Top 5 Video Game Chairs for Xbox One and PS4
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Top 5 Video Game Chairs for Xbox One and PS4

September 5, 2019

At number 5 we’ve got the V Rocker SE Wireless
Game Chair In Black This chair features easy to clean heavy duty
upholstery Wireless transmission of sound right to the
chair… either to the speakers hidden right in the chair itself or to the included headphone
jack for those late night gaming sessions… And this chair folds in half for easy storage
when its time to put it away in favor of the grown up furniture.
At number 4 the X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game chair
Its got illuminated speakers to bathe your gamer in that special glow
It offers inputs for your favorite audio or mp3 player… and its rated to a capacity
of 250 pounds so every gamer in your house can have a turn.
Number 3 the Ace Bayou X Rocker Pedestal Wireless Game Chair
With a 4.1 sound system and a built-in vibration experience this chair will put your gamer
in the middle of the action. This chair also offers built-in flip-up adjustable
armrests for maximum comfort and quick escapes. Our number 2 chair is the Wireless X Rocker
Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration With this chair you wont just hear the game,
you’ll feel it. An adjustable subwoofer in the back of the
chair kicks you where it counts With padded headrests and a design out of
the 24th century, this chair is sure to appeal to all of your gamers senses.
Our number 1 chair for this holiday season is the X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair
The control panel built into the side puts you in command of the entire room.
Connect this chair to your favorite console, mp3 player or home theater and feel the thunder
right in your seat. Blackened steel design let everyone know you’re
not here to mess around. Thats our countdown… Be sure to checkout
all our chairs on sale now at Use the promo code XBOXONE or PS4 for a 10%
discount on your purchase of a video game chair at hayneedle and let the games begin.

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  1. Hi Vyys, since the headphones bypass both the speakers and subwoofer, it actually would not be possible to keep the vibrations while using headphones. If you have any more questions, please give us a call at 1-888-880-4884. We will be happy to assist you. Thanks! 

  2. I'm really interested in buying the 2) Wireless chair w/ Vibration, but I was wondering about the transmitter thing you guys kept showing after every choice chair. What exactly is it? What does it do? Does it come with the chair? Do you recommend additionally purchasing it if it is sold separately? And are all of these chairs PS4 & PS3 compatible?? Can you recommend any PS4 & PS3 {compatible with both gaming systems} headphones with built in microphones too? 

  3. How can you set up the chairs to an xbox one. As i recall the xbox one and ps4 uses on only hdmi cables and not the original yellow, white,and red cabling. Please help as i have bought an x rocker chair recently

  4. The Xbox one does not come with the standard white, yellow, and red cords. Instead, it come with an HDMI. How do I set up my x rocker using that HDMI?

  5. Man all these chair reviews just show the chair. I want to see people SITTING in them. I'm 6'2 and I have no clue how well I'd fit in any of these.

  6. THESE CHAIRS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH XBOX ONE! I don't know why Hayneedle keeps saying they are because they are not. I had to return my X rocker II chair because Hayneedle failed to specify that you need an HDMI TO COMPONENT converter to get this chair to work for xbox one and the people at best buy said almost no place sells the converters anymore because they worked horribly so you'd have to buy one online. I tried to leave a review on their site to warn people but it was never posted so I guess they didn't like that I was telling people the truth.

  7. if you like this product inter to the link

  8. start selling your products in Denmark, because we only have what everyboddy calls a gaming chair from DX, AK and Arozzi and they are good, no doubt about that, but would also like something more cosy 🙂

  9. I have one already, my moms friend found it near some garbage container and just gave it to me. Its a XRocker. Got a speaker under it pretty cool, for proof ill take a pic and send it to you.

  10. X rockers blow spent 100 bucks ish on one that looked nice then a few months later the wood started pushing out since the padding material was so cheap now its pretty uncomfortable

  11. Hello friend,Excuse me, do you need to make a promotional video of the office chair? We are willing to provide the creativity and production of the film.

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