Top Mistakes Every Mountain Biker Will Make
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Top Mistakes Every Mountain Biker Will Make

November 4, 2019

– [Blake] Beginner, novice,
newbie, whatever you call it, we’ve all been there to make mistakes. – [Neil] In fact, some of us
still make them all the time. – Number one, slipped pedal to shin smash. (screaming) (groans) Oh, don’t look down. Neil! Look at this. – [Neil] The classic. On the scale of pain, this is a ten. We’ve all done it, the
proof is on our shins. – [Blake] Neil, look how big it is. – Number two, over tightening bolts. – Just need to put my seat
up, I’ll just tighten this up and then we’ll get going. – Yeah, because this blue line’s really. Did you just round that bolt? You should know better not
to overtighten bolts, man. – [Neil] Number three,
forgetting your kit. – Alright, bike, helmet, snacks, pump. Oh no. (sighs) Not my hiking boots. I forgot my flipping (groans). – Hah, here he is. – All right, Neil, you all right? – What you wearing? – Why it’s my new GMBN jersey in white. – Yeah it’s very nice. I was talking about your feet. – Oh yeah about those. – Well I’m gonna go for a
ride, you go for a hike. I’ll see ya at the pub. – (laughs) Very funny. (laughs) Hike. Number four, unscrewing your valve core when removing your pump. What now? You’ve been messing with your bars, shit and now pressure and tyres! – Just adding a bit more pressure, almost is ready, almost
ready to take the pump off. (air hissing) – Aw great! We’ve just got here. Why didn’t you just do this at home? – I’ll catch you up. – (sighs) I’m at the top. Now you got a flat tyre. – [Neil] Number five, waiting for a mate. It’s a beautiful day,
the trails are calling, and you arrange to meet your
mate for a ride in the woods. But where is he? – Where is he? Where’s the time? I’ve been here like 30 minutes. I’m gonna ring him. (ringing) – Hi mate. – Yo Neil, how’s it going, man? I’m up at the trail. – Yeah I’m alright. Cheers, yeah I’m alright. Oh, Oh yeah, yeah. – What’s up? – Oh yeah, I’m just, I’m stuck in traffic mate.
– We did say ten. – Coming now. Yeah, yeah, coming. See ya, bye.
– Alright, yeah hurry up. – Bye, bye. Toss. (playful music) (sighs) Come on. Oh there you are! – Come on. You ready? – I’ve been here for an hour! – [Neil] Number six. Don’t be that person that
never fixes their bike. – What is that noise? – Oh I think it’s my bottom bracket. It’s getting a bit creaky. – We are going riding tomorrow. – Ah don’t worry, I’ll fix it tonight. – Alright. I can still hear that noise. Is it my bike? – It might still be mine. – I thought you said you’re fixing it. – I’ll fix it tomorrow. (sighs) – [Neil] Number seven, the gear cruncher. – Hey Neil. I’ll race you to the top. – Let’s do it. (snapping) Oh. – Ah (laughs) no! Winner! – [Neil] Tried to change
gear under maximum power, the most common cause for a snapped chain. – Ah Neil, no. – Snapped my chain. – Yeah. – I think it’s just too much power. – No I don’t think it was. I heard you crunching
through them gears, man. No finesse. Lik a monkey on a machine gun. – [Neil] Number eight. Here’s one mistake you’ll only make once. Smashing your knuckles
when removing your pedals. (screams) – Ow! (echos) – [Neil] Number nine, forgetting
a vital piece of your bike. – Put that on. – [Neil] You need quite a bit of kit to go for a mountain bike ride so it can be easy to forget something like an axle, pedals, water bottle, pump. – [Blake] What about front wheel? – [Neil] No one’s ever
forgotten their wheel. – [Blake] Oh yeah, obviously, yeah. Oh no. Oh no! Where’s my front wheel? Oh. (sighs) – Right, so there’s mistakes
I reckon everyone’s made. – Yes. – You ever been for a ride and
forgotten to take your bike? – No but I’m guessing there
has to be someone out there that has done that. – Yeah me neither, me neither. (laughing) Click on the logo to subscribe if you haven’t done that already. – And don’t forget to click down there for eight newbie mistakes. – Click up there for maintenance mistakes. Give us a thumbs up if
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  1. Drove hour and a half to the dive site and my buddy forgot his weights. Luckily I had extra ones. As far as biking, I always put mine in the back of the truck – whole – already put together. LOL 🙂

