Top Upcoming PC Games of 2017
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Top Upcoming PC Games of 2017

September 26, 2019

15: State Of Decay 2 Get ready to immerse yourself, once more,
in a world filled with the undead. Take control of your group of survivors, develop
your leadership skills and put it to the extreme test. In State of Decay 2, survival remains primary
goal of the game. Despite the lack of details from developer
Undead Labs, we’re pretty sure of a big leap towards multiplayer mechanics. There’s the 4-player coop; a bigger, more
dynamic world; and an rpg-like progression. Let’s hope the third-person view adds a
bit of challenge to the survival theme. It will be released sometime in 2017. 14: Sniper Elite 4 Behold, Rebellions’ famed shooter brings
out the next-generation elements. This time, they’re promising to create more
detailed environments, insanely fun missions and precision-based ballistics for you to
hear that satisfying nut-shot. Staying true to its timeline, the world is
once again faced in a battle between the Allies and Axis. However, the aftermath of its predecessor
brings more trouble than usual. Set in Italy, take control of an elite Italian
marksman destined to shoot the hell out of his targets. Through the head or through the nut. The game is set to release in February 2017 13: Prey Entangle yourself in this sci-fi adventure
in Arkane Studios’ re-imagining entry of Prey. It may or may not be a sequel to the 2006
game that we all knew. However, the developers really intended to
make it a separate game but with the same formula from the classic. Survive in an alternate timeline where President
Kennedy was never assassinated. The space program flourishes and humanity
is on the brink of danger. In this game, the player is abducted in a
ship populated with aliens. Combat is a mixture of first-person shooting
and exploration. Fight aliens, customize your character and
don’t fall to its prey. Coming in 2017. 12: Gwent – The Witcher Card Game If you’re a big fan of CD Projekt Red’s
The Witcher franchise, then you’re gonna love this. Announced on E3 2016, it made fans explode
in excitement as they actually made a game about the greatest mini-game in a videogame
to date. Gwent is a card-based game with a twist. Players put their cards on a battlefield. However, in Gwent, things take a different
turn. There is no presence of Mana or Energies,
in this game, you control a battlefield. Send your troops on different lanes, select
your king, and dominate the war-like scenario. The Closed-Beta is ongoing and if you guys
registered beforehand, then you get to enjoy the experience for free~! Official launch is scheduled in 2017 11: Hello Neighbor So, I know you’re wondering, what game is
this and how did it end up on this list? As you can see, it offers something very unique
in terms of gameplay. Hello Neighbor is a stealth-horror game that
lets you take control of a character who wants to break in into some dude’s house. Sounds simple, right? The catch is it’s very advanced adaptive
AI. You are literally being predicted by the game’s
formula. Everywhere you go, every step you take, he’s
always one step ahead of you. A very thrilling experience that puts the
dread in you. The goal of this game is simple, get into
the basement and find his secret. Given that he must not catch you. Pre-alpha demo of the game is now available
for download with an expected release in the summer of 2017. 10: Vampyr With the success of Life Is Strange, DONTNOD
Entertainment brings the vampire genre to its real-est, minus the cheesy romance and
hot werewolves. Anyway, Vampyr puts your morality to test. Set in a fictional 1918 London, you are Dr.
Jonathan Reid, a vampire doctor being torn apart between being good or bad. As mentioned, the game lets you decide which
path to take. Will it be the merciless, bloodthirsty vampire? Or that of a pacifistic, good doctor? The choice is up to you. Its third-person element and DONTNOD’s love
for consequential choices give us hope that this game won’t suck. Coming this 2017. 9: Tekken 7 Get ready for the next battle in Bandai Namco’s
latest entry to the critically-acclaimed fighting franchise. Tekken 7 enters the arena with high-quality
particle effects and girls wearing skimpy dresses. This time, the vigor of the fighters are amped
to a whole new degree and the PC players can finally enjoy the adrenaline-pumping action. Not to mention a whole new set of fantastic
and lovable characters. From a bunny-hopping girl, to an ass-kicking
Filipino woman. And let’s not forget, Street Fighter’s
Akuma being a guest star. How about that for a treat? Tekken 7 is set for release sometime in 2017. 8: Outlast 2 Experience the rebirth of Red Barrels’ famed
horror game that not only generated a ton of awards but also scared the living –blip–
out of us. It’s intense first-person survival brings
out the eerie vibes in a dilapidated mental asylum. That was just the first game! In Outlast 2, you’re no longer a person
