Top 5 Harry Potter Games PC
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Top 5 Harry Potter Games PC

January 23, 2020

Fantastic games and where to find them? Well
I got 5 harry potter games for you which may be worth your time, as far as movie tie-in
games go harry potter usually did pretty good, even all these years later, even older games
hold up surprisingly well!! I must point out that while I have played at least one version
of every game,more for some, this list will just be talking about the PC versions of the
games, this might influence the list, now let’s get started! Harry potter and the goblet of fire
This game isn’t all that bad but it just suffers from a couple of things, then again
I placed it on this list for a good reason, the same reason I don’t like it in fact.
If that sounds confusing, hear me out. The first three harry potter games were based
on exploration and were open world games before the genre was popular, hell I don’t think
back in the day there was even a name for it. Then this game came along and all ties
to any open world are gone. It’s just a matter of going into a level, collecting your
triwizard shield and then moving on to the next. The levels are small worlds by themselves,
having more than just one linear path in it. Every level has a couple of different shields
but collecting one will require you to start the level over to get the next one to there’s
no smart planning where you can get 2 at the same time.
Another addition is ron and hermione, they will now be at your side which opens up some
multiplayer possibilities, which I’ve not been able to try but it can hardly be worse
than the AI in this game. You see, sometimes you need one of your partners, or both, to
cast a spell with you to overcome a large obstacle. Usually when you start to cast the
spell, they will follow and you can move on but sometimes the game just flat out refuses
to tell the AI the use the proper spell and it more or less means you’re stuck here
and have to mess around until the game decides byu some random chance it’s time to let
you pregres. So why is this game on the list? Well, even
though it may not be the most well made harry potter game, it tried to do something different.
I won’t say i prefer a linear level select screen over an open world but it does give
a whole new way of playing these games and that in it’s own way is fun. Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone
It all had to start somewhere didn’t it? And while this game is enjoyable I wouldn’t
go as far as saying it’s actually good. The whole reason why it’s above goblet of
fire on this list is because at least this one works the way it’s intended to work.
The issue being is, the way it’s intended to work isn’t particularly well made either.
Walking around you would think you have more than just forward and backwards movement right?
Well, you don’t. Pressing the left of right button just rotates the camera. Have you guys
ever played toy story racers? Because it’s a little bit like that, allowing your to make
donuts… but not with a car, it’s just harry running in circles!
But I suppose you get used to that, so next up you try to cast a spell only to find out
harry doesn’t feel like walking anymore. That’s right, this game stop your moment
when you want to cast a spell, interrupting the flow of the gameplay and generally making
even more of a mess of what were already stiff controls. The game is also rather linear,
even though it’s got a decent amount of secrets. Now, I have to be fair, most harry
potter games are in some extend linear, goblet of fire of course being almost as linear as
it gets but some other games give you places to explore. This game however only gives you
what’s absolutely relevant to the main story with a secret room every now and then. Other
games feel like they’re taking place in a living world at hogwarts, this game feels
more like a set of interconnected corridors… which I guess is the definition of a castle…
but you get my point. Even with these complaints, the game is still
fun to play and one thing this game does better than any other game is learning spells. In
this game you have to draw the symbol of the spell with your mouse in 4 stages which progressively
get harder and require you to make less mistakes. The second game replaces this with what might
as well be glorified quicktime events and from the 3rd game on you just know the spells
from the moment you enter the classroom. So yeah, I like this game even though it’s
got a lot of flaws, it’s not rational at all but hey, this is my list isn’t it? Harry potter and the order of the phoenix
The harry potter series started out as games focused around exploration and mysteries.
You know, the thing hogwarts is known for, after Goblet of fire decided that such things
were no longer necessary and make a rather boring game in the process it was time for
order of the phoenix to go back to its roots and open up hogwarts to you as the player
again but since nothing really happens in this book and movie, even though it’s the
longest book in the series. A lot of extra side quests have been added, some of which
take wayyy too long, finding all the DA members is going to take you about a third of the
game, maybe about a fourth if you know what to do. And it’s little more than a list
of fetch quests. You need to find them using the map and then do a miniquest for them.
And honestly, the rest of the game isn’t that much more interesting. I like the return
to form and the magic system in this game actually requires you to do proper wand movements
with your controller, something which in theory is nice but doesn’t quite work. All together
I like the ideas this game has, it’s just a shame it doesn’t deliver on them with
quality. Then again, dumbledore VS voldemort is playable
so that’s a thing. Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
Like many of my lists, this was a hard choice, this was nearly the number one spot but it
ended up getting stuck at number 2 because the exploration you would expect from a place
like hogwarts has been scaled down in this game. The castle is still open to explore
and of course there’s secrets to be found but they are generally more obvious and there’s
just less of them. The thing you get in return for that is, first of, a better looking game.
This game is made for a newer generation than the games before it and you can tell for sure!
You can also play as ron and hermione in this game and unlike in goblet of fire, it actually
has use playing as one character or the other, ron learns carpe retractum, a spell which
can pull things, hermione learns lapifors and draconifors, transfiguration spells that
allow you to control a small bunny or a small dragon, these segments are a lot of fun to
play! And harry learns glacius, a spell to freeze certain enemies and of course, freeze
water. This makes for some fun sliding segments! Of course there’s a bunch of basic spells
all characters can use like alohomora, depulso and rictusempra. And just like in goblet of
fire, multicasting is a thing in this game, as a matter of fact, it started in this game
and somehow it just works here, making the fact that it doesn’t work in goblet of fire
even worse! It’s also a rather short game, which you
could see as being a bad thing but I personally enjoyed the time I had with it, chamber of
secrets is a much longer game but tends to drag on a little sometimes, with this game
you might not spend as much time on it but every second of it feels like a joy! Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
This game is how I remember harry potter, the game steers you heavily in the right direction
for the story at all times. To the point of it being slightly annoying but at most times
you can completely disregard all of that and go explore the castle. And let me tell you,
there’s a LOT to explore! Hidden rooms behind walls, mirrors and paintings. The thing is,
you can’t enter them all right away as some of them require the use of a spell like diffindo
to cut a spiderweb or surge to remove some ectoplasm… yeah that’s a thing. Then there’s
secret rooms you can enter but can’t explore since you’ll have to unlocked to spongify
spell to get up to a higher level. The main gameplay loop is pretty easy, you
learn a new spell, go through a trail that takes full advantage of your new spell, then
usually some story happens and this cycle pretty much repeats until the credits roll.
between any of these points you can generally explore the castle as much as you like, which
is the most fun part of the game, after every spell you learn new secrets open up to you!
Only one things though, the quidditch in this game kind of sucks and is boring. You just
fly the stadium without much control around and kick the opposing seeker in the head until
he leaves you alone at which point you can get closer to to snitch, again, you repeat
this until you get close enough to catch it and win. The matches don’t even get any
more difficult really. I mean yeah, they take longer but that’s not because you as the
player have to do more difficult things. I mean that couldn’t be it because there is
nothing to do in this minigame other than wait until you win. Thanks for watching this top 5 harry potter
games list, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a like below this video and subscribe
to my channel. While you’re down theorem let me know what your favorite harry potter
game is with a comments and until the next time, BYE

