Top Free to Play Steam Games (2019)

October 8, 2019

Steam has a lot of games. Like a lot, a lot. Finding something good to play can become
a huge hassle because of how crowded the store space has become in recent years due to Steam’s
lack of any kind of quality control. That’s where we’re going to help. From MOBAs to Battle Royales and everything
in between, here’s the list of the top Free to Play games on Steam for 2019! The rules for this list are simple: the game
has to be available through Steam, it has to be free, and for the sake of it we’ve ranked
them by number of concurrent players to help you find what everyone is actually playing
these days. War Thunder is an arcade aerial-combat game
in the same vein as World of Warplanes, but with options available to simplify the controls
and interface to an arcade level or max them out to a hardcore simulator. You’ll select a group of planes or ground
vehicles to take into combat and take to the battlefield. The differences in these modes can be massive,
ranging from how planes control compared to their historical counterparts all the way
to how your planes handle running out of ammo. Also, the different game modes are also restricted
by vehicle type so that if you’re playing in a naval vehicle, you’ll be paired with
others who are playing naval vehicles, etc. The arcade modes are what I prefer to play. The two main game types here are Air Assault,
a deathmatch mode, and Ground Forces. Ground forces sees you using tanks similar
to World of Tanks, where as Air Assault and Deathmatch involve destroying the enemy air
and ground vehicles to protect your base or deplete your enemies’ ticket count to 0. There are also events and historic missions
that see you partaking in historical battle re-enactments, but these are only available
to players on the Realistic or Simulator settings. If you’re looking for a hardcore plane simulator
that you can simplify when you feel overwhelmed, War Thunder is for you. Ring of Elysium is a relatively new Battle
Royale shooter that boasts a genre first in the way of environmental hazards like avalanches
that can eliminate players! There are also destructible elements of the
environment themselves. Beyond this, it may seem like a by the numbers
battle royale, but the visuals and level of detail in the map prove otherwise. Players will have to contend with things like
bullet drop and managing the gear they have attached to their weapons to maximize what
they can do at any given range. Skilled players make great use of long range
weaponry, so you’ll want to learn to use every single tool you can to stay as far from a
close range fight as you can. Unfortunately this hit in population may be
due to the release of Apex Legends, but we’re focusing on Steam specific games for this
video, so that game doesn’t count for right now. Despite this, the game still has a lot to
offer. For example, in addition to having a detailed
map, it’s also massive. This sometimes works to the game’s detriment,
because if you don’t drop in an area with some people in it, teammates or otherwise,
it could be a good long while before you actually see any other players. That said, this provides an opportunity for
you to plan your attack well in advance when the area begins to close in. If you find yourself in this situation, take
your time and loot as many places as you can safely before you move in. Remember you have two timers to work with
as opposed to one, so make the most of it. Paladins is a more modern, comic book style
take on the hero shooter formula that, while it often gets compared to Overwatch, differs
quite a lot from Blizzard’s paid offering. Paladins gets new characters quite frequently,
and alongside those characters come events that bring more lore, new maps, and new game
modes to players’ hands. These events also include tons of new skins
for characters, new mounts, and other cool unlockables for players to fight for through
the new battle pass system. Gameplay doesn’t differ a ton from Team Fortress
2, except that there’s a much bigger focus on team composition and each hero’s actual
abilities. Your character’s powers are their bread and
butter, and knowing which powers from which hero pair well with others and work better
for certain objectives will guarantee a certain degree of success if you can execute on the
ideas. The player pool for the game also just got
significantly bigger with the introduction of cross-platform play for every platform
except Playstation 4. Yes, even the switch can team up with users
on PC and Xbox! Also, if you have a Switch, you should definitely
grab Paladins on it. Not only is it free, but playing it anywhere
you go if you have a mobile hotspot is an awesome feeling. Path of Exile. This is probably my absolute favorite game
on this list. For those of you who were unsatisfied with
Diablo 3 and wish it was more like Diablo 2, this is the game for you. With an insanely massive skill tree, constant
content updates, and a friendly, welcoming, tightly knit community, it’s not hard to see
why this game still has the playerbase that it does. In fact, they’re preparing to launch their
first ever convention in New Zealand, Exile-Con this year! As one of the games on this list I have the
most experience with, I have some advice for new players looking to join the ranks of the
exiled in Wraeclast. Do not be afraid to look at build guides for
your first couple of characters. Making a cohesive build on your own the first
time out may seem easy at first but there are a lot of subtle nuances that can be hard
to pick up on unless you’re a genius at statistics. Build guides will help you start to see patterns
and give great advice specific for the types of characters you want to play and there are
literally 9000 of them you can peruse to find one that’s just right for you to start with. They’ll explain everything from gear you should