trapped in a deranged facility, you’re caught in a cornfield of confusion as you walk around
every corner of its town with a demonic presence. Fans of the occult are going to love how Outlast
deviates from science to move to the very thing horror made awesome: The Paranormal. Witness Satanic Rituals, burning pyres, and
a reverse crucifix in this god-forsaken game. Coming this March 2017. 7: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard We’ve talked about how hyped we are of this
game and how it may offer a lot of intense moments to the VR scene. But now, we’re glad that it will finally
get released on the PC. Resident Evil VII is a surprising entry to
CAPCOM’s long list of failed Resident Evil games. This one takes a whole new approach to the
usual gameplay. It moves away from the usual third-person
to first-person view. Recent trailers reveal little about the game. What we do know is that it’s getting crazier
by the day. We’re surprised it still has a lot of of
the old elements like the Save System and the ludicrous villagers. Will be released on January 24, 2017. 6: Injustice 2 The greatest gladiator fight in the history
of the world. Warner Bro’s sequel to the acclaimed Hero
versus Hero powerplay is back. This time with a ton of new characters added
to its roster. Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, Deadshot and more
are ready for an action-packed brawl of superhero proportions. On top of the new set of fighters, the game
now lets you customize your picks. You can now upgrade your favorite superhero
and turn it into a hulking badass. And would you just look at that sick ultimate! (Show best Ultimate sa random hero) For release sometime in 2017 5: Quake Champions Quake is making a big comeback into the arena
with a whole new set features, making it a contender to becoming a new E-Sports favorite. Champions comes with a smooth and chaotic
first-person gameplay that adds the thrill of shooting your enemies to a pulp. Bethesda promises a more competitive multiplayer
content that one day may rival Overwatch’s. Its gritty and gory atmosphere can add a feeling
of brutality to the players in its fast-paced combat. Choose your champion and dominate the arena. Quake Champions will be released in 2017. 4: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Take down the Mexican Cartel in this explosive
entry to the Ghost Recon franchise. In Wildlands, you take control of the ‘Ghosts’
as they shut down an ever-expanding drug empire headquartered in Bolivia. Wildlands gives you this cartel-dominated
land in all its free-form glory. Stop its shady deals and prevent this drug
empire to flourish. You are literally given the choice to do whatever
you want in infiltrating its operations. With a multiplayer feature so diverse and
a single-player content so rich, we can’t wait for Wildlands! Releasing this March 7, 2017. 3: South Park: The Fractured But Whole The boys of South Park, Colorado are back
in another ridiculous adventure. This time, it’s between which superhero
movie franchise should embrace the limelight. I mean, DC and MARVEL could do it. Why can’t they? The game introduces a whole new gameplay and
campaign fit for the superhero industry. Play as the new kid and decide as the boys
find their differences in a superhero crazy-fest. (It’s Civil War, bitches.) Rip the fabric of space and time with your
extreme farts and with the introduction of the Nosulus Rift, you can immerse yourself
with its smell. Get ready to meet new and familiar faces from
the 20 years of South Park. In lieu of of its 20th season, the game is
about to get interesting. Schedule to release in the first quarter of
2017. 2: For Honor Pick between three warring classes in this
hack and slash bloodbath of cascading metal in this Ubisoft’s grand entry of Triple
A games. The battlefield is yours for the taking. Siege towers, climb castles and dominate your
opponent in its unique ‘Art of Battle’ combat. Choose between the Knight, Samurai or Viking
in a grand spectacle worthy of single-player and multiplayer experiences. Each of these classes are different and offer
unique fighting styles that give players an edge to each encounter. There’s so much in store for For Honor and
we can’t wait ‘til it drops on Valentine’s Day of 2017! 1: Mass Effect: Andromeda There’s no denying that BioWare’s next
entry to its universally acclaimed franchise is so full of promises. Let us forget about Mass Effect 3’s ending
and move on to the vastness of the Andromeda Galaxy. Set 400 years after the Reaper Invasion, take
control of a whole new character of your own choosing. Meet new friends, even old ones and feel the
fresh breeze in this dazzling space adventure with explosive set pieces, colorful memories,
and a whole new hope for the galaxy. Get ready, Space Boys, because aside from
the return of the MAKO, Multiplayer is also confirmed! Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released sometime
in 2017.

