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Top 5 Gadgets for Truckers | weBoost

October 7, 2019

If you’re on the road
all day, every day, anything to make the drive
easier is a huge bonus. Today we’re going to
show you some of the best gadgets for truckers. Now I know gadgets,
but I’m not a trucker. So to make sure that
these gadgets are actually useful for truckers,
we’ve enlisted the help of an
over-the-road professional. I’m Jamie Hagan and
I’ve got 24 years of over-the-road experience,
and over 3 million miles in the seat. All right. So one of the most important
things when you’re on the road is communication. Our first gadget
helps with just that. The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR
helps you stay connected wherever you need to go. It will help you speed
up your cellular data and let you call and text from
wherever the road takes you. So you can keep talking while
driving to the back road or streaming your favorite tunes
from the most remote of truck stops. The Drive 4G-X OTR is
especially designed for today’s modern truckers. Setup is easy and requires
only some basic tools. Once installed,
the signal booster is constantly checking
the signal level and adjusting
itself to make sure that you have the most
cellular coverage possible. The Drive 4G-X OTR works by
taking the weak signal that is unusable by your
phone and amplifies it, sending that strong
signal into the cab, allowing for quick data
speeds and clear calls. Next up we’ve got the dezlCam
navigation unit from Garmin. Garmin has a line of dezl
products specifically for truckers, all
which are great. We like the dezlCam particularly
for a few key features that we’ll get into. First off, the dezlCam is
a great truck navigator that comes with detailed maps of
North America and free lifetime map updates, and an HD digital
traffic to keep you moving. This is specifically
designed for truckers with custom-routing for their
specifics of your truck, like the size, weight, and load. It also features route
warnings like sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits,
steep grades, and more. It also includes a
directory of points of interest like truck
and trailer services, food, and much
more, all of which are highly rated by truckers. You can mount the unit on
the dash or the windshield, and the bracket is great. It’s magnetic, so it is very
easy to remove and attach. It also features
a six inch screen so everything is
clear and easy to see. One of the features we
love about the dezlCam is the built in dash cam. The dash cam is adjustable
so you can swivel it for the optimal view. As soon as you start moving,
dezlCam automatically starts recording
HD quality video. In the event of a
collision, the unit will save the footage on impact. You can also save the footage
manually if you’d like. There’s even an
optional GPS overlay which shows the
location, speed, date, and time so you can
precisely record everything about the incident. You can remove the dezlCam
from the mounting bracket and capture still images of
the damage using the snapshot feature. Another great feature
is the compatibility to link up the unit
with a backup camera. The Garmin BC 30
wireless backup camera is easily connected
to the dezlCam, and it makes it easy to
see what’s behind you when you’re backing up your truck. You can sync your phone to
the dezlCam via Bluetooth and use hands free calling
through the unit’s integrated mic and speaker. Or you can connect
a Bluetooth headset. You can also use voice
activated navigation. Just speak a place
you want to go, and keep your
hands on the wheel. The dezlCam makes life
easier with a host of tools that allows you to track
miles driven, breaking it down to those driven
in a given state. It will record hours of
service, your status, and alert you of potential
violations in advance. All of the data is easily
downloadable to your computer for easy entry into logbooks,
forms, or tax documents. You can even keep logs of
tire mileage, tire pressure, oil changes, tire
changes with the dezlCam. Next up we’ve got the B350-XT
noise canceling headset from BlueParrott. This headset has the industry’s
best noise cancellation. So you’ll be sure
to be heard clearly. The headset features the
new BlueParrott button, which is customizable. You can use it as a mute button
or a speed dialing or more. The next one is
the multifunction, and it controls the
on/off, call and answer, and parings function. Below that, you’ve got
your volume controls. The ear pad is large
and comfortable so you can wear it all
day without a problem. The flexible
gooseneck bends easily and stays where
you put it, and it features a microphone with
BlueParrott’s extreme noise suppression. The B350-XT pairs easily
with your phone or GPS unit for calls, streaming
music, or getting GPS directions right into your headset. Just one touch is all it takes
to pair it to your device. You can use the headset with
two cell phones or a phone and a computer at the same time. You can also keep the
headset up to date with the latest firmware
using the VXi Updater. Battery life is great. You can talk for over 24
hours on a single charge. When it comes time
to charge it back up, just plug the micro USB
cable into either one of the included AC or DC
chargers, whichever works best for you for your situation. Speaking of charging, there are
a lot of things in your truck that require power,
whether that means they require constant
power or they just need to be charged up. You need some way to supply
them with that power. We love the PowerDrive
PD3000 inverter. PowerDrive has a number
of inverters in all sizes to fit your needs. So if you don’t need
3000 watts of power, check out one of these. The PD3000 provides 3,000
watts of continuous power for AC devices,
with a high surge capacity for devices that
require up to 6,000 watts to start. You can see the wattage
output on the LCD display, which is removable and
comes with an extension cable. You can run this
elsewhere in your cab and mount it, for
example on your dash, so you can keep an eye on it. The PD3000 has four
three pronged AC outlets and two USB outlets for devices
like phones and tablets. One of the coolest features
of the PowerDrive inverter is the ability to
access it remotely. Download the free app and
you can pair your device to the inverter. You can monitor the
inverter, change settings, perform tests, and power
the inverter on and off, all from your phone. With this feature and
the removable display, you can hide the inverter
away but still have access to all of its features. The PD3000 is built tough to
withstand the rigors of life on the road and has some
great safety features like temperature, high and
low voltage, and overload protections, with audible
alarms and safety shutoff for safety and reliability. And we also have the Trucker
Tough QI wireless charger. The Trucker Tough QI
wireless smartphone charger is a true hands free device. Just dock your compatible phone
for quick and easy charging on the go. No more hassle of trying to
plug it in while you’re driving. It’s also customizable
to all shapes and sizes of smartphones. Finally, we wanted to
throw in a bonus gadget. The Hydroflask is
great for keeping your drinks cold or hot. This is the 21st century’s
answer to the thermos. They come in a range
of sizes from 12 ounces all the way up to
a 64 ounce growler. You can put hot or
cold drinks in them, and they keep them
at the temperatures they’re supposed to be. They’ll keep cold
drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for six. I’ve tested this out, and
they live up to their claims. It’s great to come back
to a hot truck that’s been sitting in
the sun for hours and have a cold
drink waiting inside. They’re made out of
durable stainless steel, and they have a double wall
backing steel construction. So they never have condensation
on the outside of them, and they’ll stand
up to a beating. You can get different types of
lids for hot drinks or cold, and the bottles come in
a range of great colors. So those are our picks for
the best gadgets for truckers. If you’ve got a favorite
gadget that you didn’t see on this list, let us know. We’re always open to
learning about new things. If you’ve got any
questions, please leave those in the comments below. And don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel. We have great videos like
this coming out every week. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Funny I got all those accessories exact same once and I bought them because they are very useful and durable love them

