Toy Hunt Vlog & Haul – DC Multiverse, Marvel Legends, NECA, Fortnite, Funko, FNAF, Disney & More!!!
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Toy Hunt Vlog & Haul – DC Multiverse, Marvel Legends, NECA, Fortnite, Funko, FNAF, Disney & More!!!

February 24, 2020

hey guys mio supersorrell thank you very
much cheering and so today we going shopping I’m bringing you guys along
make sure you stay to the end of the video for the whole thing the whole of
the stuff that we’ve got today yeah I know I’m saying that was well fluffed up
but I don’t care staining stick to the end of the video for all of goodies that
we’ve bought today cuz I’m sure we’ll buy some of them we’re gonna be checking
out game because I’ve got some reports of some cool stuff appearing there I’m
going to Smith’s tall because I need to check their Disney’s dogs and these
check that I’m also be checking out Sainsbury’s cex and all the usual
goodness so come along with us for the ride as we go toy hunting here in the UK
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for watching let’s get on with today’s video let’s go toyou dude alright guys
so we are here we are in Smiths as you can see in the top right of the corner
of the screen I have included the logo that will be there for each shop that we
visit guys so you guys can always have a view of where we are so hope that does
help you but they have lots of new pops in today including this new pink troll
and it’s not from the trolls movie like I once thought it’s just good luck
trolls there’s also as a different colors including blue pink orange and
rainbow I do like the orange when it does feel very nostalgic and classic
they especially cuz it’s not really in the Funko style it’s in the traditional
style of the trolls so I kind of like those and I might even pick one up well
they’re not today I’ve seen they have a bunch of the bigger pups on display
today and I still got that Harley Quinn in stock Deadpool exclusive in stock
Sabrina still not going anywhere they exclusive one she’s still firmly holding
her dollar I wish they would drop that in price if we could all pick it up pili
there as well he’s not a traditional Funko so he looks pretty cool as well
Darkseid ray here as well in store yeah that appeal is kind of nice because he’s
not a traditional Funko and they’ve got these awesome vehicles diecast vehicles
that come with little figures we’ve got the Ghostbusters and speaking of
Ghostbusters at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
big Funko but they’ve also got Deadpool’s taxi and they also have a
couple of others coming from a fast and furious line that should be in stores
very soon I saw them at London Toy Fair then months of the fortnight series by
Jazwares and McFarlane’s and they have some nice and new cool stuff in stock
including the new four-inch line a bunch of new legendary series ones including
pilla himself but I’m still not picking pili up just yet because there’s
something better on the shells they have the battle hound as well as pretty cool
as well as the gliders now for the forage line they’re pretty cool but they
are ten pounds each they are a little bit expensive so I’m not picking those
up as of yet but look what they do have here on the shelf and I am grabbing one
of these today it is a Ragnarok I’ve been wanting this figure for so long and
I’m so glad to finally have it then we have the spin masters DC Batmobile here
in Smith this is the four inch figure line one but I’m holding out for that
multiverse series one so I’m gonna skip this for now
they now have king shark to pack in stock as well which come to the armor
and all the five nights at Freddy’s stuff is back in stock along with the
large superhero Marvel figures and we’ve also
got Dragonball Z in Maya Smith now I haven’t seen Dragonball Z in this
Smith’s for a long time so it’s nice to see it finally come back including a
three pack here amongst many other things so yeah definitely worth picking
up if you’re a Dragonball Z fun the prices are okay as well yeah and in the
white row shopping centre here in Leeds they’ve also got a Nickelodeon brickle
then going on which includes the paw patrol and here we are in Disney Store
and we finally get up close look at the animators version of Pocahontas such a
nice figure I really like how this looks out of the box he’s very nice if you
push the stomach of the dollar’s well it does light up so missus superstars gonna
give that a little push for us and there she goes she does sing as well we
couldn’t hear the singing in star due to the loud music but I believe she is
singing colors of the wind and obviously there’s winds change color
on her dress so that’s a very cool idea back onto the brick live now and the
shimmer and shine outside one of the shops here as well very cute and they
also have the cat that ship there’s the cat and the London the shimmer and shine
and so I’ve the friend as among us a busy monkey I can remember but the other
do have the flying carpet there as well so that’s pretty cool and into game star
now and they have a bunch of awesome figures here and a lot of pop pops for
the Sheep all on sale so definitely worth grabbing if you’re a fan and then
here with a regular line of pops which now includes the gladiator maximus and
they’ve got the Mandalorian second wave of pops in so they’re all very cool a
lot people are picking these up and the Mulan live-action that pops are fully in
stock now as well so there’s some really cool new Funko’s in stock for $12.99 up
a very cool indeed I look at this fortieth Empire Strikes Back Dagobah
Yoda with hoods $34.99 a little bit expensive side but I could pick that up
