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August 26, 2019

– (Alex) He’s almost dead!
– (Brandon) Oh, he’s almost done. – He’s almost dead.
(rumbling) – Whoa, get that guy. – (all cheering) – Thanos, where are you?!
– Dang, baby! (gunfire)
Oh! Oh! Oh! Tom! Tom!
– One more. – Oh, where’d he go?!
Waaaah! Aaah!
– Shoot him. Shoot him. – Oh god!
– He’s almost dead. Go! Go! Go back to him.
Go back to him. Go back to him now.
– Where is he? Where’d he go?
– Right there! Right there! – Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh, get it! The gauntlet is yours!
AAAH! AAAAH! – (all cheering) – Shoot.
(energy pulsing) – Oh!
– (cheering) – You will die a painful death! – Where is this bitch?
Oh, he fell. He just fell.
– Oh, he’s dead? – Try just punching through, dude.
– (laughing) – Yeah! – She must go with him. – This is so sad.
– (sighing) – Oh, no. And then Duck’s
just sitting there. – Man, he’s gonna turn. Now Kenny, after watching
his own wife die, has to put down his own son. That’s some [bleep] up [bleep]. – Oh god! Why do we have to– Are you serious? (gasping)
– Oh! – It was fine.
He was bitten. He was a zombie. – Kenny!
– Damn. – Aaah!
– That’s it. No! – Kenny!
– No! No, stop holding onto the ball! – DC! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!
– That’s it! No. I can’t believe you beat me.
– The best of seven. – No!
– Benny is victorious. – Noooooo!
– Game seven with the comeback! – Nooooo! – Oh my god!
Oh, you will die today. – (overlapping speech)
– Look at this. Watch this Alex.
Watch this. This is for you.
This is for you. This is for you, Alex.
Boom! Boom! (blowing)
272 meters, okay. – He did it for me!
– Boy, I called it. – He called it for me! (gunfire)
– Yes. Oh my– – Uh-oh! Uh-oh, uh-oh.
(gun blasts) – Just start shooting him. (missiles whistling)
(explosion) (gunfire) – (both cheering) – That’s what I’m talking about!
– (laughing) (crowing)
– It’s all about height, baby. It’s about height. It’s all about height.
– Oh my god. – (man grunting)
– Choke him out. – Hey, hey!
– Choke him out! – Choke him out!
Press X? – Probably square.
– Square, touch square. – Square, this one?
– Yeah, choke him out! Choke him out! Choke him out!
Choke him out! Oh, keep going, keep going! Yeah!
– Yeah. – (all cheering) – Ready? One, two, three. – (all laughing) – That was so much fun. – “Do you want to see a trick?”
– Yeah. – “I can’t really do much
except for a couple of things.” – Like kill people.
– “Are you ready?” – Three, two, one. – No, Will.
Don’t touch me. No. – Are those cameras inside her eyes?
– Three, two– That’s the government!
Nah? Okay. – “I’m just kidding.”
– Ah, psych. – “I can’t do anything after all. If you gave me–”
(screaming) (whimpering)
– (laughing) – That actually scared me so bad. – “Are you ready?” Uh, yeah…
– Gross. – (anxious squeal) “I’m just kidding.”
(laughing) “I can’t do anything after all.” (screaming)
– Oh, bro! – “Did I scare you?” – “Her voice sounds strained. She sniffles.”
– (sniffling) – She’s turning into a werewolf. – “I need to make sure she’s okay. I open the door. In the dark, I can see
Amanda’s outline in the middle of her bed,
knees hugged up against her body.”
Aww! – “I open the door.”
– (Amanda sobbing) – Awww! Who hurt our baby?! Who hurt our baby?! – Wait, she was talking to a boy. – Who. Hurt. My. Baby?! – Remember, she’s talking to a boy. – Noah?
– Yes. – Oh my god!
– I can tell. – I’ma kill that mother[bleep]. – “What?” – “You know, do you want
to come inside me or not?” – That is not NOT what the line was. – That’s not what the line says.
– What do you mean, that’s not what it says? – “Do you want to come inside or not?” – Oh! (laughing) – Well… – We had almost 500 people
watching us at the end. Guys, literally this
has been so ridiculous. Thank you guys so much. Honestly, just breaking
records left and right. In honor of– right there. In honor of us hitting 50,
which was for me, and 100 subs in this stream,
we’re doing the world’s hottest chocolate. – (laughing) I don’t
want to do it so bad! – Three, two, one. – Oh, it’s immediately
hot! (laughing) Go get milk! Please!
Please! It– – AAH!
– (coughing) – (Alex groaning)
Oh my god! Why is this so hot?! – Oh, no. They might
see through the window. (gasping)
– (both screaming) (both cheering) – Oh my god!
– Yes! – A med kit!
– Yeah! – Oh my god!
– Holy crap. – This is the one. – Oh my god.
– This is the one. Where are you at?
– Go– no, no, no. That one.
– Where? Where? – No, no, no!
Behind you! – Tori!
– No! (screaming)
– You got this! – Oh my god! Come on.
– (all cheering) – Yeah, baby! – Hey, everybody, Marc here,
a producer from the React channel. I hope you enjoyed watching
a small taste of what we have going on over on Twitch. We’re playing full games every week, multiple generations,
Fortnite with the fans, sub game day,
girls game day, lots of fun stuff. So head over to,
give us a follow and come hang out with us.
We’ll see you guys there.

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