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  3. Hell the one guy said he been I trucking for over 25 year's ha.did he get. His license at age 10 . The only thing that is going to make you a better driver is to pay attention. Is that stuff going to tell you when someone is about to cut you off.

  4. Myone20 truck navigation is a free app available on android and ISO. It blows all the others out of the water even the paid units

  5. That headset sucks ass. Randomly gets a very loud high pitched squeel. The only way to get it to stop is to plug it in to turn it off. After a dozen times of this happening I tossed it out the window.

  6. This comment relates to the Power inverter: Truck stops are selling you these Modified Sine Wave inverters because they're cheap but you should be using a Pure Sine Wave inverter. The Pure Sine wave models deliver the same type of output as you'd get from home and is a cleaner power than the Modified SW units. Modified Sine wave units work but do not deliver the correct type of power necessary and will hurt or kill your expensive electronics. Pay a bit more for the correct type or pay for replacing your microwave, cell chargers, and laptop power bricks….. Do some research!

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  9. I'm a truck driver, I have a couple cool gadgets not on that list. (1) The IGLOO 28quart iceless plug-in lunch box. Plugs right into your cigarette outlet. I ordered mine on Amazon with tax $96.00 hold a good amount of beverages and food to try and eat healthier on the road. (2) is the Road-Pro sauce pan, also plugs right into the 12volt cigarette lighter. To also try to help you to try and eat healthier on the road. Works great, Pilot truck stop $35.00. inexpensive also has multiple good uses tailgating camping etc etc.

  10. I use a cheap 30$ bluetooth earpiece from Walmart for calls, it works great lasts 11hrs fully charged takes only 1/2 hr to fully charge and it doesn't cost much so if i loose it or break it im not to worried about it

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