[TOP RANK] NAT 4 Siege Battle Challenge VS Guccira And Beer Club
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[TOP RANK] NAT 4 Siege Battle Challenge VS Guccira And Beer Club

August 27, 2019

[Music] hello guys welcome Peggy that came very sorry for let upload to sits battle I’m very busy that day so I don’t have time to edit the video but I will try to catch up let’s see now we do sits battle please subscribe for fun 5k subscriber giveaway now we meet again with good Shira and bitter Club this is stopped by Frank sorry with cheering tree and bear claw prank 5 we are 7 let’s 3 mark yellow and to read our let’s hit this red number 12 this is all common beta Orion oh this is Hartman but you can counter it with two other maybe two water one win to thank miss c’mon careful because the Orion can’t even break and annoying they attack and rock get ready to hit red number 12 let’s do it just hit random number this one I’m trying Susanoo Orion and scope cool maybe Orion and Scott good let’s try this one haha oh we can move first and let go go to me I hope [Music] hope you can kill one now we’ll still please Wow we’ll still I mean sorry I mean sill even break nice holy shit so fast all right oh not the Chris attack bar fail okay let’s see yes hit this come on oh damn got here oh my god he procs but by oh we win when let’s do this man I think we win it’s supposed to win all right a wreck all right come on man break the seal man let’s do it man oh very nice resistor very good all right let’s try another one [Music] we you see Karis moving nikka risks [Music] caress this one and scope cool yeah another scope cool with hike resistant come on man let’s do this oh right now let’s do it let’s finish this man hope that racket Oh hmm we need to clean school Oh wrong way you need to please a caress damn it oh my god focus focus man focus man oh my god oh let’s do it this is perfect I think hope we can kill it betta boom ah damn come on so fast and he still the better and protect him from death oh my god strip seal nice holy shit holy shit oh my god we need to wait a corrector skill all right cleans never mind let’s do it again come on maybe oh my god come on Stan again disorient dammit Oh dangerous man oh please Stan okay okay nevermind get this come on nice okay we kill of course bad timing yeah got it I got you man you dead now holy shit we win again easy peasy easy peasy lemon squeezy what oh my is Orion you damn it man yeah let’s do it again yeah one this one let’s go I hear [Music] we try this if we move first we can win this I think please please we need to kill better first no matter what alright alright come on man come on man come on man yeah go mmm nice got it we win again this time I hope please please please let’s see why should Covenant Rock know why should stand : o this Orion is despair man oh my god we need to attack Wow nice die yeah Orion we win man perfect perfect let’s go perfect go mmm nice we wait all right this already hit by okay oh let me try that combo let’s do it let’s do it go let’s try let’s do it Oh perfect poor fucker I hope maybe please Kreitman I need you creep this bad I mean please please please create oh my god not yet or not crit I I don’t know he did holy shit so close man again man please break the seal yeah we will get so perfect this time Queensland done nice all right all right very good very good [Music] go go go go go destroy it yeah it’s okay almost never mind we can win this actually Oh and clean not enough maybe because raccoony HP lower then bulldozers or cleans well oh nice nice break it and kill very nice now you kill Orion with treatment we’ll do the best actually tractor also good against this steam tractor I need to build that tractor the water bulldozer yeah let’s do it man all right well bye – carrot man yeah yeah we’re back man this is second half I will try to hit this red number 12 this is net for tower I hope I can hit all net for yes as requested the defense is like this I’m sure pretty sure this is fast saina yeah open we hit this one maybe when you see let’s try Gallion like Gollum and this one let’s go all right we need to focus on saina kill her first maybe let’s see alright holy shit this is Batman please defend break oh my god damn what should we do man damn Aaron g-man kill it got it now oh my bit wide why no oh my god please kill nice holy shit holy crap dot using dot maybe we’ll kill know what of holy shit we cannot kill this man god damn it we lost men damn that galleon we almost win that let’s try again I hope let’s do this come on man galleon dirt man oh holy shit please it’s what we need to kill men oh good they are so fast damn it I thought I can kill the sign now using my gun but not in now the Speedman too bad this is last driving oh my god if we lost this we feel so bad this time Stan man Pro please Sassoon Justin please bro ah enough I think I don’t have any more team to what spit that damn it damn let’s lift that guru sign ah Martina we will hit this another net fort our yellow number 12 wish me luck ah shit man that what happened if I trigger ah shit we saw three losses oh my god holy shit let’s try this line Go Go you safety or Manya ESCO cool I mean come on Harmonia and go cool let’s do it alright try hot man this net for tower is hot actually because we only can use maybe seeds will like the mental hole maybe some maybe only same element or that that would be nice early in creates good time alright we need to eat one stone from them because this in fire mermaid and I gear – damn it oh my we lost man wait a minute all ye I kill this life ever made it that fail to heal your damn shit he hit my ceiling this idea so annoying holy shit he looked nice please die die yeah it kid oh nice la i have Scylla you don’t try to stop me I go to hell you bitch so triggered me this better kill this kill nice it that nice it is we should win this I don’t want to lose because of this bullshit it is stored part of you ty double kill maybe I don’t think so this one is hard man yeah sleep maybe sleep yeah no control stone again now okay we heal and die oh my god I already want to like this or like this you try talking English la done array alright this one again okay we tried twins for this twins for twins same but I don’t have Martina just pray for me maybe Martina Hingis or give me man listen lnd net for also k I mean like Martina or Jana I accepted Oh Stan not stand dammit please tie you Martina Hingis please please please please holy crap no prob oh sure please Brockman just once broke know [Music] this is so bad man [Music] Wow should we try this this is failing this is mighty wound not good enough but let’s scambling this time press is lit okay let’s do it holy shit man I lost a lot this game because of net for tower this is net for tower challenge man oh my god let’s try this please that please mister all my god lost again man broke man [Music] oh my god [Music] you late [Music] at enough damn I only win five so this network tower challenge is fail oh my okay that’s all my seats this time I accomplished the mission at four tower challenge but yeah you see guys the result is not really good thank you sorry for late I did an upload video I am busy I don’t know just I try my best ok thank you bye bye [Music] you

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  1. GG man, nice to see another high level siege content. Those khmun/orion/betta def are weird, no win condition (no destru set or/and khmun in DCC) (?).

  2. You have very OP runes man ? just curious, how many hours per day do you grind for runes? Or do you get them from rune packs?

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