Top 5 Scariest Video Games Of All Time

September 14, 2019

Top 5 Scariest Video Games Of All Time
Its fun to get scared every now and again. Some people like to watch movies while others
prefer to really immerse themselves and play a scary video game and that’s what were
going to talk about today. Hey youtube welcome back to the most amazing
top 5 im court mcginley. Before we get started I want to know- whats
your favorite video game? Let me know your answers down in the comments. Also don’t forget to show us some love by
giving this video a big thumbs up and subscribing to our awesome channel. Alright lets get started on our list of the
top 5 scariest video games of all time. Coming in at number 5–Man Hunt- This is a
stealth- based survival horror video game. It was originally released in 2003 for PS2
and then came out in 2004 for Microsoft windows and Xbox. Now this videogame while scary is pretty different
then the rest. There are no ghouls or zombies this time. But trust me this game doesn’t need them. In this game you’re a character called James
Earl Cash- hes a death row inmate who is kidnapped by a sadistic snuff film creator. Throughout the game your character is forced
to murder gang members in increasingly gruesome ways. This game has sold over 1.7 million copies
and it was even banned in several countries due to its graphic and dark content. in at our number 4 spot–Condemned: Criminal
Origins-This is a first person survival horror video game and it launched worldwide in 2005. In this game you are puzzle solving- searching
for finger prints and gathering evidence as FBI agent Ethan Thomas. Your on the hint looking for a twisted serial
killer. This game takes you on a disturbing journey
and through your characters greatest fears. The intense and brutal combat will set you
on edge. You come face to face with drug- crazed psychopaths-
looking over crime scenes and exploring the shadiest parts of the city. In at number 3–Amnesia- This is a survival
horror game that came out in 2010. This video game is packed with tension- anxiety
and panic. Instead of providing the player with cheap
jump scares it actually allows the player to build up real tension throughout the game. It allows you to fight off disfigured monsters-
while also making every encounter with them uncomfortable and mysterious. You never known what to expect next. AS you make your way through the game you
come across less and less safe puzzle areas- and the whole narrative of the game shifts
from creepy to just down right disturbing. Coming in at number 2–Resident Evil- This
is a survival horror game that came out in 1996- and still to this day its known as one
of the scariest video game out there. It has many shocking and edge of your seat
moments. In this game you play characters Chris and
Jill who are members of an elite task force known as S.T.A.R.S. And you investigate Racoon city after one
of your teammates goes missing. Then you end up in a mansion filled with terrifying
zombies- that you need to explore in order to discover its secrets. And this game was and still is extremely popular
. Its actually a best selling debut game with sales of over 8.5 million copies worldwide. And this instalment is part of the best selling
game franchise that has sold over 82 million copies worldwide by 2018. And at number 1
–Silent Hill 2- Silent Hill was scary but they really stepped it up with silent hill
2. This is a survival horror video game. It was released back in September for 2001
as the second instalment in the Silent Hill series. The game centers around a character named
James Sunderland who enters a monster filled town after receiving a letter apparently written
by his deceased wife- saying that she is waiting for him in silent hill. He then goes looking for her and discovers
the truth about her death. This game includes psychological aspects and
some gruesome imagery. With in the first month of its release in
North America Japan and Europe sold over 1 million copies. This game does a great job of representing
real terror and consequences its also filled with emotional tragedy- guilt and anger. And there you have it that’s our list of
the top 5 scariest video games of all time. Thank you guys so much for watching. If there were any I missed make sure you list
those down below and I might make a part 2. Make sure you show us some love by giving
this video a thumbs up and as always ill catch you in the next one.

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