Top 5 Indie Game Hidden Gems – April 2018
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Top 5 Indie Game Hidden Gems – April 2018

August 29, 2019

hi everybody and welcome to get indie
gaming and to our April rundown of five games of recent times you might have
missed in the hundreds that find their way onto the market in any given month
in this episode with a fine variety with selections ranging from a spoof Japanese
game show something first shown way back in 2009 and a humorous 3d voxel horror
survival offering from earlier this year that’s been woefully neglected by the
wider gaming community we consider this episode to be somewhat of an early
access special with all but one of them being out in this fashion however please
rest assured we’ve bought and played them all and each of them feel and play
well on the way to being the finished article and one more than happy to
recommend you take a look if you’re able let’s begin with neon the ninja and well
a long time coming this launched back in early March of this year it’s a 2d
punk-rock action stealth game with a big emphasis on intense and hard fast boss
battles in an unusual and highly playful twist you hide in the glaring neon
lights rather than the traditional darkness levels are side-scrolling
platformer in nature with the bosses at times being a mighty challenge on one
level we consider this type of game to be also a puzzler insofar as like other
games with epic boss battles there’s usually a strategy or Associated method
with which to win the day while the garish colors might not be to
everybody’s taste we found them gloriously reminiscent of
many a color scheme from the 90s and put us in mind of the global hyper color
shirts of way back then while out and early access neon the ninja feels
polished and plays well we had no issue with bugs or glitches and we’d like to
see perhaps more from the stealth mechanic yet as it is it’s a rather
large bundle of fun to play highly recommended here at number four we find ourselves in
the haunted mansion of the Padre a retro looking 3d horror non-traditional
point-and-click adventure game that uses a splendidly blocky gothic themed voxel
art style that came out in early access in late February of this year within the
game you set about the mansion going about solving puzzles and other typical
gameplay options that the fans of alone in the dark series will find instantly
recognizable graphically the voxel style is cleverly used with impressive
backgrounds within the mansion that helped create a sinister overall feeling
the audio too works well with the visuals hand in hand the haunting
soundtrack chilling sound effects and the self-referencing resident evil
sounding piano kudos to goes to the voice acting which is strong throughout
and delivers above what we usually see in these type of indie games there are
of course a few areas we hope to see improvements on prior to the full launch
the combat works well enough although we often found the best way of getting past
the enemies was to dodge them and make hay while you can other high points
include the use of smart interactive aspects of the mansion where statues and
other things come to life unexpectedly either harming you directly or working
with things such as the deck or to chip away at your health all in all the Padre
is a fine work-in-progress and one was certainly going to be keeping an eye out
for comets for launch from back in September of last year our
number three hidden gem for April vapor ‘m is Orden interesting in equal
measures being a game with links to the Dorner computer RPGs and is a
first-person dungeon crawler such as eye of the beholder dungeon master and the
more recent legend of grimrock it uses a classic grid based box system with
steampunk looks that shares more than a passing likeness to the forever
wonderful original Bioshock unlike most dungeon crawlers this one’s also a solo
experience there are no additional adventurers to help you as you do battle
we’ll go about solving the many in-game puzzles that well usually
straightforward some take more lateral thinking than others the overall plot
however is a tad thin although it does give you enough of a reason to be going
about your business all in all there’s close to 15 hours of gameplay perhaps
more should you choose to explore the game’s optional areas that usually
reward you for doing so fat butt games have done well with this one and they’ve
updated an aging genre into something that’s fresh well put together and
satisfying to play our runner up Nippon Marathon will be coming to the PC and
all the usual consoles later this year where were massive fans of this four
player party game as it is today even within its early access condition has no
doubt obvious to many this one takes its inspiration from some of those Japanese
game shows we see on our TV sets from time to time think the likes of brain
wall and Takashi’s castle with the hijinks and visual presentation as
should be apparent from the on-screen antics Nippon marathon is fast forensic
and sees you hurdling barrels avoiding being chased by dogs while at the same
time amongst many things chucking fruit at your opponent’s with a
group of friends as chaotic and at times challenging little number will bring
wide smiles to you all we also found it devilishly Moorish
which saw us coming back to it when we had guests over for just one more
playthrough this one’s terrific today and we certainly can’t wait to see how
it develops and what the full release title will
and play like our first place for April spy party in development for nearly a
decade launched an early access a little over a week ago this past April 12th at
first glance it’s not perhaps overly compelling it’s a two-player game where
one the spy must complete missions while attending a party surrounded by AI
controlled guests while the other player a sniper has to figure out which one of
the guests is the spy before dispatching them off to meet their maker spy wins if
they complete the assigned missions or if the sniper kills the wrong person
which of course means the sniper wins if they correctly take out the spy or the
timer runs out before they’re able to complete the assigned missions while we
note the limitations of such an early access game there are a few bugs and
glitches to be ironed out at said my party is hands-down one of the most
enjoyable online two-player games we ever played and it certainly brought
both of our competitive streaks right out front and center while the games are
relatively short it’s a tense and frantic affair throughout with the
snipers laser sight dancing around the room going from person to person as the
sniper it’s easy to miss a vital clue and yet as the spy a simple mistake
always seemed to end in an early death while spy party as it is today isn’t
particularly large we’re certain it will grow over time and there’s plenty to
keep you coming back for more there also seems to be a rather fine community
attached to this one where we’ve met some of the most helpful and charming
people ever within an online gaming experience while only out an early
access we’ve had a real blast from this over the past week or so since launch
and we urge you all if you’re able to check this one out as we said at the
start while containing more early access releases than usual or rather happy with
these selections for our hidden gem series for April were keen as ever to
hear from you our awesome community on which ones you think you might pick up
and likewise to the ones that you think you’re gonna give a wide berth to as we
love to say many thanks for watching still to come this April we have our
indie game Kickstarter overview a handful of review piece
is including forgotten and and quite possibly a new look to our end of month
top 10 indie game countdown with that hope to see you here again soon for more
indie game videos

