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September 20, 2019

Zombieland. Now the aim of this game is to shoot your arrows at everything that is running past. Need to collect up as many points and you can at the moment I seem to not be hitting very much. You can either hold your finger down to attack things or you can keep clicking. I find it quite fun to keep clicking, you feel like you’re making more of an effort. You can also change your weapons, so we can go onto a second one which I
believe is a little bit more powerful. The big things are definitely harder to take out. Once you’ve run out of coins you can’t shoot at the big things so you need to take out the little things first to build up your coins, then you can attack the big things. What a cute game foro just wasting some
time. Fire! Fire! I’ve just realised it would be even cooler if you were firing fire arrows at them, that would be quite funky. I’m out of coins again so we need to find something with coins to attack to get coins. Or you can buy coins, you can go into here and get some change. But I don’t put money onto games, I know some people do. It looks like I actually need to put money onto it to keep going, there we go yes, I’ve got some arrows. So yes, you slowly build up coins over time. The time does run out eventually. You can also buy extra things here and these extra things make you shoot better basically. But yes, it’s a really sweet game. And that is Zombieland. Supermarket 2, a really fast paced game, really good fun. You get shops that you have to look after and run on a daily basis. If you buy this, it’s so when the place gets messy you can clean it. If people get unhappy you can give them cookies. I’ll click done for now and show you what you need to do. It tells you what you need to do through the tutorial but we’ll skip that, because we’ve done it before. OK, we need to click on him which is done. Now we need to fill everything up When your shopping basket is empty you need to run in here and restock. He’s got the ice cream and bananas and milk, now you can bake croissants for people to
buy you can also create milkshakes. All the levels aredifferent so you can do
different things. Customers get annoyed with waiting if you haven’t restocked You can see she is getting pretty angry. Now you just go to the till when they’re ready to pay. He wants a bit of shopping so we need to run around and click on his bits that he needs. He needs some milk. So there’s quite a lot you need to do throughout the game while playing it. So it’s very fast paced, the higher level
you get the quicker it gets. Ifyou’ve got everything stocked at the end of the day, you get extra money. Let’s cheat and click on this to clean everything. You’ll find that you run around quite a lot on this game but it is really good fun I played it for quite a few hours last night. You can do up to about twenty levels and then it asks you to pay for the actual full game which I probably will do as it is fun. So that is Supermarket Mania Garfield Diner. This is a really cool game, it’s quite fast paced so it’s quite fun to play and it’s very very addictive. OK, this isy our main screen this is
where you can buy characters and where you can buy furniture. Now to buy some of the characters you need plenty of coins so for Garfield you need 450 so it looks like you’ll have to use your own money to pay for those but you do collect some over time. You do get given enough at the start to buy this female she is a bit slow but once you level her up more she gets pretty good. And you get more coins throughout. But you also get the silver coins where you can buy your furniture and bits and bobs like that. so you can buy that for five hundred so we’ll purchase that now. OK, so we’ll go into next day. Already I’ve done 33 days very addictive. OK, up in the top corner here you can speed things up which makes it so you can make more money but you just move the characters across as you can see she’s quite slow at the moment. And each character goes across and starts prepping the food and well, I say prepping. So yes, you just move everything about. I’ll show you what it’s like when it’s faster because it’s a lot quicker. I’ll just play some music to keep everybody happy. As you can see, some people are getting a bit unhappy because they’re having to wait. You get daily quests. Every time you do a new day you get a new daily quest to complete. As you can see by the pace of it you can see why it’s so addictive. Everyone’s getting annoyed. I’m usually a lot better at this, a lot faster but it must just be because I’m showing you all. But you can slow the pace a bit if people are getting really annoyed which they are. You can also get this on the iPad It’s actually easier on the iPad because it’s a bit bigger. I think I’m up to 50 days on the iPad. So eventually you get more helpers and once you’ve trained them up you do get a lot quicker. So it takes about two minutes to do an
actual day. But yes, it’s very cool. The game’s free to get on the app store as well which is really good. These at the top you can buy, you can pay to buy those and one makes money faster so you click on the money to make more money and click on the speed one and it speeds things up so it makes it easier when loads of people are charging in. See I failed that challenge because lots of people got annoyed at me. You can also rate the game. I’ve told it to remind me later. As you can see I’ve saved up quite a more money
