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February 26, 2020

Hi there! You’ve cooked a lot food Yeah, let’s eat! Time for tacos, on a wednesday. You can eat tacos any day of the week What are our types of tacos? To be honest, this right here is the only important ingredient. Garlic Sauce. Yeah, it’s creme fraiche with garlic, salt and pepper. Lettuce Red onion, cheese, tomatoes Banana Onion This one is important to me Hot Taco Sauce Yummy Cucumber Jalapeños They’re nice No they’re not Cheese tortilla chips I’m doing hard shells, while Emelie’s going for tortillas. I don’t like tortillas And finally we have some ground moose That’s how our taco table looks. Yummy! Do we usually have avocados? Rarely I was planning on buying some today, but they weren’t ripe. Typical swedish taco If you have any weird taco tips, you can leave a comment down below Now we’re headed to Östersund. The bags are packed. Today’s Friday Emelie is staying, because she will be following the races in Östersund A short visit Are you studying? Yup. Respiration What? Respiration What’s that about? Lungs, air and air-pressure Air-pressure? Yeah What does that have to do with physiology? That’s for meteorologi. No, not really It has to do with your lungs Well, I should be going then. Let’s go to Östersund! It’s not that cold outside 11:15 So I will arrive around lunch time, and then we’re going to do ski test and have a feel of the tracks. So let’s go and get this tour underway. Here is where we’ll stay, Scandic Hotel. It barely takes an hour from Åsarna to here, so i’ts nice to have a WC race so close to home. Usually you have to travel first thing Thursday morning. This time I left home Friday just before lunch time. Which is really nice. The bus. Yo! Look at those arms. We’re currently at Östersund Ski Stadium This is were it is going down tomorrow. Hopefully a lot of people At least the weather is nice today. Lovely Time for testing That’s right! Decent tracks It’s a pretty demanding course It’s a 5 km lap And for the Pursuit, it’s 3.75 km Promising First time I’ve been in Östersund when it’s not windy. There’s the final climb Before you’re headed down to the stadium Get rid of the backpack! Some sort of advertisement It looks like you’re going to school Those arms are just incredible! They’re so huge! What’s their circumference? Wait! I just had an amazing idea for a competition. I’m going to give away a pair of glasses and to participate they’re going to have to guess the circumference of your biceps. The closest guess wins Clever right? I’ll talk more about this later on in the vlog Im going to do some press. It’s standard before WC races. Aftonbladet, Expressen and SVT All your standrad news outlets have questions for us skiers. This is where I live You can probably guess who i’m sharing the room with. Daniel, of course. This is where we are staying until we leave for Åre. Let’s go then. Are we supposed to have our own ones? I don’t think we are. Stylish! What does it say on mine? Nothing. Can we switch then perhaps? The ladies ones are over there, Moa… A lot of reporters Jakob Hård Victor Thorn, comeback! Nice to see you back in the WC. Nice to have a camera shoved in my face. We have both had back treatments. Well I had surgery twice, you only had it once. You always have outdo me, don’t you. Here we have Tv 2, who are doing a story on mine and Kläbos Vlogs. Interesting Make sure to watch it on Tv 2 There’s Finn Haugen Who I predict will win tomorrow. Norway on that side and Sweden on this side. Goodmorning! It’s Saturday. Today the tour will begin. 15 km Skate, individual start. Late start. My start time is 16:30 It’s currently a bit past 10 in the morning I’m out on a jog, to make sure my body stays alert. My body feels fine. So hopefully it will be a good day. I’m ready to rumble. 13 minutes left Let’s see how we do. It’s sunday and a new day. 15 km Pursuit next up. I was very dissapointed yesterday So I didn’t record any footage. My body felt great yesterday, but it didn’t result in more than 20th place. But it’s at least pretty tight today, so hopefully I can advance in position quite a bit. I’m at least very excited for todays race. 15 km Classical Pursuit Nice weather. Very! That’s the first two legs of the tour done I advanced one position in today’s race, but I had hoped for more. I couldn’t manage to latch on to Niskanen when he went for it. Unfortunately I give the start to the tour 3/5 I had hoped for a lot better results , but it is what it is. Tomorrow’s rest day. I’m doing an easier session tomorrow here in Östersund, and then we’re headed with the train to Åre sometime in the afternoon. I was talking about a competition earlier. Which had the purpose of setteling who gets these goggles. Bliz have released a new lens. It’s called Nordic Light It gives you better sight in low light and whiteout environments I raced with them this weekend, and I like them a lot. If you want to win a pair of Bliz Goggles You have to guess the circumference of Mattias Nilsson’s Biceps The incredibly large ones. We’re going to measure them and all you have to do is to leave your guess in the form of a comment. Answer in Centimeters And I will pick a winner next week. The closest one will win, or if we have multiple correct answers, I will pick one at random Leave a comment with your guess of the circumference of Mattias Nilsson’s biceps and you will have the chance to win a pair of these. Now I’m going to edit the vlog. I’ll see you in next weeks vlog. Featuring the rest of the tour, which will end in Trondheim. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! I would appreciate that. See you!

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