Tottenham 1-1 Sheffield United – Mauricio Pochettino FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles
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Tottenham 1-1 Sheffield United – Mauricio Pochettino FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles

November 19, 2019

I think you can see that yes we need to find the balance we are building a team during the season competing in Champions League and competing in Premier League the most toughest League in the world and that always is dangerous because this type of situation can happen you expect better result but you don’t get and of course we are in the process to build we’ll see if we have time to build what we want Of course it’s impossible to be happy and you feel disappointed of course Performance I think was an even game when you assess the game overall I think was a fair result I think they deserved the point they were better for the first half second half I think we were better I think we start the game I think not well I think it was a little bit strange the situation of Tanguy Ndombele that never feel comfortable on game maybe that affect a little with the team and we arrive to the first half and okay we change for Harry Winks and then we play better and of course disappointed because we knew that we are going to find a team that we’re going to be aggressive and very energetic team well organised I think it’s the worst opponent that you can have when you come from to play Wednesday from the Champions League and a very long wait but yes of course disappointed because in the moment that you broke down them 1-0 for us in the second half not keep that advantage or maybe to scored the second goal because we have found some chances when we in that moment we were dominating the game yes you feel so disappointed and of course I don’t know the word to use upset or frustrated or but of course it’s not the good feeling Did you feel any sympathy over the goal?
It’s like if you ask Leicester against us with the goal with Sonny that should be 2-0 and now we are for sure we are talking in a different way I express or I told you my feelings when the thing were for us or when is against us and not now we are going to talk in different way I think I talk a lot about the VAR for me the referee must be the person that decides and is the boss on the pitch but with the VAR you know it’s difficult to accept I know I understand for sure if Chris is complaining or not complaining about the goal like happened with us on Leicester or happened with us when there was a red card Sonny when wasn’t red car that that is you can okay the referee can make a mistake but like us when we made a mistake but with the VAR it’s difficult to accept this type of situation and as for sure understand and emphasise with Chris with Sheffield is like for sure Leicester emphasise with us or Everton or the all different team when we play and the decision is so you know the line is so thin Mauricio you say about Tanguy Ndombele not being comfortable was that an injury or just couldn’t get into the game? We need to assess now I don’t know nothing still he feel pain in his groin but I don’t know it was before or during the game that happened yes a strange situation because my feeling was that was you know wasn’t comfortable on the pitch but he said okay during the game but and then we arrive to the halftime and of course the doctor said to me we need to change because he can’t follow in the game yes that is type of situation sometime affect the team is not an excuse I only explain that when you play against a team like Sheffield United 11 players focused with full energy if you drop a little bit in someone for different reason of course it’s going to struggle I think we have struggled from the beginning I’ve seen in the last 15, 15 minutes on the second half we grow on the pitch and we start dominate and play better

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  1. Levy drained this team. Poch has worked miracles at that club, team needed proper investment to keep challenging for trophies. Spurs will drop back to top 8 team

  2. Worst fixture to have? Sheffield United at home.
    He has lost his marbles. What worse than Liverpool or City or Arsenal, Chelsea or Utd.

  3. Respect to sheffield united who deserved all three points and are playing amazing brand of football…VAR saved us once again and screwed another better deserving underdog team…then again the way we are playing …any team in the prem can outplay us

  4. Did I watch a completely different game?!! Sheffield United were miles better…..Poch starting to see things. Reminds me of Mourinho.

  5. Brendan Rodgers???13th with Watford,11th with Swansea, 7th,2nd and 10th with Liverpool, WITH BALOTELLI,SUAREZ AND FIRMINO!!!how is this better than Poch?

  6. Poch talking bolox agin. Sticking up for a clueless team. Son only player we have. Sheff Utd were Fantastic and deserved a win. Could have been 5 nil.

  7. After 5 years he n the team, his greatest achievement was fucking Audi cup, I guess he needs extra 5 years to win carbabo cup.

  8. The team has destroyed internally, when stupid porch started kane over Moura in the champs league final. Because he is only English pride and he was the main source of defeat. It was a fight with 11 over 10.

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