so I can go into furniture now and buy some more things. Also when you level up you get cards so you collect cards throughout the game. Anyway, that is Garfield Diner. Really a cute game. Definitely recommend getting it because it really is good fun but very addictive and you’ll notice a couple of hours go by while playing it. This is called Ninja Saga, it’s actually a really cool game. You pick a Ninja at the beginning so I’ve got a little bit further so I’ve already created my Ninja but I’ll show you what it looks like in a minute. You’ve got a shop so you can buy things. So you can go into buy and you can buy, change what you look like, you can buy new clothes, new weapons, and stuff like that. Once you’ve got to the point of having bits and bobs for your character you can go into missions. At the moment we can only do like seekers, I haven’t finished the map yet. Now you go into fighting here, we’ve got to this point and press accept and the fight’s going to begin. So I’ve got to do three rounds with this once because I think it’s a boss. You’ve got your several powers along here. These are your main ones though. I’ve chosen fire and earth but you can choose other powers at the start of the game. And you level up while you go on so I’ve picked fire so we click on the guy and she’ll shoot him with fire and he’ll attack back. This time we’ll hit him with earth we’ll build up a little bit of strength so when he hits me now I might dodge. I didn’t dodge much but I dodged a little bit. So it’s attacking with fire again. The you can just do a normal attack as well just using my weapon and I’ve killed him. And it brings on round two. So we’ll attack him with earth and hit him hard. I quite like this game, it reminds me of the silly little games you used to play years ago if you had a Sega. See I can’t use any of these powers until another round so let’s come back out of there, we’ll build up some energy and hopefully this will let me use some of them so I’ve charged up, he’s going to attack me again. I may lose this fight. So let’s hit him with earth. I think the next guy after this is going to be even harder. It’s such a cool game. He’s really kicking me. I don’t think I have anything to heal myself with and we’re not running away because we’re not wussies. Yay! He’s dead. So the next guy’s probably going to kick me. Round three. Ow, he hit me hard anyway. Don’t think I’m quite high enough in my level to
defeat these guys yet. What you can do though is you can go back to some of your old quests and rekill them to build up your levels. Oh gosh, I think he’s about to turn nasty there. I can’t hit them with anything big so attack! Yes, I may lose this one. Take another bit of earth Gosh this guy is hard. He’s most definitely going to kill me Oh no, there is literally nothing I can do. Game over. So I failed that but I can always go back and
fight them later on but you can also fight again these guys to bring up your level a bit more which I’ll do later. So we come back out of here Well it looks like you can pick teammates create another character so let’s go for this girl we can go into next this is where you pick your elements so the other person’s got fire and I’ve got earth so let’s have some water for this one and some speed. And then you confirm it we’ll just give her the name she’s already got and then you can start putting in your points that you’ve made up over time. So she’s pretty much ready to go. You’ve got your home there so you can go back to your home. Where you can look at your items, look at how well you’re doing and look at your achievements. You’ve got a shop where I’ve shown you you can buy things, you’ve got where you can train, you can train up your elements and bits and bobs like that. But no, it’s a really fun game, definitely worth getting and it’s free to play you get a lot more stuff as you level on it saves your games, you can also start a new game if you wanted to. A really good game definitely worth
getting. Welcome to Tap Dragon Park. Also another cute game. Shows your quests down the side here so I’ve got some open. I’ve got to defeat a massive troll. You can click on next step click on that or not. OK, so we’ll come back out and I think what
we actually need to do is click on the fight add a couple of dragons and fight. So at the moment you can see we’d need to click on this so we need to fight water so what’s more powerful than water. Fire And there we go, we’ve almost got him. So we won, oh no, we lost that round. OK, so it’s going to be fire again so this time we’ll use water because water destroys fire, makes a bit more sense. And again I think we’re gonna lose this
one. Because we’re up against rock doesn’t really do much. I was lucky though because I was a higher level. So that’s how you fight on this game and then it keeps showing you your quests here and you just tap to complete them once you’ve completed them. It’s a very easy game to play once you’re a higher level you can also expand. So you can expand so eventually you can have quite a big piece of land and lots and lots of dragons. You can click on them when they’re showing the money symbol
and that’s the way you make your money I believe you can also breed them as well Ah, you see, it’s telling me to expand my kingdom now. Let’s see what it wants me to have. I need 1,600 gold to be able to expand. So basically I need to be able to create more dragons and eventually I’ll be able to expand and then keep fighting which makes you more money when you level you can get more crystals, and you can use your crystals to grow your dragons quicker. And also to level them faster so they become stronger. It’s definitely a game worth getting. Good fun to play.

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