Top 5 Free Android Games – May 2017
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Top 5 Free Android Games – May 2017

September 5, 2019

Hey guys this is Kartabya, and I’m here with
5 android games that you should definitely check out. So lets jump right into it. First up is Mr Runner 2 which has a cute little
character who’s always running, hence the name. The game only has two controls to mess
around with. Tapping on the left of the screen will slow your character down and tapping
on the right will speed him up. So, you’ll have to use these controls to prevent mr runner
from getting smashed by pillars that fall off from the top every few seconds. Basically,
you’ll have to be within a cavity when the upper and lower surface come together. Also you
may have noticed his unique expression everytime he survives the pillars, I found that really
cute and funny. And interestingly enough, they’ve also made this game for the Pebble AppStore
so if you have any Pebble watch, you will be able to play on it too. It may not be too
practical, but good to know that they made it. Moving on, is a game that I found many years
ago and instantly fell in love with,. I’m glad I rediscovered it a few weeks ago. It’s
called iSlash Heroes, okay, I know the ‘i’ really puts things off but besides that, it’s
a really fun game. So you’re presented with a wooden board with ninja blades moving inside
of it. To complete the level, you’ll have to cut the board without touching any of the
blades until the progress bar at the top reaches the red ribbon. It gets more and more diffucult
as you level up for example, you’ll later get levels where you have to cut a larger
ratio of wood or where you get metal walls that you can’t cut through and so on. As of
now there are 680 levels, so if you’ve ever wanted to become a ninja, this game’s got
the whole training package! The next game for today is Cafe Racer. It’s
a racing game with low poly graphics but with a realistic first person experience of ridin
g a motorcycle. You can choose between a variety of bikes with options for customization, paintwork
and tuning. There also are various game modes that you can choose from along with 3 extra
tracks which you can unlock as you earn more in game money. So yeah heading over to the
actual gameplay, I’ve really enjoyed my time with it. The whole simulation is pretty logical
with realistic movements and absolutely no limits. The main objective of the game is
to just keep riding and not crash with any other vehicles. If you ride a motorcycle, you’ll
probably relate to it and even if you don’t its still a really a fun game to play. And oh, if
you have a game controller lying around, well this game supports it so take it out and make
use of it. Next up is Powder. It’s a really simple game, but interesting at the same time. Here, as you press play,
the character starts skiing down the hill. As you go down, you’ll meet various obstacles
like trees and rocks. As you may have guessed it, your job is to dodge them. Tapping on
either sides of the screen will change the direction and double tapping will allow you
to make a jump. So that’s pretty much it with this game, you make use of those three controls
and try to survive as long as possible. There’s nothing else in the settings either, with
just an option to toggle the sound and an in-app purchase of 2 dollars which allows
you to play as a bear instead of a human which I don’t know if anyone’s gonna buy. I would
suggest you to re-think your life choices if you do. okay.. moving on.. The fifth and last for today is Diagonal Hell. So, you have to take control
of a triangle and guide it through a tunnel and make sure that it doesn’t crash. That’s it. The triangle ascends when you tap the screen and keeps descending when you don’t. The speed increases as you proceed through the game and it gets even more difficult and a lot more faster as you jump into to higher game levels. Overall, its a really fun and addicting
game that actually takes a really good test of your reflexes. That’s been it guys, I hope you liked atleast
one of these games. If you did, be sure to smash the like button and let me know in the
comments below. thanks for watching!

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