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  1. 1. Yeah pre-order culture is finally dying, please don't promote it.
    2. As much as I want Cyberpunk2077 to be a thing in 2017, I doubt we will hear anything about it at least until later this year and a possible release in 2018…but it can be delayed until 2019.

  2. Screw you and your pre-order ad video. You're part of the problem that's giving companies cash to release half assed projects as full games and 2 months after release sell the rest of the game as a DLC for another 50 bucks.

  3. Mediocre. It would've been perhaps a little better, if not for the big "PRE-ORDER THESE GAMES NOW" at the end.

    Thanks for promoting one of the worst habits in the industry. If you ever run out of a job consider a career in politics.

  4. hey people, I just got my first gaming laptop. only owned a console for so long. totally out of touch with games and platforms. any recommendations? and if possible guides? should I be downloading steam software? don't give me shit for talking like a complete idiot.

  5. Sorry but a lot of these games looks like console games. I hate games where the character looks in a different direction than the camera. And more different the very ugly console movement on PC.

  6. 4:52 When i heard Outlast i was like "Outlast?! I remember the name but what was it aga…OH WAIT! Now i remember it was that scary Game i watched when i was 9 XD "

  7. Pre-order? Dang, worst choice ever.
    Only did once and because I knew i wasn't gonna be tricked: Witcher 3.

  8. Wtf is this for a shitty channel? Ive never seen it before and i dont regret that. Telling to pre order? Fuck off!

  9. The game list sucks from this horror freak fanboy! The best games comming soon are Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord (your # 27 and Kingdom Come Deliverance (your # 17, other than that props for Detroit Almost Human, Mass Effect Andromeda (not as good as the first 3), Ghost-Warrior-Sniper, Ghost Recon Wildland (with the multiplayer downside) and For Honor. And never, ever pre-order games! Big thumbs down!

  10. until now, all the games i pre ordered satisfied me, due to the fact i pre order only from dev teams i know make good games, people should start doing that, instead of pre ordering games from quick started dev teams or devs that u never heard before, try to use ur head, not ur curiosity.

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  12. Unreal Tournament 4(UT4) will be the best FPS game ever! Free to play prealpha available to download! WARNING: NOT FOR THE WEAK!

  13. Utter utter crap. How can I justify a new monitor if theres nothing good coming out!? Wow devs are gonna cop it sweet this year….watch profits dive.

  14. Sniper elite 4 was awesome and the only game I like on the list other than state of decay 2 which I'm not sure about yet.

  15. This video is exactly why you never pre-order. Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Mass Effect Andromeda were all on this list. Mass Effect being #1. You saw how that turned out. NEVER PREORDER. Especially off someone's channel like this. Giving them revenue for referring you to a bullshit preorder in the first place.

  16. Out of all these for honor is a best game…playing since beta…i still play it and still want to play more…and there is no other game which is good all crap…after gta4 team mafia work…i found this good game ..god team work in dominion mode

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