and move on riding car as well looks pretty cool they are very nice pop
vinyls but I’m not sure if I’m grabbing and he pops today but they’re definitely
worth looking at Hey look is that George Clooney Batman I think it is that’s the
George Clooney Batman if I remember rightly the Warhammer pops are getting
good as well that was what I’m really liking how they look but if I’m gonna
get anyone next it’s gonna be the armor if I’m under from under Lorien cuz she
was awesome I really like that character we have some very nice pops in game and
our final little look at brick live is guy so let’s go back to the main come
guys and finish off today’s video oh it’s time for another weekly all with me
that with her all and we’re gonna go through the awesome stuff we’ve got a
review coming up on the channel I’m keen more stuff recently that I can keep up
with again I’ve got a pile going again I swore I’d never have a pilot it’s
growing and it’s then two places and I can’t keep up I’m gonna pile light in
the last year either way it’s just gonna be overflowing but guys we’ve got a
bunch of new stuff the first thing I want to show you guys so I’m not sure
how many of you checked out my vlog from the con con that I went to but I did
actually was able to find these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures based on the
original client book renderings now we know that these RKOs they are knockoffs
and but they are replicas necker’s basically and we know the thing because
of all those because of how the package did stuff like that i on the way to look
but these fingers are really cool anyway and i’ve been dying to get these these
were only 15 pounds each if you were to buy these proper that would cost you
over a hundred pounds apiece so 15 quid for a set of Kos are fine for me they’re
just as good as the neck as the neck originals 15 pounds like I said this was
from Corvis moon and I’ve got all of them I’ve got who we got here we’ve got
Leonardo Raphael Donatello and Mikey Michelangelo I believe from what I
understand the only reason they got given the colors were so the kids had
some way of knowing which turtle was which and that meant standing anyway and
the people who made the car too and gave them the colors that we now know and
reppin represent with the turtles to this day back in the original they were
all just read the comic book was from rather the court was grayscale
originally wasn’t it with just hints of green and red and stuff in
so I’ve got those review guys to let me know in the comments if you want to seem
to review those alright guys next up how to pick it up for
Valentine’s Day my wife got me a copy of Joker so we have got a copy of that too
sittin rewatch I’m gonna be sittin rewash that this afternoon while editing
this video I’m dying to be watching this it’s such a good movie such a good take
on the character so yeah it’s definitely worth picking up and I believe it’s just
want a bunch of Academy Awards and Oscars and stuff so definitely check
that out great movie alright guys on to the comics and
cocktails comics and cocktails we managed to get from them these awesome
writer series figures we have Squirrel Girl I’ll be reviewing her first out of
the Ryder series and then we’ve also got the cosmic Ghost Rider finally go ahead
so very happy to have those in the collection we just pile these up over
here we also got Harley Quinn from comics and cocktails this is the new
McFarland’s arranged version and I put this on Instagram the other day but it
says each figure comes with a collectible trading card now you can see
this is traditional Holly and she comes with the traditional Harley card which
is represented here on the back now if you look down below there is a bunch of
other characters so we have arrow which we know arrows coming the bat Raptor
which I’ve also got and which all gonna be game the Superman unchained armor
again we know that’s coming and Batman we know he’s coming there is a birds of
prey Harley Quinn there so each of these trading cards go with a figure that they
represent in the series like this one so it’s not that this Trading Card ism is
just going to be available the figure is gonna be
available guys so we are gonna be getting a Harlequin birds of prey figure
very soon I believe ye news international did pull up the SKU and
the deep CPI number as he called they did put those up and so go check them
out on toy news international and then went to Smith’s today guys as you saw in
the video and they finally had in this bad guy which is Ragnarok the Cold
Harbor in ur of fate 38 points of articulation and you can dress him up in
his armor as he gained levels so includes the one six inch figure with 17
accessories this was $29.99 so it was a little bit more of an expensive side
than the other packs but it’s definitely worth it because of the amount of
accessories and pieces we gain here I mean look at there’s like three or four
different heads here to use and there’s all the different back pieces the armor
plate there comes with the nice boots and stuff so I don’t even plus the
original ones he’s already wearing he comes in the Cape as well which looks to
be a cloth cape and he’s got different hands and things we can use he also
comes with a couple of weapons and yeah this is just a great finger and I’m
hoping to choose to do this with more of the legendary series because if this is
just testing the waters how cool would it be to get like drift and all these
variations or you know a dark bomber you know in all the different variations of
hair and stuff like that it would be awesome so very excited to see that guys
I’ve finally got this is available in the UK right now at Smith’s wasn’t on
