Top 5 Joypad-Compatible Android Games (2015)

September 10, 2019

There are lots of cool games nowadays on Android,
and we already talked about some of the best ones in the past, but unfortunately not all
of them allow you to play with an external controller. So, which are the best ones that
do? Gio here from the Nerd Herd, let’s find out! Playing FIFA on my mobile has always been
fantastic for me, considering how much of a fan I am of the saga.
However, playing FIFA on my Android with a joypad takes it to a whole new level.
The controls are much more intuitive, much more precise and the overall experience is
improved by a lot. Unfortunately the mobile version only allows
you to play the Ultimate Team mode, but I personally dig it so no big deal.
The gameplay is almost identical to, say, a PS2 version, if you’ve ever played it, and
that’s pretty acceptable for a mobile in my opinion.
Best of all, it is also completely free to play, so definitely check this one out. I think I’ve already inserted this game in
tons of other top 5s, but I can’t help recommending it.
It has a jaw-dropping graphic department, lots of different modes and stages, tons of
cars and customizations, simply my favorite mobile driving game, period.
Sure, this is not the most realistic one, because of the crazy stunts and crashes, but
it’s fun, and after all that’s the whole point. It indeed is pretty dope to play with the
accelerometer and the touch screen by themselves, but the joypad compatibility gives it those
extra points that really make it the ultimate mobile experience for games of this kind. Another actually really similar title is Riptide
GP2. Like the previous one, it delivers sick graphics and tons of fun, but the uniqueness
of the context sets it apart from the competition. Racing with jet skis is amazing, and the tons
of tracks and tricks offered by the game are enough for some short playing sessions, but
this probably isn’t the kind of game you’d dedicate four hours a day to.
The upgrades system typical of the genre is surely welcome, as it helps to keep things
fresh throughout the levels. There are tons of special moves to learn as you progress,
and that gives you something to look forward to within the races.
Again, like Asphalt 8, this is not what you’d call “realistic”, but who cares when you can
ride one of these things? Exploring an incredibly detailed world filled
with traps and puzzles, controlling a green fur ball with a Russian accent: what else
could you ask? All jokes aside, Leo’s Fortune actually is
a fantastic game, from the graphics to the gameplay itself to the little story behind
it. This game falls something in between a classical
platform and and a modern endless runner, pointing more towards the former, but the
result is an interesting mix that has everything to fill your breaks.
The interface is intuitive and you won’t have any problem in playing it just through the
touch screen, but the extra control given by the joypad becomes more useful as you reach
new levels and more complicated puzzles. Definitely a must have for every Android gamer. Great plot, futuristic atmospheres, enjoyable
gameplay and granted entertainment are the ingredients that make Implosion take part
in this Top 5. I actually discovered it really recently,
but I immediately fell in love with it. The concept -that is, alien invading the Earth-
probably isn’t the most original one you’ll ever find, but you probably won’t notice between
one boss and the other. It would be pretty difficult to play with
the touch controls by themselves, and it has been a welcome surprise to find out about
the controller compatibility. However, the biggest shortcoming of this game
is the steep price of 12$ you’ll have to pay if you want to proceed after level 3.
If you can deal with that, you won’t be disappointed by this title. So these were our top 5 favorites, but if
you have any suggestion feel free to leave that in the comment section right below.
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and Instagram. This was Gio, and I’ll see you guys, in the
next one.

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