Top Six Games to Play with Your Steam Controller
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Top Six Games to Play with Your Steam Controller

August 28, 2019

I’ve been hugely impressed by the versatility
of the Steam Controller, and the way it has empowered me to play PC games. I went from hunched over my desk with a mouse
and keyboard to relaxing on the sofa with this comfortable gamepad in hand. Hi I’m Gardiner, The Linux Gamer and here
are a few of my favorite games to play with a Steam Controller. Number 6
Nuclear Throne Nuclear Throne is a fantastic game. It’s a top-down roguelike shooter that comes
from Vlambeer a fantastic indie team that make great titles. This title is a good fit for the Steam Controller
because it gives fine control of movement and aiming. Some may argue that the control pads are not
as accurate as a desktop mouse, and yeah, they’re right. But personally I find the Steam Controller
to be a good stand-in for a mouse, especially when compared to playing with a controller’s
thumbstick. Number 5
Civilization VI Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game
that I thoroughly enjoy but I’m a sofa gamer, not a desktop gamer. I was skeptical of playing this game with
the Steam Controller at first, but quickly warmed to the potential here. If you know what you’re doing and are willing
to tweak and refine the controller’s layout, Civilization VI is transformed by the Steam
Controller. I’m not a huge fan of the developer’s
preset config, but like I said, once I got the game configured the way I liked, Civ VI
is now one of my favorite games to play with the Steam Controller now. Number 4
Snapshot Snapshot is an oddity on this list; it’s
a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that usually uses a keyboard and mouse to play. However I feel the Steam Controller is a natural
extension of the title’s core gameplay. Using the right trackpad to control the viewfinder
as you traverse the level with the left stick is a true pleasure, and enhances the gameplay
of a once mouse-and-keyboard only experience. The game works well with a standard Steam
Controller mapping. Number 3
Stardew Valley Stardew Valley is a masterpiece. The game takes what works from other titles
like Harvest Moon and gives it the PC treatment. Playing Stardew Valley with the Steam Controller
is just a natural fit. You can interact with things in the world
by clicking on them when they’re in range. It’s really handy when you’ve gotta plant
or water your crops. I used the default controller config for Stardew
Valley and it worked like a charm. Number 2
Portal 2 Portal 2 has what seems to be a native implementation
of the Steam Controller’s API. The controller is reprogrammed on the fly
based on what you’re doing in game. For example, there’s one configuration for
when you’re in a menu vs. a different mapping when you’re in game. Portal 2 demonstrates just how easy it is
to adapt from a traditional mouse-and-keyboard to a controller with trackpad layout. I didn’t tweak any settings for this one. It works great out of the box! Number 1
Cities: Skylines Of all the games I’ve played with a Steam
Controller, I feel as though Cities: Skylines is my favorite. It’s not the most well-integrated, nor does
it have the most unique usage of the gamepad’s eccentric hardware. Nope. It’s because as I come back to Cities: Skylines
over and over again, the Steam Controller is the only way I want to play the game. I have all the commands I need at my fingertips. And after I got my configuration set up just
the way I like, every other way of playing the game just feels wrong. I think that’s the Steam Controller’s
biggest strength. Customization. You just have to be the kind of person with
the patience and foresight to enjoy that sort of tweaking. For all the games I’ve played with the Steam
Controller, I can see the potential of the device. But two years out and I’m still waiting
for a game to truly ‘wow’ me with an implementation that fully exploits this gamepad’s untapped
skillset. Will it take something from Valve like Left
4 Dead 3 or even Half-life 3 to prove to the rest of the industry the potential the Steam
Controller has? I don’t know. What do you think? Did I miss a game? What glaring omission did I leave out from
this list? Let me know down in the comments or tweet
at me @TheLinuxGamer. You can also support this channel over on
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  1. I find that the gamedevelopers don't get the Steam Controller. When there is a recommended preset for a game, it's usually bad in my opinion. They are usually trying to implement it as a standard controller, which it's not. I also find that the controller works best if I set the game to mouse and keyboard, and then it's the best controller out there in my opinion. Don't Starve is a really good game for the controller. Have also played a lot of Rust with it, and it works like a charm, but u become to slow in-game. I hope they will build the v2 of it..

