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Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Games inc Max Payne & Mass Effect – Androidizen

September 7, 2019

Hello everyone. I’ve been waiting for this game for a while. This is Max Payne for the mobile. This is played on the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can see it’s really fluid. If you’re not familiar with Max Payne games
it’s a film noir style. Released in the year 2000 I think, 2001.
Absolute classic of the day. One of my favourite games of all time. I don’t want to spoil the story for you. The graphics are absolutely outstanding
actually. Very, very smooth frame rate. Max Payne was the first game to introduce
the bullet type mechanic. as seen in Matrix. Yes, Max Payne starts off pretty dark and
gets darker. This is a man who loses everything and
is only out for revenge. The rest of that sentence goes Aarggh! by the way. Like I say, I won’t spoil the film noir,
cut scenes for you. Pretty epic, well worth having a listen to. As you can see, the frame rate is really solid,
really great lighting, looks just a little bit better than the original actually. It’s currently £1.99 on the Play Store.
Absolute bargain. One of the first games to do the convincing
death cut scene as well. in a way that didn’t suck. Also, one of the first examples of
rag doll physics as well. But again, didn’t suck. Overall, this really was in its day, one of
the best games ever made. Actually it looks so good. Well! There’s a good way to end it! Go buy it now, it’s on your mobile phone.
It’s a classic. OK, here we are with Defender 2. I didn’t play the first game, but the second game is all right. OK, so you have to tap to direct your spheres at the enemy, try and kill as many of them
as you can, stop them getting to your wall. If you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed, you
can throw that at them. No idea what these little things are
meant to be. Well, other than targets, obviously. If you hold your finger on You can tell I’ve played this game a lot
so far, can’t you?!! It’s all gone horribly wrong!! Strange munchkin men, are probably going to win! Go away munchkin men. So that’s Defender 2. I’m sure you
get the idea. You’re probably better at it than me! It doesn’t suck that badly. OK, hello everyone. This is Mass Effect Infiltrator played on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It’s a third person kind of shooter It’s a weird one. Sort of on rails but
sort of not. It’s a new breed of games that are trying to look for new play styles. You have to get in to cover, target the enemy waste them and get back into cover. You don’t actually have control of firing,
particularly. It’s a case of jump out of cover, open up, just done automatically, jump back in
to cover. It’s sort of on rails, in a sense. Certainly appeals in quite an interesting way. You’ve got your biotics available there. A bit of a slowdown there, very strange. the first time I’ve encountered
that. So you can actually dive from cover to cover
by simply swiping the direction you want to go. Seems to work particularly well each time. I think my shotgun’s the thing. Get your shield down, Don’t see too much of that slowdown
we saw a minute ago. A little bit there. Generally all right. I’ve been playing the game for about three
minutes or so and I haven’t particularly noticed Quite a good difficult game actually. Haven’t seen any substantial slowdown
before then. That’s Mass Effect Infiltrator, it’s quite a
good game. Not bad at all. The graphics are really, really nice. Great model work and skin and textures
and what have you. Well worth the money off
the Play Store. Go grab it now. Hello everyone. Here we are with
Cat Wars. It’s a really really stupid game, you know, it has cats in it. Very similar to Cartoon Wars. The idea is to create as many guys for your army as
possible. Collect resources and then launch your
guys on the enemy guys. And hope you will win. Slight twist. you have to build buildings
which then unlock the various soldiers. So we’ll start sending these guys out. Create new buildings unlocks new stuff. Upgrade, unlocks new stuff. It’s the usual themes. The game is free to play has in app purchases. Normally what you would expect.
It’s free to play. Like I say, very cartoony. But a little bit cuter. The devs have put quite a bit of time
into this game. I find it quite enjoyable. I think it’s
going to be a good one for, you know, 20 minutes or so sat on the bus. Uses an Angry Birds style lock out to unlock
so you complete one level unlock the next one and so on. You can move either using things like that or you can use this
at the top, move it back and forwards probably come into its own in later levels. Hooray! There’s a win. Cat Wars. Available on the App Store now Well, Android market, well, Play Store, well,
you know that thing you go for on your Android phone that brings up apps. OK, who wants a different take on
Angry Birds? Don’t all scream at once! Siege Hero very similar to the Angry Birds concept with a slight twist in the camera angle
as it were so instead of it being side on with the birds flying across the screen we have to throw rocks directly forward. From our viewpoint. A first person Angry Birds, as it were. Only without quite so much of the physics
going on on it. Hooray! Got it. As you can see. Very Angry Birdsy but with
a different kind of viewpoint. Unlock system works the same if you tap and hold to get a target reticle so you can have more precise shots. If you look up in the top corner here Think about this properly and do it the right way does help. It’s just very cleverly done. If you were going to kind of remix the
Angry Birds concept how could you do it in a way that wasn’t a
complete and total rip off? This just about does it. The physics works well. And it doesn’t feel too much like,
you know it’s been game lofted. or whatever you call it. Angry Horseradishes or something! Sorry, I’ll upset horseradishes! Don’t use the copyright term angry. Excellent game Free on the App Store now.

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  1. i mean where can i get the max payne from, also looking for resident evil, pls can u share a link as to where i can download em from



  4. hi all,
    heres a link to max payne, just download, place onto sdcard and then install.
    – just delete the spaces inbetween.

  5. 4:00 there are some pain killers in the cabinet to the left of the dead body in the locker room. Just sayin. 🙂 i LOVED this game.. played it when it came out.. i was 6.

  6. my list
    Smile Inc
    Subway Suffers
    Clash of clans
    Dead Trigger 2
    Modern combat 5

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