Top 8 Best New Android & iOS RPG Games 2018

September 14, 2019

Hello guys welcome to the Gamers Point. In this video we will show u, new & best rpg
games of 2018 that you can play on Android & iOS devices. But before we start, make sure to hit that
subscribe button, so you do not iss any future updates. Number 8 on the list is Holy Ship! It is a battle ship game where u will gain
control of your pirate ship and battle against enemies ships in vast sea. You can either let you crew fight automatically
or fight yourself by using speical skills with single tap. You can purchase different weapons, customize
you ships and get different skills to increase your ship strength for boss battles. Holy Ship! is a free game and can be downloade
from app stores. Number 7 is Dead Tide, which is a side scrolling
strategy rpg game. In game your goal is to stop the mischievous
plans of Evil Professor who has transformed two third of mankind into zombies. You can hire your team from a pool of tanks,
DPS, and support heroes and impove their abilities as you progess in game. You can also join different guilds and borrow
guild mate heroes to gain an extra edge in battles. Game also lets you play PvP battles
and guild battles once u join the guild. Dead Tide is a free game and has rating of
4.0 stars. On number 6 is Versus: PVP Duels, which is
a dynamic turn-based duelling game where you can choose a character and fight other players
in real-time battles. Pick one of 10 unique characters each with
its own unique abilities and more than 30 skins. In game you can pick various skills that suit
you, craft a weapon and enter the arena for online batles. You can also join clans in the game and take
part in clan battles for better rewards. Verus PVP Duels has the rating of 4.7 and
can be downloaded for free. On Number 5 is Tokyo Ghoul Dark War. a game based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime and
manga series, which is set in a fictional Tokyo, plagued by human-looking monsters named
Ghouls. In game you can select a side and decide whether
u want to protect humans or hunt them. The game’s single player story mode takes
players on an episodic journey where they’ll face an onslaught of human or ghoul foes in
real-time action-RPG combat. Game also has multiplayer mode where u can
play 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5 matches against other players. Game is free to play and has rating of 4.2
stars. Number 4 on our list is Star Legends, which
is a 3d hack and slash RPG released on January 12. Game is developed by Dream Sky who have made
hit games like League of Stickman. Star Legends action takes place in a 3d map
where u can fight alone, or take ur teammate with you. Game has got many different characters to
unlock, and each character has their own unique skills and fighting style. Star Legends has got the rating of 4.4 star
and is available for free. Number 3 in list is Survival Tactics, it is
a survival rpg game which mainly focuses on building, killing and surviving. Game is set in the world of 2027 and you can
choose form six real life cities such as New York, Tokyo Berlin and more. You can build and customize your own army
of tanks, drones, choppers, and troops to fit you strategy for battles, which takes
place in real time against other online players. Game also lets you join guilds where you can
request for reinforcement troops. Survival Tactics is a free game and currently
is in early access state. On Number 2 is Guardian: A Torchlight , which
is a adventure rpg and is set in same world of its pc series. Guardian has total 4 characters to choose
form each with 6 skill cores and 120 different skill combinations. You can also collect different pets in the
game, who can accompany you on your adventure. Guradian also have many other in game features
such as fishing, guild wars, map works and more. Guardian A Torchlight is a free game and has
rating of 4.6 stars. And On Number 1 we have Blade Reborn, is a
3D action RPG, with hack and slash fighting system. In game your goal is to fight against demon
race and stop darkness from rising. You can choose your player from 3 different
classes, each with 64 different skills and unique weapons. In game you can complete your quests & slash
you enemies alone, or join your friends in MOBA battlefields where you can play 25v25
team battle. Blade Reborn is a free game, and is currently
in unreleased state. So guys these were top android and ios rpg
games games 2018. If you like this video then hit the like,
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then keep gaming and have a great day.

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