  2. A long long time the Xbox 360 controller was the best controller all time for me. It works out of the box with most games, in fact most games were built for the Xbox 360 controller and still today lot of games you can control with it have corresponding presets.
    When the Steam Controller was announced, I immediately wanted to have this thing. It wasn't cheap when it came out, still I bought two of them. And then disillusion came up. I could use the Steam Controller more or less directly as a replacement for the Xbox 360 Controller, but as the analog stick and the buttons are arranged differently than on the Xbox 360 Controller, my muscle memory tricked me. I had quite some problems in the beginning. It didn't feel good.
    Also the amount of tweaks you could apply to the Steam Controller are overwhelming. Too much to configure and neither a good explanation nor any examples to show what each setting does, and why it could be useful…
    So using my Steam Controller started pretty slowly… but it got more and more over time. And nowadays imho the Steam Controller is the best controller. I didn't use the Xbox 360 Controller for month anymore. The Steam Controller completely replaced it for me.

    There are some videos here on youtube now explaining which options of the Steam Controller have which affect. These are pretty useful.

    Also a must have (especially for Linux users) is the SC Controller software:
    It also helped me a lot in understanding how the Steam Controller works. Especially for non-steam games it's easier to changes configurations and see what they do than opening the Steam overlay in big picture mode to configure the controller.

    After all, as also said in the video… you'll have to invest some time into getting used to the Steam Controller. But in the end, it's totally worth it!

  3. I want to like the steam controller, but the ultimate Irony is mine has given me nothing but problems since I became a Linux user. It worked properly a single time and has refused ever since. I really need to invest the time to try and fix it one of these days.

  4. @The Linux Gamer,

    I would love if you did a video on couch-coop and couch pvp that includes both open source titles as well as paid developer titles.



  5. Actually, the first owners of a Steam Controller received a free copy of Portal 2 for PC. I guess Valve wanted them to get familiar with the controller with a simple first-person game like this one.

  6. I love how the steam client works with the controller and game. I think it is awesome how you have so many ways to tweet the settings. My only complaint is that the settings you can tweak, are not straight forward.

    Honestly, I think the Steam Controller is the greatest controller of all time. It’s comfortable, its configurable, it can be used for different things on a PC/game. The weight of the controller is in the palm of your hand and not in your fingers. (Play hrs with the steam controller and then play with an Xbox or PlayStation Controller and you’ll see a slight difference in weight distribution)

    The only thing I hate about the controller is the fact that it’s got the Xbox buttons. I understand why they chose to use that design (because Windows games primarily used the Xbox controller) but it takes away some of the comfortable features of the controller. Since I’m first a Sony gamer, I’ll compare it to the Sony controller. In all honesty, I can get past the x,y,a,b layout vs the X, O, triangle, square buttons; but it’s the feel I’m not comfortable with. Sony buttons are flat and smooth. It doesn’t push into your finger padding after hrs of gameplay. The Xbox buttons are rounded, which doesn’t feel natural when pressing. In comparison, it hurts the fingers after hrs of gameplay.

    Other than that, the Steam Controller is the best controller ever.

  7. No idea but since we will never see Left 4 Dead 3 or Half Life 3 because Valve are too busy counting their steam cash to actually develop any games these days.

  8. I play X: Rebirth with the steam controller. It fits perfectly with all the keys it requires and the part of the game when you enter stations and walk around also fit the action sets (modes) of the steam controller.

  9. Any game is playable on the Steam Controller because it's awesome <3 (but the driver is not open source, and the steam shop has DRM) but still, the human pleaceure, my dark vice.

  10. I know it's an oldie but… KOTOR2. I mapped all the menus to radial selectors that appear when you squeeze left or right grip and touch the pad. They work awesome, they even have icons. Did the same with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and I'm still using it for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Everything including precision aiming with accelerometer works like it was developed for those games.

  11. I'm about to go truck driving with a linux laptop and the steam controller, thanks for the list and thanks for the suggestions in comments!

  12. playstation Remote Play on linux?? or xbox game in linux?? not talking about an emulator Or install wine->playstation remot play application and then try to play ps4 game and make a performance comparison .Please make a video about this topic

  13. Mouse and keyboard forever here. But some small few games … sports/fighting/platformers, I love the steam controller. I'm not a casual gamer, so I don't sit on the couch, but the steam controller is something else. You get a ton for the price point. I bought mine specifically for the upcoming Ori and the Will and the Wisps.

  14. "I'm a sofa gamer not a desktop gamer " but you push linux do you have a console or something?

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