  2. My allen key slipped out of the pedal and I smashed the top on my fingers into my chain ring. I got two cuts and and a cracked finger nail… They basically recorded my pain cry and played it back for this video… And believe me… It only happens once! ??

  3. anoter knuckle thing. when you pump up your tires and try pull it off quick so it doesent leak and smash you knuckles on your disk brake

  4. Smashing your shin on the pedals is never healthy! RaceFace pedals with the raised studs would skewer your shin like a meat hook, I've done it and I'm not proud to ride and everyone sees my shin looking like I put it through a cheese grater. LOL!

  5. I remember not long ago I forgot to wear my helmet so when I came home sitting in front of me in my garage was my helmet xD

  6. Once my valve core came off and I went up mountain biking…. Went 40km and all the sudden I couldnt move. I looked down and one thing was missing…. My valve core ;-;

  7. I've never forgot the front wheel but I have lost one between home and the trail. There on the car when I left, gone when I arrived.

  8. Once I rode through 27km of hardcore trail, did a huge jump and when I landed I realised I'd warped both rims and cracked my frame in half and then realised I hadn't even left the couch after smoking a huge joint.

  9. Once myself and a mate planned a weekend of mountain biking and camping, so we packed up the trailer with the bikes, spare parts and tools,camping gear and supply of food locking up trailer we head off,4 hours later we arrive at the camp site only to realize that my mate left the key to the trailer on his driveway.

  10. 3:52 funniest shit ever! omg! Had me cracking up! Best channel for MTB and I need to get one of those jerseys!

  11. Used to run Primo bear trap pedals back in the early 90’s on my PK Ripper and slipped a pedal once…Yea, guess who forgot their Hammer pads that day ?

  12. Went to the trails some time ago. Could've just been my imagination, but I've heard someone screaming somewhere.

  13. I was getting a clearance bike from Halfords (carrera sulcata for £200) and doing the bike checks, they over tightened one of the HANDLE bars bolts and when I went to loosen the bolt to STRAIGHTEN my bars I rounded them lol

  14. Forgot my keys yesterday. The 12km uphill trip up to our other vehicle was nice, but for some reason my girlfriend wasn't too impressed. Make sure you have your keys!

  15. if you have a locking trunk, never ever lay your keys down inside, not for 1 second… leave them outside, on a tire, on the ground, literally anywhere but inside… ask me how i know. Additionally, I now wear shin pads and keep all my stuff in 1 large hockey bag ?- ride on fellow bikers, ride on.

  16. Yall mf spoiled af. Mtb shoes??? Please…. Catch me with my 10€ 3 years old Chinese sneakers ripping it down the trail

  17. 2:52 I don't know where it is coming from…it seems like it must be under my saddle maybe the pedales or my rear suspension.

  18. Can you explain gear crunching? I hear about it but don't understand it. What if you're doing a climb standing on the pedals and you have to shift down or up.

  19. Ugh, forgetting inner tubes, got a puncture today and had to walk my bike two miles when I hadn’t even had a ride on a single trail.

  20. Forgetting you have your bike on the top of the car and driving straight into the hight limit bar at a supermarket

  21. I did a one way shuttle ride with a friend who parked his vehicle at the bottom of the trail and hit the top with me in my car. After riding all the way down to his vehicle he said “You’re not going to like this but I left my keys in your car.” While I hitched a ride back up to the top of the trail he sat in a brewery having a cold beer. For some reason that never did sit right with me.

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