Top 5 Mobile Slot Games – Our Pick of the Best Mobile Slots
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Top 5 Mobile Slot Games – Our Pick of the Best Mobile Slots

August 24, 2019

Slots are a tough game to innovate in. You
have some rows, some columns and the number of lines. Add in a spin and you find that
there’s not a lot more to slots overall. Coming up with new and innovative ideas within the
slots genre is hard and especially impressive when someone manages to crack it. Because of the pressure this entails, we thought
we’d celebrate some developers imaginations with our list of the top 5 slot games Dazzle Me 5 – First up is the recently released Dazzle
Me. (Longer pause) Dazzle Me doesn’t add much in terms of features. In fact it adds nothing
at all, but shifts around the layout of the slots, turning the certainty of your spins
on their head. Instead of a usual 5×3 reel layout, Dazzle Me features a 3x3x4x4x5 layout.
Your chances of creating lines are increased due to the increased number of reels, whilst
the potential combinations of icons are much more unpredictable and exciting. Combine this
with Netent’s trademark Wild Reels and twin spins dropping in at random, and you have
a game that aims to deliver on surprises. Slingo Riches 4 – It’s been a tried and tested rule in
business that combining ideas is a good way to success. Tablets and computers create tablet
computers, sweaters and vests create sweater vests, Bulldogs and Shih tzus create… well
you get the idea. Slots and Bingo are the big winners of mobile casinos, so of course
they were combined to create Slingo. See what they did there? Slingo adds the excitement of slots with the
tension of Bingo. You start with a set number of spins and a bingo card. You spin in order
to create lines of numbers, which if they match up to your bingo card, get crossed off
like regular bingo. If you spin joker heads then you’re given the chance to personally
cross off certain numbers of your bingo card in order to complete as many lines as you
can. It’s hectic, random, with a touch of strategy; it brings all the excitement you
could ever need in a casino game. Diddly Diddly Dosh 2 3 – Irish themed slots are probably the
most common trend in casinos. It seems an Irish slot is as necessary as a gambling commission
licence in order to operate a mobile casino. It’s surprising then, that one of our top
innovative games bears an abundance of both leprechauns and clovers. Diddly Diddly Dosh 2 doesn’t innovate in its
main game, but instead offers many different minigames within the slot itself. If you manage to spin 3 clovers, then you
get to play a bonus minigame where you have to capture as many clovers as possible by
timing your click to gain more prizes. You can even gain special clovers by timing your
stop correctly. On top of that, if you manage to spin a (triple
d 2) DDD2 icon, then the game takes you to a board game section where you spin a reel
to land between prizes. By giving the player a constantly changing
game experience: from spinning slots, to then having to use their own quick reflexes to
catch clovers. It adds a lot more player concentration and investment to what otherwise could have
been just another Irish slot. Gonzo’s Quest 2 – We’d be lying if we said we weren’t
suckers for nice looking slots, and Gonzo’s Quest certainly satisfies our shallower side.
Starting with a CG trailer that sets up the story of the game, along with a wonderfully
animated model of Gonzo reacting to your spins as you play, this slot was already trying
hard to distract us from the game itself. Thankfully there is a good slot game here
also, so you get spoiled twice over. In a similar vein to games like Candy Crush, Gonzo
adds in the ability to make chains to your spins. Whenever you spin, if you have a line,
that line doesn’t simply get accepted and then spun again. Instead the blocks smash
apart, dropping in more blocks that may also create a line and smash apart, letting in
even more blocks. In this way, the game can chain together ridiculous
combos of lines beyond what you originally span. Charming Gonzo aside, its hard to care
what he’s doing when you’ve got a series of chains making you money because of one simple
spin. Greedy Goblinz 1 – This release is from only last week,
but already it’s caught our eye. This is such an original slot, that it’s hard to even call
it a slot at all. The game has a similar system to Gonzo’s Quest, in that you can chain together
combos after your original spin. Unlike Gonzo though, this slot doesn’t use lines but instead
involves Goblinz that eat each other. Goblinz can only eat Goblinz that are above them,
with the unfortunate elevated critter falling into the open mouth below. Only bigger Goblinz
can eat smaller Goblinz, so with every spin you need to have the larger Goblinz placed
directly below smaller Goblinz. Once a Goblin eats 2 Goblinz then it explodes and secures
you cash. One simple spin can create a horrible cascade
of Goblinz falling into the open mouths below them and being swallowed whole, before their
eater then explodes from fullness. It’s a much less family friendly scene than Gonzo
offers, but sadly we just can’t pass up an interesting slot concept, so, sorry (close
up of Goblin being eaten and screaming, then exploding). Anyway that was all for this week’s Top 5.
We hope you enjoyed it and will join us every Tuesday for further Top 5s from the gambling
world. Feel free to Subscribe to us, follow us on twitter or comment if you have any interesting
slots that you want to share. Links to our site and all the games mentioned are provided
in the description.

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  1. Dazzle Me sounds really cute ad is unique. I also like the min games with a bit O'skill thrown in. But I do not understand the lure of Starburst at all (not reviewed). Great review!

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