satisfied with the results. By the time I have shot ALL 12 arrows……I am worn out from running back and forth. LOL

  9. I have a tendency to over do it. I usually work to a tight grouping like you said in the video, however I then continue until I reach exhaustion and my grouping starts to decline. I also start at 15 yards change my distance each round. something like 15, 20, 25, 20 25, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and then 20 yards. changing distances help me stay reading for the unpredictable hunting shot.

  10. awesome man im getting a samick sage should have me hands on it in a few days im keens as and your videos help heaps man

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