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Top 5 Indie Game Hidden Gems – January 2019 – Get Indie Gaming

August 27, 2019

hey there and welcome to get indie
gaming and to our first indie games hidden gem series of the new year here I
run through five indie games of last year that I loved playing and yet would
pretty much overlooked and arguably didn’t find the audience they rightly
deserve and first up retro-styled 2d platformers have seen quite the
resurgence this past year with many many of them popping on to mobile and
particularly onto the switch where these games are often great to play while out
and about with this sadly comes a sea of blandness although super one more jump
is different than most by way of only having one interaction yep that’s right
all you do is jump there’s nothing else to it there’s no special moves etc etc
even the movement is taken care for you while this sounds nicely dull the level
design is rather superb with all the usual things you would expect to find in
such a game again just like other platformers of this type it’s hard to
play and that’s by design this of course means success comes to those to grasp
the technique of that one button press to get ahead all in all this is one of
the better and most hidden precision based platformers I’ve played for quite
some time ah now and this month’s number four and while looking like what it is a
pure retro themed first-person shooter dust came along in early January for the
PC after a while in early access it’s fast it’s frantic and it comes with
three campaign episodes all with in a low poly garish looking environment
aside from the campaign dusk ships with one of those enemies coming after you
wave after wave where you battle until you die which is as fun to play as
anything like it on the market the addition of an online arena multiplayer
is a cracking touch and while this looks so very retro its use of modern
mechanics a gritty metal soundtrack the differing weapons each having a solid
and weighty feel to them together with a damn fine implement
station of air quotes physics means it’s a set above your average doom quake or
other such inspired late 90s shooter tributes it honestly really is that good
if you haven’t played it and you’re a fan of the genre go pick it up as soon
as possible our number three slot belongs to Farlow and sales a side
scroller featuring a girl within a post end-of-the-world landscape that’s free
of the usual zombies and other such nasties
new players a small girl where you begin off at home don’t forget to take that
mailbox with you before setting out on a journey with your hulking land craft
that constantly needs tinkering and playing with during the course of this
four or five hour adventure as you progress your craft receives upgrades
such as a sail to propel you forward or a giant hoover to easily suck up fuel
from outside the craft with its grey and red color scheme it does at times have
the air of sadness about it although come the end it’s honestly an uplifting
experience the puzzles well they’re not perfect and sometimes neither is the
physics they are however intuitive and never overly taxing the standout
sections in this game are driven by weather effects be they dynamic hail
storms lightning strikes and erupting volcanoes coming from a small team this
debut from automotive and one that started from a students project makes
this all the more impressive and on to this month’s runner up hands up who
remembers playing these type of marble games such as Super Monkey Ball and
Marble Madness on the NES or Sega Genesis a good number of years ago it
can’t be just us surely well anyway marble it up looks and plays like a
modern take on these cultish classics from yesteryear the premise remains the
same you navigate your balls around a 3d level and try not to fall off the edge
naturally enough there are obstacles in your way across the 40 different levels
and that’s pretty much it sounds easy enough and yet in places it does become
devil the tricky I played this on the switch
and enjoyed it immensely it’s not just something here for the
nostalgia but something fresh funny and fun our number one indie game hidden gem
of a January comes in the form of an online persistence of I Ville Stan box
cooperative multiplayer one hour one life from developer Jason Roja begins
with you as a baby you’re unable to talk or move we’re every minute that passes
in the game equates to a year in your character’s life unless another player
usually an adult female character notices the little you and gives you
food and warmth you’re killed off fairly quickly as you might expect the older
you get the more you’re able to take care of yourself that said things don’t
really seem to get that much easier I’ve yet to get past the 40 or so minute
mark over many many hours of playtime one hour one life is honestly a
beautiful little find and comes with a thriving community where people
genuinely seem to be having a good time and the servers are always full with
people willing to play this really was a big surprise I’ve enjoyed playing it
it’s simple and yet challenging and pretty much unique for what it does it’s
also being blessed with what seems to be weekly updates card wager this is one of
the most hidden hidden gems we’ve had here on the channel if you’ve played it
let us know down in the comments and likewise if you haven’t go check it out
we think you’ll enjoy it and with that did you see anything you
liked be sure to let us know in the comments and while you’re here hit that
like button and if you haven’t already subscribe to the channel so you don’t
miss out on our thrice weekly indie game videos you can find all the details for
the games including links down in the description and with that many thanks
for watching we look forward to welcoming you back here soon for more
indie game videos

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  1. Welcome to our first indie Game Hidden Gems video of the New Year. See anything you like? Please let us know down below.

  2. Have you seen Youropa?
    Accidently found it and it's quite good and relaxing puzzle game. Thought it deserves a little highlight.

  3. I played far lone sails, is a game of 1h, but it fill you up with some satisfaction after you finish it that makes you want to play again and again…

  4. FAR: Long sails is fantastic! Highly recommended for its hauntingly beautiful art and environmental storytelling!

  5. Dusk is fantastic. Though it's hideous. Amid Evil, so far, is better in my opinion, at least for its campaign. And infinitely better-looking. But god yes Dusk rules. Cheers for amplifying it. It needs all the attention.

    One Hour One Life seems super interesting. Not sold on it being worth the price but it's so unique and interesting. Will continue watching with a bit more interest.

  6. Oh, awesome! Marble It Up's style looked really familiar; it turns out it's made by the same team as the Marble Blast series. I loved Marble Blast Ultra, and only wished it were longer, so discovering this is a real treat. Thanks!

  7. "You navigate your balls", 😀
    btw. you missed one super important hidden gem for modern gaming imo…..your channel! 😉

  8. Just want to say that I LOVE your videos. My Steam wishlist is full of stuff that I'd never seen until you covered it in videos like this. 🙂

  9. That marble game reminds me of one on the XBOX 360 called 'Marble Blast Ultra'. I loved that game, and I might check this new one out.

  10. You've listed FAR as being on the Switch. Not only is it not on the Switch, but I can't find any plans for a future release on it.

  11. Can’t find FAR on the Switch eShop, I think you got a mistake there. Sad, looks amazing and wanted to buy it on Switch. Cool video!

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