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  1. I prefer the Junxing M120 over the T1 not just because of the feel and weight of the M120 but also because I honestly think the T1 is fugly while the M120 has a traditional hunting bow look to it. Love the demo though, hope you enjoy my work on the string, peep, d-loop and shelf! Keep it up.

  2. hello. very nice work, can you do a review on this bow? im gwtting into archery and im considering this bow as a beginner bow

  3. I have a T1, I compete and hunt with T1 so far it has never failed me, win many medals in competitions and hunt deer and wild boar with its most basic accessories. Never change the rope, shooting 80 to 100 arrows daily. When I bought, they told me that it was a beginner to competitive intermediate arc, after winning medals I say that all bows are good and professional if you know how to shoot, if you don't know how to shoot, a 3000 usd arc is also a beginner's bow. I love my T1.

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