Top 5 Gaming Mice

September 12, 2019

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great technology selection and service hello everyone this is Dmitry with
Hardware Canucks and I just realized that we have produced and surpassed 400
videos released on this channel so give us a like if you’d want to see 400 more
now this has given us many opportunities to highlight some of the best top
quality and value for many products out there so in this episode we’re doing a
top 5 gaming mice to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your current Mouse or
just looking to get a sense of what is available on the market now these are
not in any particular order but instead we hope to provide an objective top 5
gaming mice that we have reviewed and starting with number one the rocket ion
now you can click on the name on the top right corner to view our full reviews on
each of these mice but this one seriously has one of the best button
layouts you can find on the mouse with awesome easy shift plus functionality
that adds secondary commands to each of your buttons there’s a tilt joystick for
aircraft control and there’s also a fence switch that isn’t very comfortable
to use but could serve helpful for additional macros the ergonomics are
top-notch with proper thumb inserts curvature of the top frame with a slant
to the right to properly support your palm and I love the scroll wheel it has
very distinct scroll steps and is also light enough to press there is something
I consider crucial for a gaming mouse now this is a laser option but with
proper configuration in the software the tracking is super precise without
noticeable acceleration and let’s not forget the awesome rim lighting that you
can actually see while you’re using the mouse if you got the means to afford
this $99 product we would highly recommend this to get on your list now
for number two we’ve got the asus rog Gladius this is their latest gaming
mouse as of making in this video and it’s got a lot going for it the grippy
sides allow light holding with good support along with proper thumb rest and
extra form on the opposite side to accommodate for your ring and pinky
fingers the optical sensor used in this mouse is considered one of the best on
the market and if you have committed to optical mice you would definitely love
this the scroll wheel and quick dpi change behind it are tactile and allow
users to switch between two dpi without needing to cycle through as even
one eye game I use only two DPI steps to increase it in decrease it if I get into
a vehicle and if I exit and the best part about the Gladius would be the swap
well on run switches as ASUS includes an extra pair that you can replace
yourself for a different resistance click on either primary buttons and you
can even mix them up to suit your resistive map reference the red lighting
looks sexy to suit the rog color scheme and the Gladius is a strong contender
within this list that should be considered just for $79 moving on to
number three Mionix Avior 7000 and Mionix NAOS 7000 now I’ve grouped these
two together as they use an identical sensor and just vary in the form as you
can’t avoid the left hand users so for those who require that left hand
operation the Avior 7000 is a good place to start
the NAOS 7000 has been my daily driver ever since release and I’ve come to
appreciate that slightly wider body that fits my hand like a glove for that thumb
support and both ring and pinky fingers covered in a soft touch coating both
mice offers superb build quality but don’t be thrown off by the lightweight
it is unfortunate there is no weight customization but you quickly can adjust
to the lightweight for both the Avior and the nails they use outstanding
switches for your primary left and right click and excellent site browser buttons
for soft roll off that provide tactile actuations but continue to travel inside
the body that prevents it from affecting your aim this is a brilliant feature the
optical sensor used here provide outstanding tracking given you combine
this with a proper dark hard surface mat for best results and finally the subtle
lighting features of an illuminated logo and the scroll wheel are super
appreciated with full RGB spectrum that allows seamless color matching to the
rest of your setup and at $79 both the Avior and the NAOS 7000 form a
well-rounded bundle for lefties and an extremely comfortable Mouse experience
on the nails as well coming in at number four we have the CM Storm Mizar for
those on the limited budget but still want the proper ergonomic design good
switches and the trusted Avago 9800 laser sensor so the Mizar might be a
way to go you get RGB illumination on the mouse a proper Glide feet at the
bottom and rubberized sides for a better grip along with large browser buttons
for your thumb the scroll wheel is not the best at least not as nearly as good
as with the other mice on this list but the dpi change buttons behind the scroll
wheel are appreciated with good access that for sure will come
in handy and for $59 the CM storm is our rounds off the features with a trusted
layout to still be competitive and on the last gaming mouse on the list at
number 5 is the logitech g502 proteus core this is an extremely popular mouse
for gamers that offer outstanding ergonomics with deep curve for your
thumb and proper top surface curvature for comfortable handling now for larger
hands due to such a slim profile you might not find it as comfortable but
this would be a total killer profile for smaller hands all of the switchers are
outstanding with really fast primary switches for FPS titles for example
quick dpi levels with LED indicators and a sniper button to quickly activate your
preferred sensitivity when it is pressed this is also the only Mouse in this list
with customizable weights that comes with a storage compartment and that’s
really appreciated so you don’t lose them the g502 features an optical
sensor with awesome precise tracking and the only thing to be aware of how the
teflon feet at the bottom that on our sample were out easily and became an
annoyance with tracking and there are many other cases like this online so
there’s no replacement feet included but it seems Logitech has addressed this
issue by sending out replacement feet and they also believe that extra set is
now included in all the packaging and well that would be it for our top 5
gaming mice that we have reviewed as they have gone through our deep analysis
but let us know if any other gaming mice that you would recommend to the viewers
to expand the horizon of a half a million options that we already have
available and if you’re an owner of any of these mice mentioned on this list are
you happy with your current setup or considering to change for something else
well let us know in the comments below make sure to check out our full reviews
of all these mice here as always thanks for watching consider subscribing for
more similar content and we’ll see you in the next one

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