try to get to playstyle to how your gems should be socketed in the end game. My second piece of advice is don’t be afraid
to spend points on defensive perks on the skill tree, especially early. Max life may seem like a point wasted when
you’re trying to optimize for damage, but it isn’t. A lot of bosses do tons of damage and you’ll
be grateful for the extra life and evasion rating/armor. I think everybody should be familiar with
Team Fortress 2 by now, especially if you’re a PC gamer. This is the prototype of the Hero shooter. Without the ground-work laid by TF2, there’d
be no Overwatch or Paladins. Nine unique classes come together in a stylized,
cartoon world to do battle over payloads, kill-scores, and ridiculous hats in this war-movie
style shooter that boasts over 63,000 concurrent players. If you’re new to the game, or are thinking
about picking it up, here’s a few tips: focus on team composition and base it around the
objective. Think about what characters your teammates
are playing, and pick something that will complement them well. Medics and Engineers are great starter characters
to help you get a feel for teamwork. Honestly there isn’t too much I can say about
Team Fortress 2 that hasn’t been said much more eloquently by much better individuals
than myself, so I won’t labor the point. If you like hero shooters, you can’t go wrong
with TF2. It’s still fun today. Warframe is a game we’ve shared with you all
live on stream many times, and whose community has been very receptive of us and our efforts. This strong community support is likely why
the game enjoys over 75,000 players on PC alone at time of writing. A lot of the reviews, including one from me,
cite the fast, frantic, and buttery-smooth gunfighting and platforming as the main draw. If you’ve never seen warframe in action, you
may need some motion sickness pills the first time around as the game runs at a lightning
fast pace. The largely mobility-focused combat can be
dizzying, especially at first glance but once you get your bearings and master the crouch-slide-jumps
and aiming while diving, you’ll be right at home. The game is structured a bit like Destiny,
where you take individual missions with different objectives across the maps of different planets. Each planet has its own aesthetic and some
even feature large, open world areas for you to explore, a recent addition to the game. You’ll pilot Frames, or suits of armor, each
with their own special abilities you can use to help you in battle. You unlock more by finding blueprints and
crafting material, although there are plenty you can unlock with real cash if navigating
the sometimes patience-testing crafting system isn’t your cup of tea. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the only
game on this list that comes close to the number of concurrent players that DotA 2 has,
clocking in at 625,000 players at time of writing. It’s no secret as to why it’s so popular,
either. The original Counter-Strike made a huge splash
all the way back in 2001 and this stand-alone update on the classic formula is one of the
most competitive esports scenes in gaming today. CSGo features new characters, maps, and updated
versions of classic CS content to boot. Counter-Strike has engrained itself in history
as one of the fore-runners of online shooters and I’m glad to see it’s still running today. The downside is this game still has its problems
with hackers, but valve is continually working on its anti-cheat measures to keep their impact
minimal and contained. If you’re unfamiliar with Counter-Strike,
it’s a fast paced reflex-based shooter usually centered around objective based play. This usually involves setting and protecting
bombs (or disarming them) and eliminating the enemy team to make this easier. Between rounds you’ll purchase weapons to
aid you in your bid for victory, and try not to pay too much attention to the racial slurs
in voice chat. Counter-Strke GO can be difficult for new
players to get into because a lot of people who play have been playing for a long time
and are already insanely good, but if you like classic 90’s shooter gameplay then it’s
worth investing time in. This one came as no surprise. DotA is the game that launched a million clones
and kickstarted a genre when it was only a Warcraft 3 mod. Its sequel took what made DotA so popular
and expanded it both in visuals and in the roster itself. DotA 2 is an absolute juggernaut and the most
played free game on steam with over 645,000 concurrent players at the exact moment of
writing and over a million playing as the last 30 day peak. Now like any MOBA, DotA 2 has its moderation
issues vis-a-vis the community, but it has gotten better over time. In fact, we encountered nothing but good-will
while recording for our updated DotA gameplay video recently and hope to continue seeing
this going forward. Despite the community problems, the strategic
and even-paced combat and map control gameplay established by the original MOBA is still
standing tall even after all this time. If you’ve been living under a rock for the
last decade or more and don’t know what DotA is, here’s a quick synopsis: You pick a champion
from a massive roster, hopefully from a class that helps your team composition, march down
the lanes with your minions, and try to destroy the enemies’ towers and base. In the meantime you’ll roam around fighting
enemy team members, special objectives like Roshan, a giant dragon demon who gives you
stuff if you beat him, and plenty more. Matches last anywhere from 30 minutes to an
hour and a half, but are full of dramatic ups and downs and are hugely exciting if you’re
a fan of cooperation and strategy. Well, that’s the list! Let us know what games you enjoy the most
from the list down in the comments below, make sure you subscribe, and keep it locked
on for all the latest gaming news and reviews!

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