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  1. I felt like they overdid the Order Of The Phoenix a little, they put too many secrets and too much to do in the game. Whereas the Half blood Prince, Prisoner of Azkaban had the right amount. Philosophers stone had too little, chamber of Secrets is ok Deathly Hallows part 1&2 isn't realistic because you wouldn't be interested in collectibles while on the run from death eaters, dementors and snatchers.

  2. 1. HP 1 2 and 3 PC
    2.Half Blood Prince
    3. Quddich World Cup Gamecube
    4.Order Of The Phoenix Xbox 360
    5.Deathly Hallows 1&2 Xbox 360

  3. Does anyone know how I can download any of these games? Especially The Half Blood Prince and The Order Of The Phoenix. EA don`t sell them anymore, so can someone tell me how I can download them, or where I can buy them? Much appreciated.

  4. Goblet of Fire making this list/referring to the Philosopher’s stone as ‘Sorcerer’s stone’ makes me sceptical of your point of view.

  5. Hahaha I’m a lucky girl having the first 3 HP games sitting on a computer of fam kept from the early 2000s just for the sake of playing those games 😂

  6. Chamber of Secrets was my favorite one, it has much control units compared with the first game. The most beautiful part is if you couldn't find all the wizard cards except gold ones, you can just buy it in the game. I had always left one card in some of the challenges. What a game was it.

  7. My favorite Harry Potter game was Chamber of Secrets, followed closely by Prisoner of Azkaban.
    …And the scores! My GOODNESS, the scores! Jeremy Soule's soundtracks to the first three games (The main themes to each of them, in particular) are simply fantastic! I still listen to them now!

  8. No half-blood prince! I always felt Half-Blood Prince did what OotP tried to do, but better. I also really enjoyed the minigames it had. I enjoyed your list otherwise though. Harry Potter 2 is without a doubt the game I think of when someone brings up harry potter video games. The open world was incredible for it's time.

  9. I've only played every version of the first 3 games, but I'll try to rank them.
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PC)
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PS1)
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS1)
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PC)
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (GC/PS2/XBOX)
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBA)
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (GC/PS2/XBOX)
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBC)
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (GBC)
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (GBA)
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GC/PS2/XBOX)
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (GBA)

    I've also played the 2 LEGO games, but it almost wouldn't be fair to include them since they are obviously far better than any of the others.

  10. Just finished Prisoner of Azkaban and Chamber of Secrets (again) and I was wondering if there were any better Potter games. Well… shit

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