Smith’s website either by the way because I checked this website this
morning for going now and I almost didn’t go out today I was on an errand
about it for hours and it’s same with these because game has started stocking
McFarland’s figures for a little while they have been stocking the Marvel
Legends spirit series figures and they’ve now started stocking McFarland’s
range now these were a little bit more expensive I think
then why probably could have gotten four online but they were readily available
in store so we had at Nightwing which came with the last piece to build the
Batmobile because I have already got the Batman who laughs and Batgirl they’re
coming from comics and cocktail this week so I needed the final piece to
build the back of the Batmobile so I picked up Nightwing I’ll be reviewing
him and he will be up for sale guys because I don’t want to keep him in my
collection I just want him for the nature of bath piece so he will be up
for grabs and by the way these are distributed in the UK by Bandai just to
let you know there’s a nice big sticker on the back that states that these are
officially distributed by Bandai here in the UK so that could be why we see them
in game stock because games I do have a lot of bun byproducts these days and
also we’ve got the DC Multiverse Batman which is the hell back suit I couldn’t
resist getting this again on the back in the state that we are getting Green
Lantern I believe that the hull Jordan Green Lantern along with the Batman
animated version green arrows coming ooh yeah I’ve got the hell bat suits so I
couldn’t resist good night and that’s some serious weight to this figure
there’s no actual and buff beating this is just the bat the Batman figure
against the hell bat suit and this one it was 2299 but why this one was more
expensive and also from damn does I couldn’t resist rubbing me while I was
here so I did get the Detective Comics number 1000 Batman look the pieces on
the back with Joker I’m hoping we get this Joker in the series very soon to go
with my Batman there was also the animated series Batman for our ones of
this one because I’ve already got a lot you know the animated series stuff I
like but I’m gonna be keeping on because the DC collectible line that does the
animated series figures will continue they would never Mattel or anything so
I’m gonna stick with the animated figures with the DC collectibles lines
it continues in the style that I’ve always been in however I thought I would
grab another this comic book version of Batman because I’m going to need him he
was $19.99 for that box and I say I need him because I couldn’t resist rubbing
this for this price I got the bat Raptor trim to ride on and this was only $24.99
I know that in a few weeks this is gonna be going up in price if you can even
still find this the only supermarket where the only place in the UK that I
have seen these being stocked he’s game via some of the figures are
being listed right now on Smith’s website will they expect the figures to
come to their stars for a proffer around Easter time so that’s a little bit of a
while off yet so $25.99 to have it right now I’m happy with that
I do believe comics and cocktails do have some of these on pre-order I just
didn’t have them physically pre-ordered and I haven’t seen these ones arrived in
the UK yet by then so far I believe comics and cocktails have just got the
the first wave so they’ve got the animated Batman animated Superman I
believe Harley Quinn and then they’ve just I just have to pay up the other day
for the joke the Joker sorry the throwback on who laughs and back though
so they’re coming any time now so as soon as they arrive as well I’ll give
you an update so yes the piles are growing guys let me show you I’ve got a
nice big hefty pile going down there and I’ve got that big pile going on down
there somewhere all right so much to review in the so little claim
I might just have to start cranking out reviews and just you know screw the
YouTube algorithm and just try and get as many videos online as humanly
possible in the next month cuz we’ve got Black Widow coming out and we
onward from Pixar we’ve got the rest of that merge to come all the rest of the
Mulan merge to arrive I’m still waiting on some stuff from Toy Fair in London
that I made some deals with so we should have some more stuff coming as well in
the near future so stick around it’s gonna be awesome
all the chocolate you’ve got a lot of cool content as you’ve just seen I’ve
still got my custom content that I’m still cranking out I’m still recording
right now at the time of recording you can see these bad boys down here we’ve
got my new Punisher and I’m working on some my own version of The Stepford
cuckoos so all that to come on my journey into customization series that
I’ve been doing and the next version the next one of that should be up in a few
days if you haven’t already checked out my Wolverine and cryo chamber review got
that what’s on my computer rush if you can see that I’m saying the camera round
think that got it oh yeah I’m doing my Wolverine right now and the Weapon X
creme burr I’ve just put that review on today so check that out yes
guys I want to thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this review
if you did and you’re not subscribed and you can’t wait to see this content make
sure you smash that subscribe button so you don’t miss any of my future videos
as always guys give it a thumbs up down below it really helps out YouTube really
likes it when you hit that like one for me and as always guys thank you very
much for watching I’ll see you in the next video may the force be with you

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