Top 5 Best Indie Games You Might Have Missed – May 2017
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Top 5 Best Indie Games You Might Have Missed – May 2017

August 31, 2019

hi there welcome to get indie gaming today we’re looking at five indie games for May that might have passed you by when they first came to market we’ve got platformer puzzlers a dreamy fairytale adventure something that only comes in monochrome and more besides with all that said let’s go straight into this month’s top five any puzzle platformer fans out there would be well-served checking out Superman which makes up this month’s number 5 launched towards the end of March our protagonist is a cumbersome looking sumo wrestler who’s returned from a tournament to his home island to find his fellow Islanders have been enchanted to an eternal sleep quite naturally our hero has taken it upon himself to find the source of the spell and to awaken his sleeping friend with gorgeous audio and visuals alongside a broad and varied range of physical puzzles the game central character is most unlike those usually found in these types of titles some reviewers have commented on how clumsy and awkward it feels in controlling our sumo hero but that’s missing one of the unique points here as the saying goes many sumo wrestlers cannot turn on a 9 pencil dime so it only feels right and justified to have that type of element of awkwardness applied to the game Superman is lots of fun to play alone and a split-screen mode is a welcome addition to play with a buddy this one’s a little unexpected gem and well worth picking up on the PC you with pavilion we have an isometric exploratory experience about guidance influence and subliminal control looking somewhat Monument Valley it takes a similar a shellac approach to isometric level and art design with staircases bridges and moveable platforms are plenty on the gameplay side of things pavilion is about encouraging a character to move through the world by interacting with it by pushing and pulling them across the screen if you manipulate them correctly you can get them to open up passageways find objects or have them step on pressure plates to aid their advancement essentially we have a lock and key type of game where each progression produces a new door to puzzle your way through truthfully speaking the puzzles featured within pavilion are not overly complex so diehard fans of the genre while they may feel somewhat disappointed however from a personal perspective I’ve enjoyed coming back to the game since its launch date last year and feel a connection with its art stylings and audio with the second part DLC coming out sometime this year this one’s available for the PC and PlayStation 4 only recently released and one I missed prior to recording my top indie games for May ovo offers a puzzle platformer that’s as much interactive art as it is a game while modest looking with a black and white color palette the creative imagery is far from simple it focuses on images and symbols without much in the way of traditional text neither does it really explain or show how the player should play or interpret what’s going on this is pushes you to experiment which in turn unlocks more of the game’s story and play zones overall I found the game’s design and soundtrack are mildly calming experience sure the difficulty ratchet up towards the end although not to the point past frustration where I wanted to walk away duration wise it’s on the money it’s long enough at about two and a bit hours to feel worthwhile while not spilling over to the point where things felt labored while it may look and at times play simple there’s a vast depth to it that’s given me a genuinely positive experience now knowing the design gameplay quirks and level intricacies with too much detailing on this here being difficult due to spoilers this one has out-and-out replayability and I’ll be coming back to again and again out there for iOS Euclidean lands takes the runner-up slot for May and features a tiny spear welding warrior that’s placed on top of floating subtly colored 3d levels its roots are in board games and puzzlers which makes for an intuitive experience from the start like in hitman go the warrior can move one space at a time what makes the game however unique is how you control the world just like a Rubik’s Cube you twist and turn rows of blocks with your fingertips it’s a turn-based offering and while the levels begins simply enough they morph towards the later stages into large and complex structures that require acute observations to solve finding a way to the exit can be challenging enough but throw in enemies that attack you an even boss battles where they can also rotate the world around you could see players easily overwhelmed the key here is to slow down to contemplate follow the patterns and when ready make your move with 40 levels spread across five chapters there’s several hours of gameplay and plenty of things to see and do it’s definitely the kind of puzzler you want to take your time over this one’s exceptionally well judge and well worthy of your time to explore this month’s number one from the husband-and-wife team at brain and brain burly men at sea came out for the pc and mobile back in late September of last year it’s best described as an interactive fairy tale with an art style that puts you in mind of a children’s picture book the game’s branching storylines are based on various Scandinavian mythologies and it’s the way these storylines develop and the way you interact with them that makes burly man at sea a real treat each playthrough consists of four encounters the first always being the same the bearded adventurers find themselves in a spot of bother from their players are able to perform a number of different interactions that set you off on a variety of journeys along the way the three encounter such things as huge whales live Mountains mermaids and even a slightly more Koosh death himself the writing here however is the real winner it’s uplifting pointed charming and at times extremely funny also the method of control in the game via only the mouse has you solving puzzles via clicking dragging and holding which is intuitive relaxing and a perfect fit for the gameplay throw in some clever vocal audio touches with a sublime and melodic soundtrack the pastel colors gorgeous but simple visuals and adorable narrative burly men at sea is a wonderful adventure that will stay with me for a long time to come and so with burly men at sea taking this month’s number one slot for games that you might have missed first time around that’s pretty much all we’ve got time for here today many thanks for popping by and as I always politely ask if you’ve liked the video please hit that thumbs up button and maybe even think about subscribing to the channel please come back soon for more videos and until next time thanks for watching