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  1. Thanks for the list! Vaporum looks like right up my alley. I hope it's as good as Legend of Grimrock (wish there's a 3rd sequel).

  2. Amazing list, let's check this out.

    5.-Neon the Ninja: Seems compeling…I do like action platformers and this one seems good, but the artstyle is not really my jam…Is cheap tho..because is Early Access, let's hope it gets better when they release it in 2019

    4.-The Padre: Now this game looks interesting, Im usually not to fond on games with that voxel style…but this seems pretty well done.The gameplay is doing an amazing job to emulate those old school horror games I like it, also even when the game is Early Access seems like it will be complete very soon, that´s nice.

    3.-Vaporum: I already knew about this game, I really like The Legend of Grimrock and this seems to be more of the same, so hooray Im really interested in getting it.

    2.-Nippon Marathon: Seems like a streaming game, I do not play party games and this one wont change that, but I might watch my favorite streamer playing it for the lols. Seems fun if you are into that kind of stuffs

    1.- Spy Party: I like the arstyle in the game, also the concept itself is pretty neat. I can safely say this game is great…but is not for me. Im more a single player gamer, I like my campaings and my stories, this kind of games are cool but Im not into multiplayer games. That said I can totally see its value.

    Thanks for making the video, I will keep my eye on Neon the Ninja and The Padre (since I was already keeping an eye on Vaporum)

  3. Holy shit, a decade is a really long time. The game looks neat though, might try it out once it comes out of early access, if it's not too expensive.

  4. Nice list, but I'm disappointed you guys still haven't covered Staxel, especially in an early access episode.

  5. Spy Party looks excellent. Haven't heard of it before so will be buying that over the next few days. Nippon Marathon should be really cool too. I'm not always too sure about buying games in Early Access although you might have made me think twice about doing so.

  6. The Padre looks neat! Not my style of game though. Great nod to Vaporum & Nippon Marathon as well!

  7. Curious little selection – should be a little something in there for most discerning gamers.
    I really like the idea of Spy Party but I can't do online multiplayer sadly. Will definitely keep my eye on Nippon Marathon as long as it has couch co-op.

  8. Have you covered Deep Rock Galactic yet? It's a very Left 4 Dead-style game about Dwarves mining resources in space that came out in Early Access about a month ago. My friends and I absolutely love it. Also, I think you covered it, but in case you didn't The Sexy Brutale was probably my favorite game from last year; you should give that a look if you haven't already.

  9. Wow! Spy Party looks amazing now – I remember seeing it aaagggeees ago when it looked like this –
    Always loved the concept and now I feel like an old indie games fangirl for remembering when they first announced it :/

  10. I like doing proper and professional reviews of these indie games on my channel. Unfortunately, alot of indie games coming out recently are early access. I dislike the idea of paying for and playing unfinished games.

  11. Awesome review and content!!! I wanted to know,what is that cinematic army/war game with robotic spider like guns & robots,with humans battling.You are showing on the beginning of this YouTube video,the name of the game on your intro clip,what is the name to this specific video game??????? It wasn’t mentioned in this video.Thanks.

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