Touhou How To : Multiplayer with 2 keyboards on same PC
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Touhou How To : Multiplayer with 2 keyboards on same PC

September 15, 2019

hey there everyone, I kind of want to show off
a little something on how to get 2 keyboards to work for 2 players on a
single PC for just about any Touhou multiplayer game. Something I haven’t quite
heard anyone accomplish and I’m here to finally shed some light on how it all
comes down to a new program I found called keyboard splitter and I’ll leave
any download links in the description below for you to download. okay so first
things first if you’re running Windows 7 or an older OS you’re gonna have to
download the 360 controller drivers if you have Windows 8 or 10 you probably
don’t have to worry about this so once that’s done just go ahead and make a new
folder name it keyboard splitter or something like that download the archive
that I put down in the description into the new folder and just extract the
files from there and you can just delete the archive afterwards once you’re done.
so open keyboard splitter for the first time
and this is just a one-time thing it’s gonna ask you to download I’m gonna
excuse me install some drivers in there just keep on hitting yes or ok
whatever shows up a few times I have my windows in another monitor so that’s
why you’re seeing me drag constantly drag all those windows but yeah just
keep on clicking okay and then once you get to a point where it’ll ask you to
reboot just hit yes and come back once you’re done resetting your PC so now
that you research your PC you should be able to launch keyboard splitter normally
from here on in, so go ahead and open it and the first thing you’re
probably gonna want to do is on the left side of the window on the slot count
you’re gonna change your gonna change that to 1 and keep the block chosen
keyboards check so what that does is basically just keep that keyboard in
check once you start the emulation so next thing you’re gonna do from here on
in is make detect the keyboard that you want emulated so click on the little box
right there and just press any key on the keyboard that you want to emulate it
so next this is where the presets come in you could be able to select any of
the Touhou presets that I made that was included in the archive earlier and what
those presets contain is basically just the defaults you can just change
whatever you want from there if you really want to if not if you’re used to
just using the default keys go ahead and just keep it as is and don’t forget to
uncheck the bind button A to keyboard because what that’ll do is
sometimes count you know, A and Enter as one key if you hit enter so
yeah go ahead and start the emulation and from there on in you could you’re
free to open up the game that you want also I’m right here I’m basically just
testing out the inputs while I’m waiting for the game to load so once I get that
to load okay so here all we have to do is just go to profile and I already
made a new profile for myself just to test out the keyboard config for the
emulated game pattern where they emulate yea for the emulator gamepad so you
could just select it and just map that as you would normally
so you see on the right on the bottom right all those inputs are made from my
second keyboard while the keyboard overlay you see on the bottom left
that’s essentially my normal keyboard that I have connected to the PC so
they are now detected separately and here on in, I’m just basically just
getting a feel for both keyboards and the emulated keyboard and Here I am just
testing the lag by just pressing both keyboards as close to the same time as
possible and I don’t really seem to notice any noticeable lag between the
two so this is a fair warning I’m not a dedicated keyboard player so I’m just
trying to test inputs as best as humanly possible so just a fair warning but yeah
every thing I’ve done it seems okay I’m able to do some confirms here and there
and yeah that just pretty much covers the demonstration part oh and one more thing make sure once you
change from one game to another to make sure you stop – and then change your
preset from there also of you need to like I said before change a key bind for the
emulated preset just click on the little box right next to it and then just press
a button then you’re good to go just make sure to save it before moving on

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  1. Im looking to connect 2 keyboards to dolphin emulator and when i press a button lets say arroykeys on one keyboard, i want it to not enter fear with the other keyboard's arrowkeys. is this possible?

  2. Damn It!! U just saved me! Now i can play Naruto Ultimate 4, multiplayer with my friends using the same keyboard settings!! Thanks so much!!

  3. Bro error message displayed ( the program can not start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer)

  4. Would you be able to use this with a duel monitor setup to play two seperate games at the same time? I'm curious because I would like to find a way for my friends to play games while I also play a different game.

  5. OMG !! Thanks a Lot Man. This is working PERFECTLY !! OH WOW. Now i am playing games with my brother. I hope you get 1M subscribers 1 Day. Thanks

  6. my laptop cant detect my usb mouse and keyboard after installing the app. please help me solve this

  7. hell yeah !! though, really i suffered modifying key bindings but i got it yeaaaaaaaaaah !! the best !! fuck controllers man !! keyboards are the best

  8. Thank you very much. Today I did your instructions step by step and success! You're the best.)))

  9. bro i have xbox 360 controler can i use One keyboard and Xbox 360 for multiplyaer in fifa 18 and teekn 7
    Should i install Xbxo 360 drivers or spilter

  10. how do i play versus mode on ultimate marvel vs capcom 3? when i press enter (start) with the 2nd keyboard the game thinks its my 1st keyboard

  11. Dude, I know it's been 2 years but .. you rock. This is ON POINT , great tutorial, links still working, I'm able to play Tekken & Ford Racing 3 against my gf using two keyboards (1 usb and the other one PS2 on win7)

  12. The program says that I created 5 virtual gamepads, but it doesnt even make sense, cause the maximum of gamepads is 4!
    "Virtual controllers (bus) error occured: The slots count (1) is different from the created virtual gamepads count (5)! Please restart de application. If the problem persists, restart your PC."
    I Already did these 2 things and nothing changed..

  13. My problem is I can't use kbm and controller that the same time when I play fallout new Vegas. I have 2 unplug the controller just 2 type a console command.

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