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  1. hi Iam an indie developer, i have been working on a game for two and half years now Iam nealy finish doing polish thing .. can you help me to market my game ? i will make a trailer soon

  2. what is the name of the game with the ships at 00:14?
    i really love your channel. keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for making these videos mate. Always happy checking what new and beautiful things I may have missed. Pavilion and Ovivo look fantastic 🙂

  4. Does anyone know anything about Iran? if yes, have you seen something interesting about the country? for example like buildings or symbols or anything. have you?

  5. Ovivo's mechanics look like they are lifted directly from The Sun And Moon. It's cool to see Managore's influence extending outside the freeware realm.

  6. You are becoming one of my favorite channels haha! Giving me a LOT of good options for content on our channel. Thanks, man!
    – Chill Pill

  7. Lots of puzzle games this time. Not my cup of tea, sadly. But Burly Man at Sea looks gorgeous, plus they feature Scandinavian myth. Gonna hit this, now that I am done with OneShot.

    Looking forward to more of your videos!

  8. Another interesting selection – I think I'll have to check out Sumoman and Burly Men… for sure. Pavilion and Ovivo seem curious. I'm sure Euclidian Lands will have fans, but it's not my cup of tea. As for the selection being puzzle heavy this month, that's fine by me as I think puzzle games are probably the most likely genre to fall beneath the radar; there's lots of them and it's difficult to know if they're any good without playing them first.

  9. Hey I am an Indie game developer from germany and I am always searching for inspirations for a new game I should make but there is simply nothing new and simple which comes to my mind :/ If you got any idea of a new simple game you would share with me I'd be extremely happy 😀

  10. This is a cool series. Hope to see you continue it. Almost all of these so far I have indeed missed and they all look really promising. Would like to see a few more that will definitely be making their way to consoles but I do appreciate most new indies target PCs first so that's not always easy

  11. Hi everyone – thanks for the kind words and comments on this video and others here on the channel. I'm really enjoying putting these together so there's more coming soon! Cheers!

  12. Hi, do you have any suggestions for coop indie games that has a bit of lightweight and casual elements like don't starve?
    Am finding games to play with friends

  13. I love the creativity of indie games, big market production companies squash creativity sometimes.

  14. I already beat Pavillion, such a beautiful journey. Now I´ve got Sumoman and Burly Men At Sea to check out. Thanks again GIG!

  15. I can't stop be impressed how wonderfully beautiful modern gameart is. Colours, shapes, movement design, all is just an eye candy.

  16. Hold on… hold on… is it like, "Get in to gaming"? The name of this channel? Get INDIE Gaming, but like… it sounds like Get IN TO Gaming?

    If not, it is now. Cause that's some clever bullshit right there, and I like it.

  17. Do indie games that you will survive (aka not so difficult indies) and the you will die (diffiicult indies) review. Man, developers love to make hard as nails games

  18. pliss welcome to my chanel 🙂 :

    Your encouragement means a lot to me. If you liked the video, put it a comment and like . For new videos

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