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Top FREE Games On The Internet

October 9, 2019

This is Jay Davis for NukeNorway. Just one
sec and I’ll start the video- but this is exciting news and I just HAVE to tell someone
about this- Okay, so you’re bored out of your skull. You’ve
got no games to play, and right now, you’ve got no money to buy new ones with. You’re
broker than a crackhead after a 5 rock weekend. So what do you do? Well my Youtube super friends,
never fear, cause I got ya covered with some free games in this weeks “FREE GAME SMACKDOWN!”.
That’s right we got completely FREE games knocking down your door and raping your kitty
cat! AND they’re ALL FRREEEEE! Okay sorry, there’s no smackdown, I just always
wanted to announce one of these videos like those Monster Truck show guys!(monster truck
ad) But no, forget that, I’m just gonna give you
a sweet lil countdown of free games that you can download and play for NO MONEY DOWN! (FREEEEEE!)
Okay, I’ll try to calm down now. So this list is only a TOP 4. WHY is it only
a TOP 4 you ask? Well- it turns out that there just AREN’T that many good COMPLETELY FREE
games. Keep in mind, for this list, we’re NOT counting game demos. We’re also NOT counting
games where you can pay a little extra and get some new guns, or bonus XP points, or
cut out HOURS and HOURS of gameplay time building your character just by paying to level up
– so no APB:Reloaded, no Team Fortress , and no League of Legends(even though I have to
admit I LOVE those friggin games and I know people are gonna be pissed that I didn’t
include them!) BUt time is money peoples, and you shouldn’t have to play hours to get
stuff that some noob can come in and BUY in five minutes- at least not if the game developer
is gonna call the game FREE to play. SO NO- nuh uh!- In this countdown, we’re only
counting down games that are 100% free-to-play. Games where paying extra or even paying 1
fucking little cent will not get you ANY advantage whatsoever… so yeah, ….there’s only 4
of em….. (crying) But enough whining, here are the top 4 free-to-play
games on the net. AT #4 we have Quakelive is
basically the old ID game Quake Arena, but now you can play it completely for free on
the net. You can run around, picking up weapons and blasting other online players in the face,
right inside your web browser via a free plugin download. There IS the option of paying for
a “Premium” or “Pro” account on QuakeLive, BUT all that really gets you is access to
a few extra maps, and from what I’ve seen , there are hardly ever any people even PLAYING
on the extra maps- so what’s the point? Players who PAY don’t get ANY extra guns or abilities,
so it’s a nice level playing field whether you pay or not. So… just play it for free!(FREE!)
errr yeah. The link to QuakeLive is in the video description below. At #3, we have Black Mesa. Basically Black
Mesa is a remake of the first Half Life game. However, Black Mesa is done with the updated
Valve Source Engine that was used to power Half Life 2- so the graphics are better, the
game physics are better, and goddamnit- it’s just more fun. And oh wait- did I mention
that it’s completely, totally, 100% free? (FREE!) Wait just one minute- I have to tell
someone about this… At #2, we have Battlefield 1942. And wait-
I know what you’re saying… “Wait a minute dick-cheese! Battlefield 1942 is a commercial
game. But Au Contraire mon fraire! From now until March 1, 2013, Battlefield 1942 is as
free as that delicious bubblegum I found under my desk an hour ago.(MMMM, it was strawberry)
Anyway, Electronic Arts is offering the game as a free download to commemorate the game’s
10 year anniversary. And I have to say- I played Battlefield 1942 10 years ago and I
still enjoy it just as much today as I did then… well maybe 84.2% as much… BUT the
point is- it’s an awesome game, even if it is getting just a little bit dated.
IN Battlefield 1942, you’re a soldier in World War 2 fighting as either as an Axis or an
Allie and you can drive cars, you can fly fighter planes, you can captain a boat, or
you can even just blow shit up with a tank. And you can do all of this online against
REAL human opponents. (whisper)And … um… it’s free.(FRREEEEE!) What the hell? Finally at #1- the best free game on the net
and one of my personal favorites- hell, it’s EVERYONE’S favorite- It’s Happy Wheels. This
little flash game is packed full of tons of tons of gory, freaky fun. And once you get
sick of playing through all the online map challenges, you can always just go back the
next day and other Happy Wheels players have created a WHOLE NEW set of custom maps and
challenges. So hop into the game and be the world’s worst parent, a fat scooter daredevil,
or a crazy old man in a wheel chair – and try your luck at literally hundreds of different
maps and challenges. Oh, and it’s absolutely… phew… ur totally… uhhh…. free? Ah cool,
no sound effects that ti- (FRREEEEEEEEEE!) Anyway, I’m Jay Davis for NukeNorway and that’s
the top free games countdown. Be sure to subscribe for more goofy gaming videos (FREEEEE!). Yeah,
er, you can subscribe for free. Anyway, love you YouTube peoples! And thanks
for watching and subscribing!

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    checks hmm wait it says its costs money
    watches rest of the video*
    oh im just 5 YEARS late ;-;

  2. non of these are free, quake live is now pay to play,black mesa is just an early access game and Battlefield 1942 cant be downloaded in the link and the only thing that is free is happy wheels

  3. NukeNorway:here is a list of 4 free game
    games:you have to pay to start now
    NukeNorway:time is money
    videos intro:takes 5 minutes to finish

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