Top 5 Space Plays LA Valiant | Overwatch League Season 1 / OWWC 2018
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Top 5 Space Plays LA Valiant | Overwatch League Season 1 / OWWC 2018

October 9, 2019

There is no shortage of incredibly
talented players in the Overwatch League but NA is typically lacking when
compared to other countries in terms of excellent tank players but there are
some exceptions welcome to Akshon Esports and today
we’re going to be looking at some of the best plays of LA Valiant flex tank
player Space. This list will include notable moments from his time in the
inaugural season of the Overwatch League as well as some of his big plays from
the 2018 Overwatch World Cup. Space is
typically known for his incredible DVa play but our fourth entry is an
exception. In the very same match against the Gladiators in what can only be
described as a big brain play, Space secures the win for his team with
overtime counting down the Gladiators desperately tried to secure the final
point to tie up on horizon however just as the Gladiators rally behind Fissure
for their last push space uses his graviton to keep all the gladiators off
point as they are forced to helplessly watch overtime run out it may not be the
flashes to plays but it certainly guaranteed their win. Everytime the Gladiators and the Valiant faced off, it made for some of the most thrilling matches of the entire
Overwatch League inaugural season so it’s not much of surprise that many of
spaces best moments came from those matches but in their heated set in the
Stage 4 playoffs Space assuredly pulled his weight to help contribute to
his team’s victory. During his team’s push to point one on Gibraltar, Space
ensures no teamfight needs to happen as he annihilates LA Gladiators’ entire
backline with one perfect ult. For our second place entry we
move past the overwatch League and on to the Overwatch World Cup in the exciting
finals of the LA qualifiers Team USA faced off against Team Canada as USA’s
attack on Anubis seems to be done space comes up big for his team after sure for
emps the entirety of Team USA Space lands one of the most devastating diva
bombs I’ve ever seen taking out the entirety of Canada’s
supports and the entire team crumbles without their backline thanks to space
Team USA is able to clutch out their capture. We had a lot of incredible plays to pick from the young
Tank player’s career so far but one of his more recent high-impact plays from
Team USA’s match against Team Brazil in the Overwatch World Cup 2018 LA
qualifiers has to be one of his most impressive yet in a big team fight on
Nepal team Brazil shatters most of Team USA then pops coalescent and sound
barrier so on paper they should win this fight no problem but Team USA through
effective communication and ult coordination disassemble the entire
opposing team as Sinatraa grabs Brazil space self-destructs dealing enough
damage to get a 3k and secure the round for his team. Without a doubt, Space is a world level tank player and we cannot wait to see what crazy plays he is in store for the finals of the 2018 Overwatch World Cup
but what are some of your favorite plays that he has done did we miss any as
always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you enjoyed this video be sure to
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Darren from Akshon Esports and we’ll see you in the next one. Thanks for watching

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  1. Just a quick reminder, there are less than 48 hours left to sign up and compete in our Overwatch World Cup 2018 Bracket Challenge. Your picks lock on Nov. 2 so don't delay!

  2. Best western dva by a milestone his balance between offense and defence is just so nutty and his matrix use is second to non (also really underrated on his other off tanks but that is just because his dva is so good)

  3. As a D.VA main, I hate it when my team credits me for getting a multi-kill with a Zarya grav because I didn't do anything but press a button. The Zarya had to coordinate it and time it. I find that dps players think that they did everything when they get a multi-kill with a Zarya grav and when someone says nice they are like thanks i'm so good.

  4. This was such a dull video lol. None of these plays were that spectacular. It was a weird selection of lucky dva bombs. Askshon esports are really short of ideas clearly

  5. The play that made me fall in love with Space was when he stalled on point for over ten seconds as a sub half health Roadhog vs Saebyeolbe’s Widow and Meko’s Baby D.VA and then eliminated both of them during Stage 4 Week 3 Day 4 LA Valiant vs New York Excelsior!!!.

  6. I liked a lot space during owl, but I got disgusted by all of the US team during world cup because of their lack of sportmanship… I couldnt believe that space could be so toxic. I mean, picking unconventional heroes is fun and a little bm but still its still ok, not wanting to capture the objective to continue showing that you can shit on the enemy team a long as you want is not okay.
    The fact that i really liked their individuals player makes me even more sad

  7. Lmao, F in the chat for Uber. Commentating mistakes are embarrassing enough, but on a highlight play you ensure that it gets repeated over and over.

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